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  1. English please. How would I do these formula's on the google calculator, ergo how do I find out the speed a space craft moves???????????????????????
  2. The Super Orion space craft weighs 8,000,000 tons, it takes it 85 years to travel 4 light years, and it's top speed can pan out at around 10% the speed of light according to it's wikipedia article. I could be wrong, but I thought to figure out the number of Joules it would take to propel an object at a theoretical speed, you has to multiply it's weight/mass by c, and then divide that number by what ever speed the object was moving at. Redoing it, it's mass is 7,257,477,920 kg, times c, which is 299,792,458 m/s, divided by it's speed, which we know is 10% of c, 29,979,245.8 m/s, I got 72,57
  3. Ah, it's ten times lighter, but their's ten times more of it so it's stronger!!!!
  4. The problem with this is metal foam's tensile strength decreases as it's density decreases, this was the main point CraigD made.
  5. It was coherent, it just wasn't that spicey choice of words which I often perform, not meaning to brag or anything. I learned this by questioning my teacher in 7th grade. As it's name suggests it's actually the size of a billion atoms. Because there's only one firing in one particular direction. But in order to by chance actually move the subatomic particle there are trillions of nano bots powering each single giga-atomic nano bot, and there is a single giga-atomic nano bot in practically every direction around the particle, this insures that just one of their unstable sub ato
  6. That's what I mean, a structure or support is deferent subatomically than atomically, sub atomically it's what you describe, and that's what I was proposing, adding to the atom to change it's properties, or transmute it. An atom can fortify/support a material's atomic structure by making it flexible as opposed to brittle. The giga-atomic nano bot will constantly fire one of these unstable subatomic electromagnetic charges after another, being refueled by trillions of other nano bots. Each simultaneous explosion will go off before the proton's charge can react, it's this constant and unrel
  7. The only person who can give you any info on them is me, they are my theorized projectiles formed in a giga-atomic nano bot, created solely for this purpose. I do not know how these unstable subatomic sized electromagnetic charges could be formed, but with research I could come up with a way. You are welcome to help.
  8. The nuclear pulse I refer to is a subatomic sized beam of electromagnetic charges that are unstable and explode after they've been created. The nuclear pulse charge can be made stable enough to last as long as needed to reach the subatomic particles after being fired toward them from the nano bot that is the size of several million atoms, which are as small as the larger nano bots can make them using matter.
  9. If the nuclear pulse propelled Super Orion Craft were a thousand times lighter, and had the same amount of propulsion, it would reach a top speed of 374,740.573 m/s according to E=MC2. But with the same weight it has now, it's top speed is 29,979,245.8 m/s. And as far as I know light weight objects move faster than heavier objects when pushed with the same strength. But according to E=MC2 , this just ain't so. Does this have something to do with the Higgs field?
  10. I figured out a way to manipulate the subatomic structure of an atom as opposed to the atomic structure of matter. http://hypography.com/forums/watercooler/15914-holy-grail-nano-technology-assemble-structures-3.html, Here I explain moving subatomic particles into a shape using small explosions created by pulse charges that are fired at the particles by ultra small nano bots.
  11. If we could manipulate the structures of atoms, and piece together neutrons and protons, and quarks, then we could change the density and all and all strength of materials themselves by literally building at the subatomic level, building from the particle up. What I am talking about is an atom that looks like a nano tube, and a bunch of these atoms might make up a super duper strong nano tube, stronger than a nano tube made just from regular atoms. Which means you could make it lighter and stronger than you ever could with plain atomic manipulation. Structured atoms that are like supports th
  12. 1/100? So a 50 ton space craft would weigh a thousand pounds. 1/100th the weight is better than spider silk, much better!!! A craft would move 100 times faster wouldn't it?
  13. If the plasma has a powerful magnetic field around it, how can it cut through anything?
  14. I hope the Higgs Particle makes Dark Matter!!!
  15. Why couldn't they make a cool Hadron Rap????
  16. So couldn't you make metals significantly lighter, so you could have 50,000-20,000 pound space shuttles that are the same size as Orion? And couldn't you make new chemical rocket fuel that's more powerful than anything in nature?
  17. Let's further explore these energy nano bots, the smallest nano bots we could make using matter could shoot pulses that magnetically blow atoms and quarks apart, and more, smaller, pulse charges could be used to move these quarks and atoms into place after a long struggle that requires that percision that only machines could produce.:smilingsun:
  18. Energy might work. That's why the nano-bots take the quarks from other atoms. It will work. Still weighs the same but it doesn't sink to the center of the Earth, improvement there.
  19. Where is your creativity, curiosity, and imagination? Question you're disbeliefs. Many people on this forum are like those priests who wanted to crucify Einstein.
  20. I apologize for using frickin in such a way, but please, don't be SOOOOO literal. Saying a million is one of those 'you know what I mean' statements. I apologize if you expected me to say a number that took years to calculate.
  21. Have nano bots make smaller nano bots, and have those smaller nano bots make smaller yet nano bots. With quarks!!! Dwarf matter. Do you have to be so frickin literal? How bout 30 times denser? No? 12 times denser, shoot a random number!! It still helps hold more stuff into less space!!!! Almost as dense as your non believing head.
  22. Further more you could take a large block of titanium and turn it into a mountain sized block of titanium that weighs the exact same, but takes up, much, much, much more space. Although it probably wouldn't hold together unless you made it's foundations stronger than titanium, take it's atoms forming very short covalent bonds for example. This means you could make an orion shuttle that weighs 50 lbs, and is just as strong using nano bots and nano technology. It would be propelled many many many many many many many times faster, with half as much fuel. The combination of condensing say 30
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