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  1. There is some kind of link between devaluation of the money and money won from labour.Devaluating the money cause much harder to win money from labour.
  2. I must say something about the money.There is a paradox.From one hand today’s money have low value than money in past.This is called inflation.But today is much harder to win the money than in the past.In the future will be harder to win the money than today.Knowing that it is very important to appreciate the money won from labour today.The money for pension must come from investment not from pension insurance because of the hardship of winnig money from labour.
  3. Let’s talk a little about the money. When in one economy there is a lot of money and there is many businesses which compete each other these bisnesses work for very low profit or even at loss. The investment In such businesses is low even negative. Or those who invested may lose capital. The case with labour is not the same. The money earn with labour may be much than if you are investor. Or the labour is more effective earning money than investment. That is the situation when there is a lot of money in economy. In that situation if pensioner have investments they shall receive very little mo
  4. Defending today's system you want the younger generation always to pay the pensioner.Today's pension system is reason for not having children.The younger generation has no future.The god shall punish you for that.
  5. Where is the problem.Each generation which is coming after is more educated,more productive and get more money than the previous generation and also make more pension insurance.In the case where the pension system is income and expenditure it is not fair to spend all the money for pension.If all the money are spent, the pensioner get more money than they worked. The pensioner must get smaller sum than that is collected in pension fund and the rest shall be invested.When in the pension fund gathered enough sum the pension fund must be destoyed and all the capital to be allocated between deposit
  6. When today's pension system bunkrupt and states get bunkrupt one of the reason of which is pension insurances of state employees then you will understand what i am talking.
  7. The present pension system is two types.First is called income and expenditure and all pension insurance that are coming in is spend for pension.This is bad to spend all the money for the pensioner.The second type is capital.In this case the pension insurance is spend for bonds and stocks.This type is better but the problem is that the bonds and stocks are toxic and the money for pensions are coming from incoming pension insurance not from the investment in stocks and bonds.Or this type is functioning as the first type.That is why I think that everyone must decide what to do with his pensio
  8. Removing the pension system will make people more responsible for there future.They shall make small businesses,shall buy perspective stocks or bonds or buy a land and become farmers.Also when they become 65 years old they shall not retire if they can work yet.
  9. The pension must be prohibited the way they are today.The pension model is socialist.The pension insurance is collecting in funds which invested the money in companies and the risk is distributed among all who paid this insurance.The people must not paid pension insurance but the money they receive they must to invest at their own risk.In this way public companies will be motivated to earn more profit.Not having such insurance people will be much interested where to invest their money whether In stocks,bonds or land to became a farmer after years.Now people with this pension system are irresp
  10. Printing money from one state will devaluate her currency.But if all the states stipulate to do this simultaneously the proportion between the currencies will remain the same.
  11. One way for economic growth is one state to print money and spend them through the budget.This way may lead to little inflation but state must do this only when people of this state have enough savings in banks which they do not want to spend or invest them.Printing money redistribute the wealth between those who have savings in banks toward recipients from the budget.
  12. Every man consist of two personality.The first is logical and is consciousness.The second is subconsciousness and is illogical.Human behaviour consist of two.They consciousness and subconsciousness switch on depending on the situation without we be aware of that.Subconsciousness switchs on when consciousness is unable to solve a problem like strange thinking.When consciousness is blocked for some reason subconsciousness replace it without our understanding.Strange thinking leads to strange actions which is symptom for schizophrenia.
  13. The problem of schizophrenia is the balance between the consciousness and subconsciousness.The balance is violated and consciousness take advantage over subconsciousness.And when the links which made us conscious are interrupted this lead us to schizophrenia.Our mind is build to seek to what we can not reach.This mean that big endeavours being conscious lead us to schizophrenia.
  14. Our education must make big reform.The aim of reform must be to make geniuses.For me everybody has a talent and potential to be genius but the problem is how to find it.The problem is that pupil can not make proper decision what to learn in higher education.The problem is that good knowledge in nature science do not mean that the pupil will be good if the pupil learn nature science in higher education.Contrary i think that he can make big achievement in humanitarian science even the pupil have no idea of them.Having no idea of humanitarian science will make pupil more critical to what teachers
  15. People must not be scared from socialism.The socialism can not compete with democracy for wages because in socialism it is not the main incentive and people work less.In spite of bigger wages the people in democracy stands at the bottom of pyramid of Abraham Maslow while people in socialism stands at the top of this pyramid.In democracy peoples are learned to have more and more material things and they have to work harder for this.
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