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  1. If it were possible to teleport a craft's fuel, than it would be possible to travel at light speed. Once teleported, the craft's fuel will undergo a series of stages, the fuel starts out as raw hydrogen, a remote laser beam fuses and heats this hydrogen into plasma, this laser beam is very powerful, and fired from a solar powered space station, that is also a very large Bose Einstein Condensate Transmitter, to teleport the fuel to the depths of our galaxy, it needs to be BIG. In a few minutes, the plasma generated from the heating hydrogen will be so hot that it will burn newly arrived hyd
  2. If I took a 3 by 3ft cube of aerogel, which is by our standards very fragile, and used nanobots to give it a complex nano structure, such as the 6-way junction; Designed specifically to enhance it's tensile strength, how strong would it be? Would it be as strong as titanium? EDIT: In other words, if a material, with the atomic composition and density of aerogel, had a nano structure that enhanced it's tensile strength to over 300 GPa (The theoretical limit of nanotubes), would it be strong enough to replace the material of a NASA spacecraft? That's aerogel, with the same volume as t
  3. Which is what my whole argument is about, it gets so massive that it's speed decreases because it's thrust can't push it anymore. Corrected. If you think you know all this about me, your gravely mistaken. I've ALWAYS known an object's mass increases as it moves faster, which is why an object is constantly trying to stay still.
  4. That and it's weight pulling it down. It won't be free of it's own mass though. Only particles are free of their own mass. Correction, mass decreases the speed of an object as it approaches the speed of light.
  5. Furthermore weight is an outside force, just like the Earth is an outside force keeping us on the ground. Speed increases mass/weight, which is why punches hurt and nudges don't.
  6. If a missile were flying through the air, and it's rocket boosters were turned off, it would slow down, and fall back to Earth. Same thing with the Magnetic Sail craft, although it would be moving so fast that it would take a lot longer to slow down, it's weight would eventually catch up. Larger objects actually slow down faster. This is the way it works. You can't coast, unless coasting is just a long long long deceleration.
  7. No, but you would mislead me if you truly believed that your theories were truth. If an object is not constantly being pushed it will stop because of the Higgs field, and matter doesn't sink through magnetic fields.
  8. I don't believe you, at all because uncharged hydrogen doesn't sink through magnetic fields for some strange reason. It's not the Magnetic field that fuses the hydrogen into plasma either, the hydrogen is just scooped up by the cone V shaped mag field, the actual fusion is performed from the machinery inside of the craft.
  9. Could you post a link backing this claim up. Seriously, you'd think, out of all the sites I've visited about the Bussard Ramjet, that they would have mention that a magnetic field ONLY picks up charged matter.
  10. Because of the Higgs field your craft would stop in mid space once the sun becomes too distant to push it.
  11. No, if what you say was true, a rocket ship would not stop if it's rocket boosters were turned of, this is not the case. Read this I did a bad job of explaining why 'coasting' can't work, the larger an object is, the stronger it's higgs field is, because it's higgs field curves more, but the Higgs Field doens't want to stay curved, and it constantly pushes back, it's this 'uncurving' action that keeps the Earth round, and keeps the core of the Earth condensed. The Higgs Field wanting to uncurve is what causes gravity itself, and the faster a spacecraft moves the more mass it acquires, th
  12. Not the Magfield, the craft that's generating it, that's the weight that will work as the force that slows it down to a complete stop.
  13. The weight of the payload that the magfield would be hauling would generate drag. Weight is a constant, and it is a force that acts against velocity, surely it's not as great in space as on Earth, but it's still there.
  14. Coast had better be a fancy way of saying sun generating solar energy from 20 light years away, or it won't work. A star can only provide enough propulsion to get your mag field space craft may be two light years away, but after that the sun will be too distant to provide any real magnetic propulsion, and that's saying the mag field can be lengthened to a million miles in diameter.
  15. It wouldn't be as fast and no matter how big you made the Magnetic field there wouldn't be enough power from the distant sun to propel it at all, once the sun becomes a dot, it's pretty much hopeless. And there aren't enough mag fields in the interstellar medium to propel it far enough. It would become stranded in space.
  16. Other periodic elements gathered in the magnetic field with the hydrogen from the interstellar medium could be condensed and fused into plasma, such as dust grains and helium from the distant stars. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the hydrogen was already electrically charged from the collisions of cosmic rays and space dusts from the interstellar medium. And if we got unlucky and didn't gather any electrically charged hydrogen we could just collide it with the gathered space dust and cosmic rays. But if all else fails there's always helium in the medium.
  17. But the fact that it needs solar wind is a huge draw back for traveling far outside the solar system, and especially for traveling toward a star as opposed to away from it.
  18. Isn't the hydrogen condensed and fused into plasma by the Magfield? Why would you need electrical charge for that?
  19. I don't know what the first one is, but the magsail seems very primitive compared to Nuclear fusion powered spacecrafts, nuclear pulse, and especially the Bussard Ramjet.
  20. Bussard Ramjet is the fastest, therefore it has my unconditional, unchangeable vote.
  21. Bussard Ramjet Solar Sail Nuclear Pulse Nuclear Fusion Powered Spacecraft
  22. Thanks much Modest. And thanks for the equations themselves CraigD.:)
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