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  1. Oh no! It's "Up Periscope!" from another world-class fruitcake.


    So insults are all we get from "The liberal lefties", who control most science forums,

    but your time is coming to an end, along with the liberal corrupt MSM, you back your insult up with one of many sockpuppets @DrKrettin, name says it all, 

    you get a"like"for your insult from @pzkpfw,

    What do you all have in common, all joined nearly the same time? all the same person? 


    I have seen how this science forums work, over the years members drop of, then we see a short burst of "members", it is a shame that many members on these forums, are all the same couple of person.


    For the few "real members", who care about truth, just look at the posting habits of the few, many will post 6 or more posts within minutes, then switch account and post another half a dozen, do not be fooled, a handful of liberal tools, control all science forums.

  2. Oh no! It's "Up Periscope!" from another world-class fruitcake.


    I had to put this guy on Ignore on sciforums, because he drove me nuts with his misrepresentation of the Periodic Table and his daft numerology.


    Can we move this quickly to "Silly Claims" and slam the lid down?

    Just because you have limited knowledge of the periodic table, it does not mean others do.

    What is misrepresented in my periodic table, other than I have extended it to z172, The censors seems to point to z172.


    If your from "sciforums", you are one of 2 people, both arrogant arses, unable of creative thought. You are a wiki mouthpiece. 


    all the above known elements up to z118, have all their correct electron sequences, I have only followed this sequence to take them to z172, which to me completes the periodic table.


    I have been a member here for 5 years, I may not post much, but I always visit, You have been a member less than a year, yet you attack me, over YOUR LACK OF UNDERSTANDING.

  3. THE ELECTRON/PROTON YEARS  (3100 year cycles) 
    We are born of the "Elements', My birth element is z101 Mendelevium, Perhaps why I was drawn to the periodic table.

    My date of birth 6/12/1964, 6+12+19+64 =  z101 Mendelelium.

    Being born of the "Elements", explains why we bond or react to some people better than others.
    Every day and every person is ruled by a set of element cycles.

    There is much you can work out through the "Element Cycles",
    My full birth cycle of "Elements": Potassium-Gold-Bismuth-Americium-Mendelevium.
    a, 1900 century = z19 Potassium
    b, 1960's = z79 Gold
    c,  1964 = z83 Bismuth
    d,  1964 6th December =19+64+6+12= z101 Mendelivium


    If you are born in the 1900's, you are born of Potassium z19 (Alkali Metal), but our children who are born in 2000's, are born of Calcium z20 (Alkali Earth Metal).

    I use these words loosely "Protons, Electrons, Elements", These are labels we have attached, to make sense of the "physical world",
    Once i realized our universe is a Proton, You realize electrons/protons through the elements can also explain how we "perceive time".

    I have worked out “some of the expansions of time" using an "Extended periodic table, z1 to z172.

    And have come to realize our next major expansion happens when we expand to Element z172,

    THIS WILL HAPPEN ON THE 31/12/3099, 31+12+30+99=z172, This is a  3100 year cycle(to the day) There are cycles within cycles, I realized each of these cycles signifies a major event for the "human race". 
    After the 31/12/3099 = z172, We drop back to 1/1/3100 which is 1+1+31= z 33 Arsenic, and the cycle goes on.
    Here are a couple of 3100 years events:
    1a,  3100bc Humans develop 1st writing system(cuneiform)
    1b, 3100bc    major events


    This shows how time moves through the elements, It takes 3100 years for each cycle to travel through the elements, from z1 to z172.

    31/12/30/99 AD EXPANDS TO Z172 FINAL ELEMENT IN PERIODIC TABLE, It will be a major event yet again, as we cycle into a new cycle/calender.
    There are many of these cycles within, Here are some of the Major cycles:a,3100yrs, b,533,200yrs, c,91,710,400,yrs d,15,774,188,800,yrs 
    1, 3100 years is how long it takes to go through a lessor cycle z1 to z172.
    2, 533,200 years bc, 172 x 3100=533,200 is the next major cycle, 530,000bc is when it is thought the "Human voice may have gained its full vocal range at least 530,000 years ago, A leap forward for mankind.
    3, 91,710,400 years bc, 172 x 533,200=91,710,400 is the next major cycle, This takes us to the "Cretaceous period", Turonian – (89.8-93.9 MYA), This is when "Modern Mamals evolved.
    At the beginning of the Turonian an anoxic event took place which is called the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary event or the "Bonarelli Event". These extinction events, are also creation events.
    4, 15,774,188,800 BC, 172 X 533,200=15,774,188,800 BC, This is 15.77 billion years, This is what I believe is the real age of the "Universe/Big Bang event".
    Here is my extended periodic table, z1 TO z172: Where you can work out any possible dates element.


  4. Take an atom, Change the number of neutrons it becomes a different element. Change the number of electrons it becomes an ion. In the context of the discussion it is irrelevant that neutral atoms have the same number of electrons and protons.

    I may be misunderstanding, but  the number of neutrons/electrons/protons have not changed, If atoms lose or gain electrons they become ions?,


    I was seeing it more as atoms in excited states, a different form of matter.



    An atom in a high excited state is termed Rydberg atom. A system of highly excited atoms can form a long-lived condensed excited state e.g. a condensed phase made completely of excited atoms: Rydberg matter.
  5. Not so. The number of neutrons in the nucleus determines what material (element) the atom is. Changing the number of electrons would convert the atom to an ion.

    The number/amount of electrons are the same, Still equal to number of protons. 

    only the outer two shells going from 9,2 to 8,3, more energy in valence shells.



    An ion (/ˈən, -ɒn/)[1] is an atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving the atom or molecule a net positive or negative electrical charge.

    I wondered about these electron sequences after my attempt at extending the periodic table following electron sequences, Which I must admit at the time I knew little about, But followed what I believed was the sequence, it was only after I had finished that I found the electron sequences for each element that I realized my sequences did not quite following the known sequences, the only difference was in the outer two shells,


    MY FIRST EXTENDED TABLE, Plus joining of two table, electrons/positrons, Supersymmetry?





    This led me to believe that the joining of "tables" led to the difference in valence shells, a place where energies where exchanged between tables.

    Which I know believe are top quarks, with joining of the tables each opposing elements have a combined mass of 173Gev.


  6. I thought the passing of time would be a greater difference between earth and being on the surface of a pulsar spinning at 24%the speed of c, but for 1 second on earth only 1.03 seconds would pass for some travelling at 24%c, "I think".


    CLOCK 1: 0% speed of light (Earth)

     Speed (relative to Earth): 0 kilometer/hour
     Length of second (relative to Earth): 1.00 second

    CLOCK 2: 25% speed of light
     Speed (relative to Earth): 25% the speed of light
     (75,000 km/sec or 47,000 miles/sec)
     Length of second (relative to Earth): 1.03 seconds

    CLOCK 3: 50% speed of light
     Speed (relative to Earth): 50% the speed of light
     (150,000 km/sec or 93,000 miles/sec)
     Length of second (relative to Earth): 1.15 seconds

    CLOCK 4: 75% speed of light
     Speed (relative to Earth): 75% the speed of light
     (225,000 km/sec or 140,000 miles/sec)
     Length of second (relative to Earth): 1.51 seconds

    CLOCK 5: 99% speed of light
     Speed (relative to Earth): 99% the speed of light
     (297,000 km/sec or 185,000 miles/sec)
     Length of second (relative to Earth): 7.09 seconds

    Einstein is 17 years old.

    CLOCK 6: 99.99999999% speed of light
     Speed (relative to Earth): 99.99999999% the speed of light
     (299,999.997 km/sec or 185,999.998 miles/sec)
     Length of second (relative to Earth): 19.6 hours

    Also psrj1748-2446ad has a binary companion, Which may fuel it and extend its life and increase its speed, But fuel is fuel and as we know when you run out of fuel things come to a stop, Or at lest stops radiating. Perhaps becoming another "dark" object.

  7. When electrons are added to the nuclei of atoms, the electron fill the orbitals, with each level of orbitals having room for up to so many electrons. The middle number of sulfur of 8 is the upper limit with no more room to make 9. That ninth electron would need to get kicked up to the next level to get 6 because there is room there. The same is true of aluminum with 8 maximum in the middle layer. 

    I did realize this after it was posted :blush:.


    What perhaps I should have asked, Is what would be the change in


    Yttrium from 2 8 18 9 2 to 2 8 18 8 3 which I believe they once where




    Lanthanium from 2 8 18 18 9 2  to 2 8 18 18 8 3


    having higher energy fields in valence shells. 

  8. Has all my tables are in xl, I thought I would post some pics of tables.



    My extended tables showing what I believed was once the electron sequences before they became what we have today. Following sequence.

    After two tables/strings join, The electron valence shells of all elements except the 4 groups Halogens/nobles/alkaline earth metals/ alkali metals change jumping to a lower shells from the release of energies. The change is shown in purple expanding out to what they are at this present time.



    Showing the groups of elements.


    Joining of multiple "tables", Waves of creation.

  9. I get a strange feeling while watching these live feeds, Where has an astronaut looks down at earth from above, He is looking where he is from,

    But when we watch these live feeds we are sitting in our homes, looking down at earth not just where we are from but where we are.

    Which makes you realize our awareness can be in many places at once.


    While I may be "on earth", I also realize i have the potential to be any/everywhere at all times.

  10. Most likely old news to most here, but i have only just came across this, I was surprised how close it seems to becoming a reality.

    Is this a good thing? Or does it put more control into one organization? (big brothers watching you all)



    George soros provided the initial grant(The man who broke the bank of England) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros

  11. Why would the Devil go through with this battle or these chain of events? According to religious beliefs does he not have a choice? If the devil knows a battle will result in his demise why wouldn't he try another approach? A false peace agreement perhaps, a real peace agreement or some other method of saving himself.

    My belief, Is that there is a balance in everything, If we think of this earth as the only one, the question would be hard to answer,


    But if you believe like i do in multiple realities, Which are in balance to each opposing reality, The question becomes easier to answer,

    The Devil is not bound to any one reality, The devil knows he must sometimes lose so he may win in each opposing reality.


    The Devil and God play the balancing game.


    The Devil knows if he is completely evil in one reality, Godness and love/peace will be complete in the opposing reality, Which would not sit well with the Devil, So the Devil and God find a balance they can both live with.

  12. Most have heard of the Kardashev scale, used for measuring a civilizations level of technological advancement http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale


    We are classed has a Type 0


    Type 1 civilization would use all available resources on its planet including weather control.


    Type 2 Would harness all energy of its own star.


    Type 3 would harness all energy raw materials of its own galaxy.


    Type 4 Would extract all information and raw materials from all galaxies.


    Type 5 Would have transcended their universe of origin and be capable of universe scale manipulation.


    So if we took this as a rough frame of reference, We would be of little interest until we where at least a type 2 civilization, Which as full control of its stars energy, So this is where i would leave a message if i was a type 3 or above.


    But then again we could be a type 5 civilization, Enjoying the experience of a type 0 civilization. And the "Exit" for this experience could be within our sun/or ourselves. But then again if we where a type 5 civilization, Time/matter/energy would have little hold over us and we might enjoy or even compete with other entities to see how quick/or different we can go from a type 0 to type 5 civilization. The Game of Gods.

  13. I am a great believer in synchronicity, After writing above post i thought i would listen to some music, So i put on smash hits and the first video that came on was route 94ft jess glynne, it is completely shot in the infrared,


    except for the first couple of seconds where you see blue/yellow.


    We attract what we think.

  14. I was recently watching about seti and a search for et life, We always seem to be using and looking for radio signals.


    To me radio signals do not seem to be what we should be looking for, I believe civilizations would only use radio in there first couple of centuries, We should be focusing more towards the infrared/higher, I believe we as life forms only used to see blue/green/yellow and red came later as we evolved, I believe we are still evolving to see colours that go into the infrared, There are known to be "tetrachromats" who have 4 cones and are able to see millions of hues of red more than the average human,http://digitaljournal.com/article/326976 .


    So perhaps higher life forms would only be interested in those civilizations that have reached a certain point of evolution, And when we know what to look for the skys will be full of signals/messages, And as i believe everything is connected, the easiest way to put a signal out to evolved species would be to send it through every star(which would be simple to an advanced civilization) where it would reach each evolving life form, So instead of searching others stars for planets we should look towards our star the sun, Where i believe somewhere within we will find a message and once we find and reply to message we will be ready for first contact.


    We would then learn about particle to particle communication (Instantaneous private calls to anywhere in our universe)


    ET Phone home, the number is in reach.

  15. Actually, it is a metal... of sorts. It is non metallic in ordinary conditions when pure and its theoretically predicted metallic state is highly exotic, requiring enormous pressures. This is pretty much due to the fact that there is no "other" electron in each atom and therefore, in the metallic state of pure hydrogen, the only ones would be the conduction ones.As for alloys with hydrogen, they can even occur in ordinary conditions (much like hydrides).


    Some metals have amazing properties, After my attempt to expand the periodic table one transition metal stuck out Palladium 46, Within my table it had an electron seq 2 8 18 17 1 but its actual seq (now) is 2 8 18 18, So to me it seemed like it was a case of electron shell jumping where opposing tables joined and energy was released, which seemed to leave a space within my joined tables that needed filling, After looking into palladium i was surprised by its hydrogen absorption, its ability to absorb upto 900 times its own volume of hydrogen at room temperature, so a lb of palladium can absorb 900lbs of hydrogen,It seems like palladium was trying to fill this missing shell to to get back to its higher energy state.


    fig 1/2 shows the elements following what i believe was there energy states before two tables joined fig 3 shows the electron sequences as they are now believed to be, you will notice the only palladium 46 as an empty valence shell.



  16. Phage therapy has actually been around for quite some time, but it went out of favor in the West when antibiotics came to the front of the line in fighting bacterial infections. Russia is way ahead of us in phage therapy and research. I found a couple of other links you might like.


    Phage Therapy – Everything Old is New Again




    Interesting links

    It seems phages are the way to go as long as drug companies have confidence they can make their huge profits,

    There must be a wealth of information on phages in Russia, This is where the internet will play a role collecting work that as been done on phages,

    From what i have read phages seem to have a virtual lack of side effects, and can migrate to organs that are usually not accessible to drugs,

    I noticed that bacteria can develop resistance to phages, But the resistance might be easier to overcome than resistance to antibiotics, This makes me wonder whether bacteria that was resistant to antibiotics then develops a resistance to phages may once again become treatable by antibiotics because of their mutation?


    I was surprised that phages worldwide is in excess of 10 to the power of 31, when stars in the universe are roughly 10 to the power of 23, Surly with so many phages to choose from there should be a cure for any bacterial infection.


    This seems a good science for anyone to get into starting out on their careers.

  17. I recently watched a program about these bacteria ndm1 that are immune to antibiotics, I know little about bacteria but got me thinking and looking into bacteria, after looking at bacteria to me the weak point seems to be the flagel-lum which is used for propulsion, which is powered by proton motive force, Chemiosmosis is the movement of ions across a selectively "permeable membrane" that allows selective passage of nutrients, I wonder if concentrating on attacking the flagellum and its nutrient supply is the way to go with these resistant bacteria?


    I then thought about fighting fire with fire, There must be a bacteria that eat these immune bacteria, I was surprised there is not much information on this but found viruses eating bacteria called bacteriophages which seem to be the way forward. http://uk.yhs4.search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0LEVj4_ivtSg3EAgX93Bwx.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMG04Z2o2BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkAw--/SIG=12716fkmd/EXP=1392245439/**http%3a//www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/267573.php

  18. We all have our own beliefs, I believe our universe to be an electron, which means we are made of universes, Which means we all exist within everything and everything exists within us, We are multi-universal entities, without a beginning or an end, We are in all sense gods, I believe everything we do as an effect upon the whole,

    Perhaps our experiments with splitting atoms and cerns crashing together particles as resulted in the universe we now see. Similar to the grandfather paradox. We are our own creators.

  19. @Turtle, Says the cost of silver would be to high for shielding, But the silver would only be the conductor of the electric field, How much silver would this need for a conductive layer of silver?, We already coat glass with silver that is used in sky scrappers,



    From what i can figure out gamma radiation seems to be the biggest problem, Has alpha/beta can be shielded from without much problem,


    Just came across this about gamma ray astronomy (laue lenses)about focusing gamma rays, Could this tech be used to focus gamma rays away from a space craft/base, perhaps then harnessing this energy?




    Also i am no trekie but i do enjoy the program, if a remember right star trek/generations/voyager used force fields but Enterprise with captain archer ionized the hull, which is more on the lines i think we should first be heading.

  20. @moontanman"I know that electric charge has been proposed as a method of protecting astronauts on the moon but the equipment is heavy and bulky and requires lots of power, not sure this would be practical on a space craft..."


    I would like to read more, Also if electric charge has been proposed as a method of protection, surely it would be easier to have this bulk within a space craft, One that can be reused.


    I realize lead is conductive to a minor degree, I was thinking about silver between layers of lead, With a current passing through each layer of silver, Whether each layer of silver/electric current would grap radiation/ions has they pass through the lead layers.


    Just a thought when lead stops radiation, would there be within lead a point/atom where one is radioactive and its neighbour is not?

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