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  1. What I see is that the paper I quoted in the O.P has nothing to do with the authors efforts to scientifically model the attributes in the bible. This is just a red herring. The paper I referenced deals with relativity, not God, not the bible, RELATIVITY. You obviously disagree with the authors religious views, yet thats not what my post is about.
  2. Look, if his theory is wrong then it will be wrong on its own merits, not on whether he is a creationist or what views the author holds on science and theology. Its like saying that newtons laws of motions are wrong just because he was a creationist. They might be wrong(or at best useful approximations for non relativistic velocities) but they will be wrong on their own, not because of the particular philosophy held by their discoverer.
  3. So is that it? Because he is a creationist that means he is wrong about everything? I dont care if he is a creationist or a democrat or whatever, I wanna know if there is anything behind his nonstandard analysis approach to relativity. Thats why I posted. I didnt post this to find out the authors religious views. Thats a non sequitur. Please stay on topic.
  4. Hello. My name is A.J and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a book about general relativity that I found on the web. The book is written by a former professor of mathematics named Robert A. Herrmann. It is entitled,"Nonstandard Analysis Applied to Special and General Relativity -The Theory of Infinitesimal Light-clocks" The author describes the book like this: "It is actually dangerous for me to present the material that appears within this book due to the usual misunderstandings. Any scientist who claims that there are fundamental errors within the foundational methods used to o
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