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  1. But in every region that is self-governed you'd still have lots of people who didn't vote for that person, anything up to half. The US basically does that now with each state being somewhat self governed. The US is so big it's basically the equivalent of the EU. So you're just talking about taking all the goverence away from Washington and letting each state be its own independant country? That's what just over about 52% of people in my country were dumb enough to vote for and we'll be dealing with that mess for decades.
  2. I'm not trying to claim that life is bound to be out there or even that it's likely, such a claim is as baseless as trying to claim that it's unlikely. There are so many possible location for life in the universe that the odds of life developing on each one would have to be so astronomically low for not a single one of them to have produced life other than this one, and even if the odds were low enough to make that claim it could still only apply to the observable universe which may be infinitesimal compared to the whole thing. All we could do is find out that life requires such an unlike
  3. How would that work? You'd still have some people living under the government of somebody they didn't vote for. Or do you mean to use the recent USelection as an example, have Biden in control of the states that got the majority of the votes and Crybaby in control of the ones he won spltting the country in two? The might end up being the conclussion of the second US civil war that's coming judging by the online chatter.
  4. Not very in some cases. Dark matter and dark energy for example are artifacts of a model that didn't match reality so they invented them rather than discarding the model, that's really the only 'evidence' that they are actually a real thing. Also the big bang is bollocks in my opinion. When it was found that redshift is proportional to distance that should have been taken as evidence that the redshift must be occurring during the light's journey rather than being caused by motion of the source away from us. When redshift was shown to be higher than what you'd get if distant gala
  5. The only times I've been in real situations was in my twenties when I was out clubbing and I was always drunk anyway, although it did come in handy a couple of times. I do love a good sparring session though but that's nothing like the same thing. The only thing in terms of behaviour that men can do and women are genetically incapable of is walking past a shoe shop without turning their head. 🙂 You still have no basis for claiming that life is unlikely to develop to the point where it can create technology. True we've never been able to recreate life and it took a
  6. The difference is you were given a nation with agreed upon borders which were then disregarded when you invaded and continue to invade and conquer a neighbouring land. What you call anti-Semitism is really a hatred of this occupation and of the refusal of the international community to do anything about just because it's Jews doing it, and a hatred of evil and disgusting attempts at laughably trying to justify these actions.
  7. But you used an example where he did use correct spelling. Again, don't take other people's language (especially with that accent) then change it and claim your way is the right way. No it hasn't, and never will be. What happens if you send a message back in time instructing yourself not to ever send a message back in time? And what makes you think that hasactually happened?
  8. No I don't. The same increase in time dilation and length contraction that approaches infinity as objects approach an event horizon and preventing any object from reaching them applies in the same way to multiple black holes in close proximity.
  9. Of course, but in many cases they are, such as mine. I'm into to for maximum fulfillment rather than maximum efficiency but even if I wasn't I'm a big believer in focusing on your strengths more than your weaknesses, something I think formal education in general gets very wrong. No actually the science agrees. As you said yourself "There are also many scientists who believe biological sex is a mental construct. "Women used to hunt and fight before advanced sociology developed and have done all throughout history, although to a lesser degree than men. Even if there is a genuine n
  10. If it's not within the Schwarzschild radius (which it can't ever be) then it collapses into a black hole you have they same situation I just described. Its Schwarzschild radius will appear warped from a distant observer's perspective due to one side of the new black hole being closer and therefore more length contracted than the other side and never shall the two horizons meet regardless of their lifespan or the fact that they are constantly accelerating towards each other.
  11. No idea. You should try Ameri-do-te, the greatest martial art in existence created by the greatest martial artist in existence, Master Ken. And this could come in very handy for practical self defense if aliens are a thing: I'm the exact opposite, I'm in it for the art more than the martial, although there's obviously a strong overlap. I hate ground fighting, and grappling in general. I'm 100% a striker and need to stay on my feet. That's because racist people need something they can attack while still laug
  12. Oh okay, so how do multiple black holes interact. If there's a super-massive black hole and a smaller one falling towards it then it would basically work the same as any other object falling towards it. The event horizon of the smaller black hole will not be able to reach the event horizon of the bigger black hole in any amount of time. The smaller one will die first and because the side of the smaller black hole that's closer to the bigger black hole is under greater length contraction that side will have a lower radius making it kind of egg shaped from a distant observer's perspect
  13. Er yes, there's an obscure atmospheric phenomena known as 'clouds', wispy ones are hard to see at night. They can scatter light. Should really have suggested that much earlier. 🙂 Ah wadoryu that's one of the karate styles I've trained in, that and shotokan, as well as isshinryu that I started with right at the beginning. I really like muay thai, distinctive, stylish, effective and older than Jesus. I've never liked the look of jiu jitsu, always much preferred aikido although I know that jiu jitsu is supposed to be much more effective. I'm not talking about any spe
  14. Schwarzschild ratio? What's that? Do you mean Schwarzschild radius, that's the event horizon. Time dilation (and length contraction) reaches infinity at the Schwarzschild radius so time in the rest of the universe speeds up from the perspective of an observer falling towards it and so the black hole will die before this radius could ever be reached, regardless of the lifespan of the black hole.
  15. You mean calling the kettle black? You only view that which supports you pre-existing views as evidence and simply label anything that doesn't as a conspiracy. You're an extremist in the sense that you're an extreme example of a conspiracy theorist who's lost all sense of perspective living in a dream world of fairytales and half truths but convinced that you're somehow 'awake'. Not this crap again! BLM is nothing more than an opposition to racism. Of course you can be against some of the things that are done in its name or it being hijacked by people who want to further their o
  16. Wtf are you talking about? Tried to get what past you? You were claiming it was ridiculous for Mars to have a magnetotail despite the fact the Earth has one! It doesn't mean Mars does, I'm not sure it has a strong enough magnetic field but that wasn't your objection, you were convinced that it couldn't have any type of tail. 7 on the thicko metre. You repeatedly tried to claim that reports of alien sighting being similar to the aliens depicted in Close Encounters is evidence that the reports are bollocks so of course I'm going to point out that the creators of that film could ea
  17. It's cleared up because even if Mars did have a magnetotail and it were possible for it to be visible from Earth it would still be on the opposite side to us, not because magnetotails are (lol) conspiratorial or supernatural. For the lasting fcking time moron, the aliens depicted in Close Encounters could be based on reported sightings! I've made it clear on numerous occasions that I'm not convinced one way or the other so of course I have doubt. Seriously, what is wrong with you? Nobody is this thick!
  18. He can spell behavioUr correctly! Don't use someone else's language, change it and then turn round and claim others are doing it wrong please. 🙂 Isn't anunnaki that ancient word that everyone thinks is a type of alien but actually means ruling class? It became mainstream because enough people were interested in watching it to charge companies for adverts during the program. This is an example of where you go too far. There isn't some shadow government deciding to put aliens of TV to manipulate people, it's on TV because it has an audience. I tried watching on
  19. You're far more similar than either of you would like to admit. You're both extremists who have no interest in learning because you think you already know and are only interested in evidence that can be used to support your position while rejecting any contrary evidence on the basis of it either being mainstream propaganda or a conspiracy theory. I'm not resentful, I deny it as evidence because it's makes just as much sense for the Close Encounters aliens to be based on reported sightings. Yes I can see why that would be confusing to someone who thinks in the way
  20. So what if the dipictions of aliens in the 50s and 60s weren't similar to reports of alien sightings later on? That's not the question, the question is whether or not the aliens depicted in Close Encounters were based on reported sightings. Thoth's not that weird, there's loads of people who think as he does. You on the other hand are one, let's say 'special' dude. Can you honestly not see how you're every bit as bad as Thoth, just in the other direction?
  21. Do you really think Earth doesn't? If Mars has a magnetic field then it has to have a magnetotail and it also has to have it's own version of our nothern and southern lights. I know you're desperite to have something to use in the UFO debate because as soon as you take a definite position on one side or the other you don't have a leg to stand on but really this is a little pathetic. You still seem to incapable of understanding that a supernatural explanation is impossible by definition.
  22. What the fcuk is wrong with you? The Earth has a magnetotail and the magnetosphere lights up when charged particles from the sun interact with it, such as during a CME. I don't know if the magnetotail would ever be visible from a distance or if the same thing could happen to Mars as I already said, or if Mars even has a magnetotail for that matter but it certainly isn't a supernatural or conspiratorial explanation. Of course there's a natural explanation, it's impossible for there not to be. If something is real then it exists in nature and can't be supernatural by definition. How co
  23. The link you gave is just a list of some films about aliens, what does that have to do with whether or not the aliens depicted in Close Encounters were based on reported sightings? How the hell could you possibly know that no extraterrestrial sightings stand as being a real thing? You are far more batsh1t than Thoth! What research is that? If it's just a bunch of accounts that have to be taken on peoples word that's not good enough!
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