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  1. George Rodonaia Near Death Experience This brings us to the case of Dr. George Rodonaia, a Russian Scientist who tried to leave Russia. He came with a Ph.D and an M.D, but had trouble with the KGB. He couldn’t get out of Russia. In fact when he tried to get out of Russia, he was purposely run down by a KGB agent, who drove on the sidewalk in order to run him over. This is how he died and where his story begins. George Rodonaia: “As a psychiatrist and a neuropathologist, for me God never existed. I never believed in God. I never believed in the Bible. I never thought about God
  2. Proof of God through NDE's Donald Whitaker: It was February of 1975, at that time I was an alcoholic out of control. I was also using recreational drugs. But primarily, alcohol was my drug of choice. I was totally out of control. I had a lot of friends in the entertainment business; Ringo Star and a bunch of other people. They were having a TV special on the west coast. Hoight, a friend, had called me and asked me if I would like to go. I told him that I would love to, because I knew there was going to be a lot of booze, and partying. While they were doing their special, I was
  3. For those who seek the meaning of life This message is in two sections: 1. Right reasoning in seeking truth 2. Proof of God through: Science Archeology Predictions Unlocking the Mysteries to life In order to unlock the mysteries to life, a person needs to be teachable / correctable. Without constructive criticism or being teachable and open to receive knowledge, a person can never understand truth as they ought. For light brings truth, and if a person refuses to be taught light, neither can they receive the truth. A person needs to see and understand for themselves the error th
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