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  1. Now the sail would have to be thousands of miles tall/long. I'm not focusing on the cosmic bombardment yet. One possibility would be a pyrmid shape sail, with mirrors inside the pyrmid dome, reflecting and heating the sail on it's inside even more than ever since the mirrors would be diaganolly facing each other (Pyrmid Shape), while we have a thick and durable outside, with frozen ice making it's surface slick. Tiny and fair sized metoers could slide right off.
  2. Alright I'm working on something much more sufficent. But it will have a throw back for you guys, and this throw back will be perfect set up for you to bully me again, I will say that the solar sail is going to, EVETUALLY be moving at C. Now it has a completely deferent set up than the one now, the only similarity is how the Craft launches, and that similarity is weak at best. Now when I say it will be moving at C, keep this in mind, Now I haven't completed this craft yet, but I came up with a way to make the Solar Sail move at C, and I won't share the idea until the have complet
  3. When I proposed the idea I didn't know it needed supporting, and when I did, I dropped it.
  4. I believe you didn't ask me to support my case, you rubbed it in that I couldn't with a rhetorical question. You knew I couldn't support it, and I knew I was wrong.
  5. I see where my idea doesn't work, I saw that a while back, I know it doesn't work, and I now know why. I'm not stupid, I haven't improved it yet no, and the responses might have been to help me, but they were mean, and cruel, and I didn't appreciate them. I know that I'm not going to appreciate a lot of things in life, and that life is hardly fair, but I also know that life only makes sense when you force it to. If this was a job I'd suck up to the criticism, and thats extremely hard for me to do, trust me, it's very hard for me to do, but this isn't a job, and I lost the strength to take
  6. I know all too well, what the conciquences of my actions will be, but that doesn't change the fact that he is abusing his authority for personal benefit. And you know how I respond to that? Lets just put it this way Clay, if your gonna ban me, ban me, if not, get lost.
  7. He didn't ask me to support my claims, he ignorantly asked a rhetorical question to get my goat. And you don't have to be a complete dick to help me out, you simply point out that I'm wrong, tell me how I'm wrong, and give me advice to improve, I don't take kindly to dicks.
  8. Now your insulting me???????????????????????????????????????????????? I quit.
  9. What would work better is a god sized solar powered space station/battery canon close enough to the sun to absorb enough solar energy to power the battery canons for thousands of years, these battery canons will be pushing a leightweight solar sail using lasers or microwave transmitters, according to a scientist named Frisbee, "Microwave transmitters can be used to blast the sail until it heats to 2000 Kelvin, which would accelerate the sail at 100's of G's to get the sail up to 1/10th the speed of light." Now larger battery canons (Like the ones I'm talking about) can produce stronger micr
  10. Saying that that is to the best of my ability is a flat out lie, it's to the best of my knowledge at the time being. You know what your doing right now Clay? Your provoking me, asking rhetorical questions to raddle my cage, first class baiting. Since I'm the bigger man I'm not going to listen to you. And if you continue I will report you.
  11. My getting pissed off has nothing to do with whether it will work or not. I'm mad because your acting like I didn't do it to the best of my knowledge, and that I'm intentionally trying to decieve you and earn respect that isn't deserved. Thats why I'm mad!
  12. Jesus Christ Rambo! What makes me mad, is that, I've had worse ideas, I mean much worse, and you didn't really snap at those, yet when I post this one, you all the sudden get a hard on to bash it!!!!
  13. There was a little quiz I took at the end of this year, it said Math, Science and Cosmology were my strongest subjects. I have to admit school work is pretty easy when I'm working out flaws with you guys on this site.
  14. Let me make sure you understand, Just putting that out there. Leaving the canons on Earth is so stupid, the Solar Sail would stop moving after a certain range, if the Baterry Canons were following the sail then it would stay in range to push it, and the Baterry Canons might slow the Craft down, but the Ion Boosters still provide greater thrust than the recoil of Battery Canons. Yeah I did, the fact that the battery canons stay in range long enough for the sail to accelerate to a fraction. Even if the two canons went closer to each other, on Earth, they would still lose range a
  15. My solar sail will be moving and accelerating many times faster than the solar sail designed in the quote, because the battery canons are following it at GREAT speeds, I'm not propusing using any more fuel than needed, if it doesn't reach half light speed it doesn't reach half light speed. If your saying that any other propulsion would be faster or cheaper you are greatly mistaken, take Nuclear Pulse for example, quick jolts of speed doesn't equal a shorter flight there, the explosions that propel a craft aren't constant, therefore a craft that uses weaker yet constant propulsion will be mov
  16. The solar sail would be moving at over half the speed of light, now this trip might not be fast, over 20 years, maybe over 40, but it's still under 100, which is why this is our best alternative, and the quickest way to get there.
  17. Then I would propuse a new Stage 3, amalgamated with a Stage 4, that together would make it much faster. Stage 3: The Craft uses the earth's gravity as a sling shot to get to the sun, and then orbits around the sun several times, each time orbiting to a further distance to immitate a super sling shot Stage 4: The top of the craft ejects a solar sail, and then saperates from the lower end, and the lower end of the craft ejects two super battery canons that can rotate closer to each other in order to avoid the solar sail getting so far away from the battery canons that the light particles
  18. The space craft doesn't achieve near light speeds, what makes it get there so fast is the amalgam of ion propulsion's steady non-stop travel, solar masses sling shotting it, and Gliese 581 moving toward it at great speeds. I haven't calabrated it yet, but it might get there faster than light would, even though the actual ion propulsion isn't making it move very fast.
  19. As you know, with our current technology and resources, it would take many thousands of years to get to Gliese. Unless you pick up speed perpetually. Stage One, The Space Craft is propelled from earth by a series of small atomic explosions, preferably anti-matter for the invornment. Stage 2, once out of Earth Orbit, the nuclear pulse engine saparates from the upper Craft, and the upper craft switches to Ion propulsion. Stage 3, The craft uses the sun's rotation to steer it in the right direction for it's destination. Stage four, the ion thrusters saparate from the top of th
  20. How were Galaxies created, and why are the expanding?The answer is in E=MC2, which proves that energy is mass to a minute scale. By looking at how planetary rock, solar clumps of gas, and black holes all orbit one thing or another, it's safe to say there was no gas in the Big Bang, but simple energy, this big bang was so massive that energy slowed down and collided with the still fast moving energy behind it. Lets put that down to english, say a car was driving on a street, and there was another car behind it moving twice as fast, it will eventually collide with it. This caused the energy to c
  21. A shot that is injected into a muscle, which breaks your muscle down, it compensates for exercise. It's some kind of genetic engineering.
  22. I see. I already knew about the rotating centrifuge, it seems a little expensive though. I know about more expensive ways to imitate gravity, but none that are less expensive.
  23. I do mean in space. With enough energy you can do anything.
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