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  1. In the 1960 classic horror film "Psycho", a man named Norman Bates murders his mother and her lover. He was so overwhelmed by guilt when he did this, that he erased the murder from his mind, convinced himself that his mother was still alive and more maniacal than ever, he even made himself believe a false reality in which her lover died in a horrible way to please himself. "And the way he died, well I guess it's nothing to talk about while you're eating." When I first saw this, I thought that the strength to manipulate reality in your own mind by will alone was horrific, and I thought, "Man,
  2. I have spent most of my grade school life trying to figure this out, in one form or the other, over the course of five years it has given me such an extensive knowledge of physics that I doubt any kid in my grade can really compete with me in this aspect, which is why I propose this theory as the solution of the origin of the universe, know that this theory might have bugs, and I'm sure people on this site would scorn some kid coming on and saying that he solved everything, know that this is not the case, nor may what I say is solved be solved at all, if that makes any sense: The cosmos bega
  3. I am looking specifically for hardness and heat resistance, not strength.
  4. Perhaps in the future Nano Assembly will allow us to make durable enough machines and turbines for this take.
  5. Some shielding would be needed for the machines that build the turbines inside active lava flows, magnetic fields of some sort.
  6. Magma Turbines: Magma Turbines are variations of Wind Turbines, but instead of using wind, they use a far, far stronger natural force, magma currents, found deep inside Earth's crust and in chambers beneath volcanoes. Magma currents would provide many times the force of even ocean currents. Half as many Magma Turbines could provide even more energy than twice as many Ocean Turbines if you make the magnetic resistance of the turbine greater, and thus increase the amount of electricity that is produced when the turbine rotates. Magma holds great potential in energy.
  7. What could possible be the hardest strongest most durable substance?
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by "drop off", do you mean the magnetic field will have pushed to magnetic at greater speeds than it would be expanding (Which has a solutions), or do you mean the magnet could sink through the magnetic field, and thus no longer travel through it's expansion (Which doesn't)?
  9. So are you saying that magnet would sink through the magnetic field due to the force required to keep accelerating?
  10. What makes you thing there has to be an organic crew? Machines are manned, and they can function just as well when being operated via radio signals. There is no accelerator, it's just a magnetic field growing larger. What makes you think the magnet leaves the magnetic field? If the magnetic field is wrapped completely around the magnet/space craft, when the magnetic field stops expanding the magnet will be force to stop, in order to avoid damage to the craft the magnetic field would have to gradually slow down it's expansion until it stops.
  11. This is how the magnetic field would be shaped around the magnet it's repelling to avoid a tilting axis yet still take the magnet with it as it expands;
  12. In the movie Cook Hand Luke, starring Paul Newman, a War Veteran is sentenced to work in a chain gang for two years, he only lives a couple of months before a guard kills him. In that movie he goes from questioning God's existence in a lightning storm, to singing the song Plastic Jesus after his mother dies, to asking God for his purpose in life. This film's message is clear, we need faith to help us cope with the vastness of death.
  13. Magnetic field's don't have to have a certain shape, the field could curve around the sides of the space craft, as well as behind it, to keep it from tilting it's axis.
  14. A smaller or different level of severity doesn't make punishment a simple Godly justice.
  15. I was just saying that we shouldn't waste time on punishments, because no matter how you cut it, an official punishment, decided by courts, is just a high and mighty way to get back at someone. I won't presume to try and make society or humanity perfect, because no one can, that's the message of this topic.
  16. I don't think they should be punished at all, especially after seeing some of the things that go on in prisons to people that obviously can't stand their lives as it is. More should be put into preventing crime than punishing "criminals", a name I hate to use. People seldom understand each other, or people in general, especial back then. Everyone should feel the effect of a crime, they need to suck it up. Just like the level of abuse or mental instability of the poor criminals themselves, egro, the worse they are on their own, the worse their punishment will be. But tell me, why
  17. It is in fact my humble belief that No man can be held accountable for a crime no matter how ungodly because any man is just that, a man. Men can be broken, we need to face the fact that we are not in control of our fate, some that deserve life receive death, and some that deserve death receive life. Through my experience, my own world can be serene and normal one second, or it can be shaken beyond reconnection another, and I have done things in my life that make me sick because of this. Yes, people can be isolated as to minimize the potential threat they bare, or they can be killed in the s
  18. A prime example of such a porpulsion method that employs minute quantities of antimatter would be an Antimatter Catalyzed Micro Fission/Fusion.
  19. I thought it was only the charge of the particles that mattered in the reaction, not the atomic number. If a negatively charged particle meets a positively charged particle they annihilate each other into photons or other forms of energy right?
  20. Yes, but a weaker continuous nuclear explosion, since their cancellation would be less than 100% efficient if they weren't positively and negatively charged.
  21. What would happen if the particles of the nuclear salts were negatively charged equally to the positively charged water?
  22. Ever since I found this site, I have been trying to come up with the perfect space craft propulsion method, the most efficient of them all, though I didn't realize this at first. But I think that I have come up with it. A magnetic field's expansion in one direction could be used to push a magnet in a vacuum as means of space flight, as opposed to your typical rocket propulsion. A stationary structure could produce a tremendous magnetic field, that would repel a tremendous magnetic as it expands, this structure would be refueled as to maintain the energy it takes to generate a magnetic field
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