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  1. So insults are all we get from "The liberal lefties", who control most science forums, but your time is coming to an end, along with the liberal corrupt MSM, you back your insult up with one of many sockpuppets @DrKrettin, name says it all, you get a"like"for your insult from @pzkpfw, What do you all have in common, all joined nearly the same time? all the same person? I have seen how this science forums work, over the years members drop of, then we see a short burst of "members", it is a shame that many members on these forums, are all the same couple of person. For the few "real member
  2. Just because you have limited knowledge of the periodic table, it does not mean others do. What is misrepresented in my periodic table, other than I have extended it to z172, The censors seems to point to z172. If your from "sciforums", you are one of 2 people, both arrogant arses, unable of creative thought. You are a wiki mouthpiece. all the above known elements up to z118, have all their correct electron sequences, I have only followed this sequence to take them to z172, which to me completes the periodic table. I have been a member here for 5 years, I may not post much, but I always
  3. THE ELECTRON/PROTON YEARS (3100 year cycles) We are born of the "Elements', My birth element is z101 Mendelevium, Perhaps why I was drawn to the periodic table. My date of birth 6/12/1964, 6+12+19+64 = z101 Mendelelium. Being born of the "Elements", explains why we bond or react to some people better than others. Every day and every person is ruled by a set of element cycles. There is much you can work out through the "Element Cycles",My full birth cycle of "Elements": Potassium-Gold-Bismuth-Americium-Mendelevium.a, 1900 century = z19 Potassiumb, 1960's = z79 Goldc, 1964 = z83 Bismuthd
  4. I may be misunderstanding, but the number of neutrons/electrons/protons have not changed, If atoms lose or gain electrons they become ions?, I was seeing it more as atoms in excited states, a different form of matter.
  5. The number/amount of electrons are the same, Still equal to number of protons. only the outer two shells going from 9,2 to 8,3, more energy in valence shells. I wondered about these electron sequences after my attempt at extending the periodic table following electron sequences, Which I must admit at the time I knew little about, But followed what I believed was the sequence, it was only after I had finished that I found the electron sequences for each element that I realized my sequences did not quite following the known sequences, the only difference was in the outer two shells, MY FIRST
  6. I thought the passing of time would be a greater difference between earth and being on the surface of a pulsar spinning at 24%the speed of c, but for 1 second on earth only 1.03 seconds would pass for some travelling at 24%c, "I think". Also psrj1748-2446ad has a binary companion, Which may fuel it and extend its life and increase its speed, But fuel is fuel and as we know when you run out of fuel things come to a stop, Or at lest stops radiating. Perhaps becoming another "dark" object.
  7. I did realize this after it was posted . What perhaps I should have asked, Is what would be the change in Yttrium from 2 8 18 9 2 to 2 8 18 8 3 which I believe they once where also Lanthanium from 2 8 18 18 9 2 to 2 8 18 18 8 3 having higher energy fields in valence shells.
  8. Has all my tables are in xl, I thought I would post some pics of tables. My extended tables showing what I believed was once the electron sequences before they became what we have today. Following sequence. After two tables/strings join, The electron valence shells of all elements except the 4 groups Halogens/nobles/alkaline earth metals/ alkali metals change jumping to a lower shells from the release of energies. The change is shown in purple expanding out to what they are at this present time. Showing the groups of elements. Joining of multiple "tables", Waves of creation.
  9. I get a strange feeling while watching these live feeds, Where has an astronaut looks down at earth from above, He is looking where he is from, But when we watch these live feeds we are sitting in our homes, looking down at earth not just where we are from but where we are. Which makes you realize our awareness can be in many places at once. While I may be "on earth", I also realize i have the potential to be any/everywhere at all times.
  10. Just watched amazing sunrise, Live hd views. PLUS chat from around the world. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/iss-hdev-payload 4 alternating camera views, Watched sunrise 9.30am watched sunset 10.30am, ISS POSITION PLUS LIVE FEED http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/HDEV/
  11. I was wondering who's idea it was to close all these threads? Some of the most interesting on here. Chemistry,Engineering and Applied Science,Physics and Mathematics,Astronomy and Cosmology,Alternative theoriesWhy the change, when they can just be tucked away in a little corner?
  12. Most likely old news to most here, but i have only just came across this, I was surprised how close it seems to becoming a reality. Is this a good thing? Or does it put more control into one organization? (big brothers watching you all) https://www.outernet.is/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outernet George soros provided the initial grant(The man who broke the bank of England) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros
  13. Watched cosmos last night, mentioned tardigrades, which for such a common creature i had never heard of, I will never walk on moss again, without thinking of these wonderful creatures. http://tvblogs.nationalgeographic.com/2014/03/19/5-reasons-why-the-tardigrade-is-natures-toughest-animal/
  14. At this present time the element Sulphur has an electron seq of 2 8 6, I was wondering what change would occur in sulpur if its electron seq changed to 2 9 5? Also aluminium from 2 8 3 to 2 9 2?
  15. My belief, Is that there is a balance in everything, If we think of this earth as the only one, the question would be hard to answer, But if you believe like i do in multiple realities, Which are in balance to each opposing reality, The question becomes easier to answer, The Devil is not bound to any one reality, The devil knows he must sometimes lose so he may win in each opposing reality. The Devil and God play the balancing game. The Devil knows if he is completely evil in one reality, Godness and love/peace will be complete in the opposing reality, Which would not sit well with the
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