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  1. "Have you ever thought about following the rules? This is hypography, you are expected to show a link to the paper or site that you are using information from. Just claiming that Dr. someone or some site says this is not what is supposed to be done. In all honesty i suspect that you are correct but all you have given me so far is what you say is true or claim someone else says. The point of this was to get you to show links to what you are claiming." LOL! Look at the entire history of HYPOgraphy's forum content.... when does all the pseudo intellectual ivory tower hypocrisy end? Colleg
  2. LOL! You cut me to the quick! You asked.... I was just giving you the benefit of the doubt. As for proselytizing, consider the facts in evidence. We're all guilty on that score, are we not??? http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_earthchanges31.htm "Or something....." Peace and benificence, VW
  3. "One thing to remember, belief does not equal knowledge..." And neither does wisdom equal fact, for it is much greater. And knowledge without wisdom, is rather like a load of books on the back of an ***. (Or so I've heard it said) Truly, 'knowledge' is proved as belief every day. And since we're being honest with one another, I can honestly say that science on the whole, is itself, "best guess". And we all proselytize our 'knowledge' every day. That I advocate for the evidence of a Grand Designer, or at least, One MUCH grander than we puny mortals, is no different than you evangelizing
  4. "we" are looking for intelligent discussion, you say. Is this the 'royal' "we" of which you speak? No matter, the question I posed is rhetorical. http://www.redorbit.com/news/science/925987/many_scientists_are_convinced_that_man_can_see_the_future/ http://hplusmagazine.com/2010/11/04/precognition-real-cornell-university-lab-releases-powerful-new-evidence-human-mind-can/ Then there's the Ganzfeld procedure, oh and.... http://www.scientificexploration.org/journal/jse_15_3_vasilescu.pdf Of course, I could go on, but to what end? Time, as we all know, is what we make of it, and ther
  5. A fair bit of research has shown that the human brain appears to be hard wired into space time itself. I could cite case study after case study which proves that the results are quite beyond random but where's the fun in that? Instead I will ask some of you to consider that even IF God were to have 'evolved' in some fashion....(once again demonstrating characteristic human arrogance in assuming that our puny linear understanding of time is how a much Greater being had to have progressed to 'Godhood status')....it is His current status that merits our greater consideration. An overarching
  6. First I would ask, "Why does it ALWAYS take FAITH in order to believe in God?" And you know, the best answer I can come up with is: "Because faith/trust is the essential ingredient to any Kingdom worth it's salt." Show me a kingdom that doesn't allow the crap to float to the top and block out the Son light, and I'll show you an eternal empire. But that is the way of mankind quite nearly from the 'get go'....he has always proven, empire after empire ad nauseum, to end up dominating his fellow man to his own injury. Just as God's Word has said. That being said, here are some 'proofs' of
  7. Yes. Just curious is all. Wondering if you are at all familiar with the works of Finsrud and Milkovic? Also, does it seem obvious to you that if one were 'cagey' enough, one might steal bits of energy from the following simple 'double pendulum' in order to put it back to 'square one', so to speak? Peace, VW
  8. Moderation note: the first 4 posts of this thread were moved from the thread Gravity Driven Mechanisms, because they are about a different machine than the one being discussed there. What, if I may ask, is the gravity of your current situation? VW
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