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  1. Analytic Astronomy:Celebrates ZHOU Jian's Law discovered 5st Anniversary ZHOU Jian / June 29, 2013 [Core tips] June 29, 2008 On this day, a discovery will change our view of the universe: the human finally supernova Hubble diagram based on the further study found a relevant light (electromagnetic radiation) in the dissemination process of the natural propagation, in order to facilitate the application, its discoverer, has used his name to call it law firm for the week. Prior to this, the scientists distant supernovae Hubble diagram based study discovered that the universe is accelerating e
  2. Practical Significance In The Conversion Of The Cartesian Coordinate System To Zhou Jian Coordinate System Zhou Jian(周坚) / July 18, 2012 (611, Liuchang road, Liu Bei district , Liuzhou city , Guang Xi ,China 545012 E-mail:[email protected]) http://scienceforums.com/blog/479/entry-474-practical-significance-in-the-conversion-of-the-cartesian-coordinate-system-to-zhou-jian-coordinate-system/ We know that in the Cartesian coordinate system, the location of any point M on the plane, with Cartesian coordinates to unique expression. From the point M draw a vertical axis a straight line, whi
  3. Cartesian coordinates is converted to the Zhou Jian coordinates Zhou Jian(周坚) / July 16, 2012 (611, Liuchang road, Liu Bei district , Liuzhou city , Guang Xi ,China 545012 E-mail:[email protected]) In mathematics, the Cartesian coordinates is rectangular coordinates, it is an orthogonal coordinate system by two mutually perpendicular O points overlap axis, forming the plane. In this plane, the coordinates of any point are based on the number of axes corresponding to the coordinates of the point set. Using the rectangular coordinates, all plane geometry shape can explicitly
  4. 9、The seeds of the analytical method Supernova Hubble diagram based on the two groups in 1998 found that the universe is accelerating the expansion of a further study found that after Zhou Jian’s law, based on the Zhou Jian’s law gave us a revelation, that is, light (electromagnetic radiation) propagation distance and relative change in the dissemination process of the transmission wavelength to the red end of the displacement, called Zhou Jian redshift has only one relationship. We know that the distance of distant objects is not possible directly to measure, we now estimate the distanc
  5. 8、Observations of the universe In fact, the observation in the universe, the universe as a whole are the only exist through light (electromagnetic radiation) of the propagation characteristics, namely the light (electromagnetic radiation) limit velocity-speed c, and ultimate transmission distance Zhou Jian constant-Z0, they all reflected in our before observer. Relative observer, the observer can only be observed by the observer for the Globe, the radius of a ball for Zhou Jian constant Z0 (Z0 = 13,771,980,862.6086 ly, 13.772 billion light-years), the universe spherical bodies,only feeling
  6. Analytical cosmology view: 1. Because of its redshift z = 10, so its distance is 12,519,982,602 light-years away(12.52 billion light-years) 2. Because of its depending on the magnitude mv = 28.9 mag (H=28.9), so it absolute magnitude is Mv = -18.934 mag 3. Because of its absolute magnitude is Mv = -18.934 mag, so Zhou Jian function based on calculation on getting it to the size of the galaxy is D = 31,397 light-years See Zhou Jian star chart 2012073:http://scienceforums.com/blog/479/entry-472-zhou-jian-star-chart-2012073-redshift-z-10-of-galaxies-udfj-39546284-only-30000-light-years
  7. Zhou Jian Star Chart 2012073: redshift z = 10 of galaxies UDFj-39546284 only 30000 light years size Zhou Jian(周坚) / July 11, 2012 (611, Liuchang road, Liu Bei district , Liuzhou city , Guang Xi ,China 545012 E-mail:[email protected]) The universe is like this, when you simply to observation it, all the guess may,and when you have mastered the mathematical analysis method to study it again after, all of that guess don't exist. http://scienceforums.com/blog/479/entry-472-zhou-jian-star-chart-2012073-redshift-z-10-of-galaxies-udfj-39546284-only-30000-light-years-size/ NASA / ESA Hu
  8. 7、The observation evidence of the Zhou Jian's law In 2003, the United States launched the Wilkinson microwave anisotropy probe (WMAP) after that year of observation data shows that the universe's age is 13.7 ±0.2 billion years, and that is what we today is often quoted as the support of the big bang cosmology a universe of the beginning of the important evidence, actually, it reflects the true out of the physical meaning is light (electromagnetic radiation) complete transmission distance limit of time interval, the time interval is 13,771,980,862.6086 years (13.772 billion), WMAP observation
  9. Grateful to give advice, my friend, I am certain cognitive reading, of course, I have to complete my thoughts presented to everyone, more than an idea on the correct understanding of our universe is always beneficial, you are not, my friends. Thanks again for guidance, a friend of mine pointing is my greatest pleasure.
  10. The Higgs boson is the source of the mass of the assumption itself is self-contradictory Zhou Jian (周坚)/ July 8, 2012 from the CMS and ATLAS Collaboration scientists announced in Beijing July 4 afternoon, they in large European Hadron Collider "God particle, the Higgs boson, we have been the major sites massive reports, ecstatic. Really, I had really thought discovered the "God particle", did not expect to know from the facts of the expert's report to confirm the discovery of the "God particle" at least more than 1 year even longer, there may be also need to create a linear electron-positron
  11. Find "god particle" : not sure that announced that The drinker's heart is not in the cup Zhou Jian (周坚)/ July 6, 2012 This morning, in the world wide web BBS superior columns, see this article theme of "god particle confirmed that it will be at least a year China super one percent contribution" the thread, this just know, make sure the "god particle" found that at least need more than one year or longer, may also need to create a straight line the electron-positron collider to conduct further careful study. This makes the author think of as early as 2010 released on July 30, entitled "Chines
  12. yes,I need to manually edit my computer-generated translation to English. May be inaccurate translation, the idea I wish I were able to express clearly. Thank you very much for guidance, thank you! My friend!
  13. 6、physical meaning of the Zhou Jian's law Zhou Jian’s Law physical meaning is light (electromagnetic radiation) during the course of the dissemination of the propagation distance transmission wavelength increases, and regularly to the red end of displacement, its to a red end of the relative displacement amount on the called Zhou Jian redshift, we use the "zz" to said it and light (electromagnetic radiation) transmission distance r meet equation. For comparison, we see the Hubble's law physical significance. The Hubble's law physical meaning is the departure from the movement of light source
  14. Responding To The Scientists Announced That The Newly Discovered Particles May Be The God Particl Zhou Jian (周坚)/ July 4, 2012 Beijing time, July 4 message from the CMS and ATLAS Collaboration, scientists announced that they found in Europe's Large Hadron Collider "God particle, the Higgs boson. First of all congratulations to the scientists for many years struggling to find the standard model Higgs boson, and now finally exposing the truth about the matter. We know that in the standard model Higgs boson is considered to be the key to human understanding of the universe. Physicists belie
  15. 5、The relationship of the Zhou Jian's Law Zhou Jian's law and distant objects (galaxies, etc.) the two parameters, namely, light (electromagnetic radiation) transmitted from the celestial to the observer in front of the spread of distance r and Zhou Jian redshift zz, as long as able to determine one can be informed of theirtwo. In the actual observation, we are able to directly observed object (galaxies, etc.) of the redshift, but in the directly observed redshift exist two generation mechanism completely different redshift, namely the Doppler effect of Doppler redshift and by th
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