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  1. ya a decrease of 24 this time...i missed to count one number...
  2. Qfwfq ' s prob.. next in series are 8,8....i think..
  3. I agree....a brilliant maths makes us able to solve day-to-day life logical problems easily...while with primary maths we don't have such ability.... Maths is a mind-sharpener too...geometry,3d,vectors..also develop visual powers..... well everyone has his/her own views ...but ya we should try to embrace maths..if not finding it very frustrating...
  4. A cool sequence i made while solving max's sequence....max's ur sequence could have an aliter if 35 was 135 & 70 ..170..... look at this sequence...... 1,2,4,8,22,74,508,5552...? an easy one if relate no.s sincerely...
  5. Look! here...a=15000$ ...r=11/10...now..we have in a..r^0..thus in nth one we have r^n-1...therefore n=6 in ur expression...ur try is correct... u can do this question by using growth & depreciation formula too...in that case..take n=16...answer will be---15000 x [11/10]^16...
  6. Well! i m proved wrong..... tormod u won !!! /forums/images/smilies/mad_2.gif
  7. Bhagwan The GOD himself...
  8. -BrainForce Every star requires our attention..it has no light of its own..it is the light in us that make it bright ( it is about the stars on earth created by media) -Brainforce
  9. BADMAASH /forums/images/smilies/devilsign.gif means naughty...
  10. The duty of man is to perform actions and not to worry of results... Don't worry of results and let urself actionless....but remain active..the results are do calculated by the almighty....the most accurate calculator...wordpad and event-reminder......
  11. jay-qu i think u r wrong this time , u must have excluded neptune too from the business,how can neptune be included without getting uranus involved! My answer -- exclude neptune include mars (astroid belt wasn't at that times, i think so) Which is the biggest known plutino?
  12. Same oxygen isotope content. absence of so-called capturable bodies in near eath orbits.
  13. But that's from the same field of my first point,let's see what's in kay-pee's reply!
  14. Is sending COROT now can prove helpful to scientists at ground, with today's technology we might not be able to get the maximum. but 6-7 yrs later it will prove to be much helpful with technology of that time,sending COROT was somewhat a wastage of money to "some extent" Is corot able to detect that the wobble caused is by a binary star or a planet,in case it is not able to detect any change in luminous intensity of star.
  15. kay-pee's question remaining..... I got four, any other similarity?
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