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  1. It's cleared up because even if Mars did have a magnetotail and it were possible for it to be visible from Earth it would still be on the opposite side to us, not because magnetotails are (lol) conspiratorial or supernatural. For the lasting fcking time moron, the aliens depicted in Close Encounters could be based on reported sightings! I've made it clear on numerous occasions that I'm not convinced one way or the other so of course I have doubt. Seriously, what is wrong with you? Nobody is this thick!
  2. He can spell behavioUr correctly! Don't use someone else's language, change it and then turn round and claim others are doing it wrong please. 🙂 Isn't anunnaki that ancient word that everyone thinks is a type of alien but actually means ruling class? It became mainstream because enough people were interested in watching it to charge companies for adverts during the program. This is an example of where you go too far. There isn't some shadow government deciding to put aliens of TV to manipulate people, it's on TV because it has an audience. I tried watching on
  3. You're far more similar than either of you would like to admit. You're both extremists who have no interest in learning because you think you already know and are only interested in evidence that can be used to support your position while rejecting any contrary evidence on the basis of it either being mainstream propaganda or a conspiracy theory. I'm not resentful, I deny it as evidence because it's makes just as much sense for the Close Encounters aliens to be based on reported sightings. Yes I can see why that would be confusing to someone who thinks in the way
  4. So what if the dipictions of aliens in the 50s and 60s weren't similar to reports of alien sightings later on? That's not the question, the question is whether or not the aliens depicted in Close Encounters were based on reported sightings. Thoth's not that weird, there's loads of people who think as he does. You on the other hand are one, let's say 'special' dude. Can you honestly not see how you're every bit as bad as Thoth, just in the other direction?
  5. Do you really think Earth doesn't? If Mars has a magnetic field then it has to have a magnetotail and it also has to have it's own version of our nothern and southern lights. I know you're desperite to have something to use in the UFO debate because as soon as you take a definite position on one side or the other you don't have a leg to stand on but really this is a little pathetic. You still seem to incapable of understanding that a supernatural explanation is impossible by definition.
  6. What the fcuk is wrong with you? The Earth has a magnetotail and the magnetosphere lights up when charged particles from the sun interact with it, such as during a CME. I don't know if the magnetotail would ever be visible from a distance or if the same thing could happen to Mars as I already said, or if Mars even has a magnetotail for that matter but it certainly isn't a supernatural or conspiratorial explanation. Of course there's a natural explanation, it's impossible for there not to be. If something is real then it exists in nature and can't be supernatural by definition. How co
  7. The link you gave is just a list of some films about aliens, what does that have to do with whether or not the aliens depicted in Close Encounters were based on reported sightings? How the hell could you possibly know that no extraterrestrial sightings stand as being a real thing? You are far more batsh1t than Thoth! What research is that? If it's just a bunch of accounts that have to be taken on peoples word that's not good enough!
  8. His opinions don't matter but yours do? Why, because you say so? But we don't know that alien life is that rare, so of course it isn't evidence. But are sighting descriptions based on those pop culture references or are those pop culture references based on reports of sightings? My position is undecided but you have presented nothing convincing for your position.
  9. I feel like somebody with that level of power would own a spacious water faring vessel of some kind.
  10. I think Mars hasa weak magnetic field so maybe it got hit with a CME while you were looking at it and it reacted to produce a tail. No idea if that's possible, just a wild guess.
  11. And what exactly gives you the impression that your judgment of what is or isn't nonsense has any kind of merit? It certainly doesn't to Thoth. None of that is evidence against the possibility of UFOs being extraterrestrial related unless (assuming they exist at all) alien life is rare enough that there's little chance of any of them being relatively close to us. Reports of UFOs or aliens fitting a similar pattern in no way diminishes the credibility of those reports, if anything it increases it.
  12. Apparently I'm the one who needs to explain again. You're saying UFOs aren't aliens. I'm saying IF aliens are real and IF they're common enough for some of them to be relatively close by then there could easily be some overlap between the two, some UFOs could in fact be alien space craft. What evidence have you provided that they are not alien in origin? Oh, well then in that case I think USians deserve their own privileged special person internet all to their own existing in isolation of the rest of us unfortunate lesser people. Of course that would mean we are deprived of the
  13. Er, no I haven't. What evidence have you provided? UFOs are real, aliens might be real. If they're both real then there might be some overlap, assuming life is common enough for there to be nearby planets with inteligent life of course.
  14. Victor, that makes absolutely zero sense. God obviously owns his own yacht.
  15. Yes, USians should probably be banned from the internet. That way they could focus on themselves and forget that they're just a small part of a much larger world. That's basically what they do anyway but at least this way the rest of us wouldn't have put up with their annoying selfrighteous crap. No idea, I wasn't there.
  16. Well the stronger the object is the more tidal force it could take before it breaks apart so the closer it could get to the event horizon before that happens.
  17. I'm 40, and still occasionally get asked for ID. Yes I've been a martial artist on and off since I was seven and seriously since sixteen. What makes you think you're fit to pass judgement on the other members of this forum? If you really cared about improving the forum you'd leave.
  18. I just meant any objects that fall towards a black hole will still be there after the black hole's gone, having never reached the event horizon despite continually falling towards it (at a progressively slower rate from the perspective of a distant observer as the falling object becomes increasingly time dilation and length contraction from the distant observer's perspective) regardless how long the black hole lives. If two objects are on opposite sides of the black hole they'll be accelerated towards each other with the black hole between them pulling them towards each other faster and f
  19. What the hell would make you think you need to check for that when I've said stuff like this? Stop pretending to be some kind of arbiter of rational thought, it's so annoying. You don't get to decide who's capable of clear thinking because you yourself are in no position to make that judgment.
  20. Because they find it interesting. That's the best reason to do anything, not to gain anything else or for any reason other than what you get doing it.
  21. Eternal. Finite but unbounded, just as it is in space like in the closed finite space model (which excludes time for some reason) of the universe and making it a hypersphere, just like the spheres inside but one dimension up. Look across the curvature of the sphere and objects will appear redshifted by an amount depending on the amount of curved space between them and you, redshift proportional to distance.
  22. Not really. It agrees with this: "Wormholes are not an accurate solution to anything in general relativity, at least traversable ones aren't, that is a myth. I don't think they're possible at all for reasons well outside of this topic but traversable wormholes don't exist even in any valid solution, they're only useful for sending signals." And it also agrees that the only evidence for dark matter (dust) and dark energy is that their model made a bad (to put it mildly) prediction, although they of course would word it a little differently.
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