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  1. The ability to clone crops means you only have to grow one, and your rich.
  2. There's always a cure, always a stall, always another option. And ideas are plenty. Wouldn't want to make it too easy now would we?
  3. But wouldn't a ripe body help the brain function longer? I didn't exactly mean immortality.
  4. I didn't think of that. I don't see custom bodies being impossible. We have mutations naturally, why not generate a mutated humanoid inside of a womb? Or more scientifically 'cause' mutations in clone subjects. Your probably joking, but I'm not.
  5. Cloning is possible, but is mind swapping? If so, and we managed to master both, using current technology, most of our problems would be solved. Imagine you in your childhood body with the knowledge you have now, never having to worry about weight loss, weight gain, old age, physical limitations or even death? All of these things are possible given perfect cloning and successful whole-body transplants.... For example, if you wanted a body that has adapted to be perfect unlike your own body, say a perfect lean build, all you'd have to do is create a premature clone using your DNA, put
  6. Are you saying the more I learn the less smart I'll be?
  7. I suggest you reread my first post. The heat is what propels the Star Destroyer, not the Microwaves, all the microwaves do is generate more heat.
  8. And all I'm saying is that I wouldn't give a **** about a drive unless it had to do with my car if it weren't for this site. I have to know the basics of what I like to talk about so that I can learn to excel later in life, blow away math and science teachers so I can get into the 'higher' learning systems. Once I do that I stop with the editing.
  9. Theres really no deference from learning from others than there is going crazy trying to do it all on my own. They're not giving me the ideas, they're telling me whats wrong with the ones I have, I've learned exactly how to tell the speed of my Crafts from Janus in this thread alone, never mind what I've learned from posting rediculous ideas throughout my entire stay on this site, or from the enternet itself. If I had stayed off this site, and not posted anything, and learn not through failure, but through a teacher that I might or might not care to even listen to, as you would have me do,
  10. Thats not what I do. I post an idea, they tell me whats wrong with it, I edit my idea, until it is complete.
  11. After reading this I edited my first post to explain the propulsion part of the Star Destroyer. Thats the hard part of the Craft, next I will edit it to explain, artificial Gravity, shock absorbers so the crew doesn't get turned into jelly, life support systems, how they grow their food, how they live and survive in space for up to 40 years, ect.
  12. Super Bullshit. Electric fans won't move the sail in the slightest, not only does my space craft move, but it accelerates, in a matter of months it would be moving faster than a bat out of hell, imagine, something that massive moving fast. It doesn't move fast enough to get it anywhere out of our solar system, but it can carry so much fuel, it can hold so many solar panels, it can carry so many passengers, hual so much equipment, that it can be used as a tool to build the, 'Fast stuff'
  13. Depending on what the Micro-Waves from the Micro Wave Emitters are heating, they are heating the domes of the Microwave Thrusters, which are Microwave Sails, when heated to 2000 Kelvin they produce 100 G's of Thrust because they reflect heat. Energy is a force. I guess that makes sense since this is such a large Craft, (40,000 tons) But it only takes about 5 hours to heat the dome of the Thruster to 2000 Kelvin, so in another 5 hours, the two Microwave Thrusters will be heated to 8000 Kelvin, causing the gigantic Craft to move at 0.02, so in a week, the Microwave Thrusters will be
  14. Our feeble human intellects constructed hope that would make us what we are today, masters of survival, the most powerful organisms on the face of the planet, with a high chance of being the smartest creatures in the universe, the most evolved brains around, constructed God. And this God that comes in MANY forms, however imaginary, has made us creatures of steel, we mourned the dead because we believed we would see them again, we were not afraid of creatures, the wrath of nature, the evil of ourselves because we believed that all of it was petty compared to God, and that we could make God on
  15. This is a similar, yet more feasible Intergalactic Space Craft, that can carry 40 Orion's, and is explained fully. Now when they do make the jump to C, everyone inside is turned into shapeless paste, thats the only draw back, and I don't think there is a reasonable solution yet. I disagree. Look at some of the things we have done in the past with what we had then, and look out how much we have now, and how little we are doing. Here are some of the tools that would aid the Star Ship giant, such as this, Hypography - Science for everyone We are making discoveries all of the time, we
  16. The Star Destroyers travel at up to the speed of light due to their ‘Microwave Thrusters’ Inside of their Microwave Thrusters are two microwave transmitters connected to the inside dome of the thrusters by Spider Silk and Polymer armor coated Class A Titanium, the inside of these Rods hold wires that send currents, produced by Fusion Reactors behind the wall of the Thrusters, to the Microwave Transmitters themselves, this is what powers them. These Microwave Transmitters are powered by two 100% efficient fusion reactors as stated above, and they are so powerful that they heat the front
  17. I under stand it completely, well, the E=MC2/Finding out how much speed a space ship will travel part because of you.
  18. How do I deciver that, what does it mean. I don't know formula's yet.:(
  19. Yes, because it would weigh so much that the thrust wouldn't be able to push it, and eventually the weight will push against the thrust, and thats when time travel starts. I just figured out time travel, I never understood it.
  20. So if my craft had thousands of G's of thrust propelling it, it would be so heavy that the thrust wouldn't propel it ten times faster than if it had hundreds of G's of thrust? Speed can create drag! That actually makes a lot of sense.:)
  21. Why not, if ten times less thrust can propel the craft at 1/10 the speed of light, why can't ten times more propel it AT the speed of light?? It doesn't make sense.:)
  22. Forgive me, but, what do you mean by "Utilize all of the mass in the universe?" Can you explain that thoroughly, I think that would do me more good than Wikipedia's definitions. My Sail is set up completely deferently, it uses less powerful lasers, but thanks to the way they work, they are much more sufficent.
  23. The mirrors reaching 20000 Kelvin will provide THOUSANDS of G's of thrust. Is that not enough to move at C? But thanks for the links and advice, I'm going to take advantage of them.
  24. We could suround the sail by intertwining strands of spider silk, man made spider webs. And what makes you think this sail is propelled by the sun, that would be hardly feasible, it's propelled by focused high powered laser beams, which helps even more heat the inside of the pyrmid sail, thanks to the mirrors facing diaganlly to each other. I don't want to give away any more about my design, so please stop arguing until I post it.
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