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  1. Dc is the only efficent form of electroliysis Energy input in Watthours = used (Volts x amps) x used time in seconds / 3600 seconds = used Watts x used time in seconds / 3600 seconds So let your HHO gas generator produce 1 Liter of HHO gas= 1000 milliLiters HHO gas and measure the time in seconds it needs to produce this amount of gas. Then note the DC Voltage and DC amps down and multiply it to get the Watts. ( e.g. 12 Volts and 10 amps ) Then multiply with the seconds it needed to produce 1 Liter and divide this by 3600. Then you have the Watthours of energy it needed to produce 1 Lite
  2. Its the Dr Again i have a site dedicated to my scientific input into the world its http://www.hhoigo.com/ The fact is engines can run on strait HHO just sit down and work it out 10 amps for 1 minute will make 1 litre of HHO HHO has an expansion ratio of 1729/1 when detonated with air The fuel reaction for one of my engines on the hhoigo site is 4 lires of gas x 102.2 calorie bond of fuel x 85% being the eficency of the system = 34,748Kw now thats what you get from 40 amps which will run one of my own designed one litre engines at 3000 rpm. about the amount of energy required to make the fuel
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