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  1. Hey all, I'm hoping that someone with knowledge of chemistry could help me with an issue I have. A bit of background: I moved into my apartment 18 months ago, as the very first tenant. It's brand new. Some genius thought it would be a great idea to tile the bathroom floor with dark grey, fine-porous tiles. I can't get them clean. I've tried CLR, the usual floor detergents, Easy-Off BAM! Foam, even an industrial-strength tile cleaner that had acid in it. They even put the tiles in the shower stall, so I have soap scum, dirt, and cat litter dust (I've got to use the crystals due to an extr
  2. Pudd

    G'day :)

    G'day belovelife! Yeah I just had some Metallica cranking while I did some housework. Someone once tried to tell me that I listen to heavy metal because I'm depressed. I laughed. Heavy metal has always made me feel happy :)
  3. Pudd

    G'day :)

    lol yeah, I should have added that I also like to talk :P Spent six hours yesterday with a friend having coffee. We only left because the coffee shop was shutting lol!
  4. Dawkins is right. I say that with the experience of being a former fundamentalist extremist christian. Except I rejected Intelligent Design, and went for pure Creationism. He forgot one thing though- God needs money :P
  5. Pudd

    G'day :)

    Hi everyone, I'm 26 years old and I'm here to learn. Literally. I used to be a christian fundamentalist extremist. I lost my faith five months ago, and I am now an atheist... Who doesn't know the first thing about science. I believed that the earth was 6000 years old. I believed in the flood. Hell, I even believed that men had one less rib than women. I believed that god had made the earth rotate backwards, I believed in the resurrection... I believed all of it. As a consequence, I went through school and paid no attention in science and geography. Tectonic plate shift? Pfft. Didn't
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