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  1. Awesome.. If they can perfect that stuff, it would make a nice knife blade. Nice springy metal holds and edge better, and is less likely to crack. (look around, you can find videos of swords/knives that are bent in to weird proportions, and snap back in to place) And such a low melting point, good god that'd be easy to work.. Problem would be you'd have to use a low-speed tool for shapeing, lest you get it too hot. P.S. Ron, I knew that.. But as I'm sure you can guess by the above post, I know abit about metal working :shrug: And I'm also a fountain of absolutely useless information.
  2. I would answer that if I believed that I dream. But that's a different discussion ;)
  3. So all in all my answers are pretty much: For ships/stations, maintaining a specific rotation speed. Or acceleration for ships. Otherwise, theoretic technology in nanomachines. >.> YAY NANOMACHINES! They solve everything. Thanks for all the information folks.
  4. Duh, ofcourse they did. I went in to it the way I go in to every movie adaptation of a book I like. Expecting the movie to be trash compared to the book, thus I ignore that it's based on a book and do my best to enjoy an average/above average film in that genre. And Eragon didn't dissapoint in that regaurd. It was about an average young adult fantasy film. .... Anyways, good sci-fi? Well, yes, V for Vendetta is awesome. And one that may or may not fall under sci-fi, that I personally find to be a great movie, is K-Pax. But yeah, K-Pax is old. >.> Let's see, sci-fi films last year
  5. >.> Well with me, I'm still known to be playing some old ones. Right now I'm playing a game that's 9 years old.. Long ago, so long ago that I barely remember them.. On the .. Intelivision? (I think), I play Frog Bog. And on the old PC we had before hard drives were availible for PCs, I was playing this one game that.. good god I can't even remember it's name now. You controlled this little guy and you ran around a top-down view map dodgin and shooting robots while rescuing the girl. (you can find it on an arcade-style machine nowadays) A few years later came the Sega Genesis and th
  6. Yeah, I knew that that was the idea behind it.. I just wasn't sure if contrifugal force would work in weightlessness. After all, here's an interesting thing for you. Fill a balloon with a proper mix of helium (or any other lighter than air gas) and air to make it weigh exactly nothing. It will now not sink or rise, but hover. Place that inside a large spinning wheel (say a giant mouse wheel since we're not actually doing it), will the centrifugal force of the wheel suddenly make the balloon have weight and stick? And if there is no gravity, then there is no weight, things just hover. (th
  7. ((I hope this is the right forum for this question, it seems to best fit the answers I seek though)) We've all seen it in sci-fi movies, the space ship/station, or lunar base, people are walking around just as if they were on earth (because hey, they are). And it's never explained. Well, I'm working on writing a sci-fi story set about 500 years from now. Taking place predominately on a space station and lunar colony. Without rambling too much, I'm trying to figure out ways that one could theoretically produce an artificial gravity. The first one that comes to mind is the rotating space s
  8. Don't worry, like I said, I won't be asking for recipies for explosive.. I may be asking for help on the mixing of them, seeing as I have a book with lots of recipies for flash powder, but not very good directions for it. While I like having burn scars, I do my best to avoid getting too many of them, that way each one has its own interesting little story. :hihi:
  9. No I'm not going to ask how to make flash paper, or flash powder. I have information on those. This particular set of questions pertaining to changing the color of alcahols flames. The information I have on this subject comes from the book "Modern Chemical Magic", and is unfortunately lacking. According to this book, the following chemicals have the noted result on the color: Potassium Nitrate, yellow Sodium Chlorate, yellow Sodium Chloride, yesllow Borax, green Barium Nitrate, green Copper Nitrate, green Boric Acid, green Lithium Chloride, purple Calcium Chloride, orange Strontium Nitrate
  10. Now nothing is sacred, when even a land of law and order is corrupted by insane minds like mine.. So I'm just posting this because I have to in order to post in the chemistry section. Why do I want to post there, you ask? Well, it's simple. I'm studying to become a pyrotechnician (... Hey, I like blowing things up >.>), so there's things I want to ask people with brains about. (Don't worry, I won't ask them how to make bombs, I can get that easily from a cab driver I know.) You see, I used to have a brain, but first I spent too much time playing video games, so there went most of i
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