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  1. I'm against human-machine-amalgamation on the physical level, I find it unholy on a religious scale. So maybe I could give man outside help, from the very extra-terrestrial civilization that communicated with Jesus, the very benevolent civilization which created life on earth and which many have deemed their God and Savior, responsible for all miracles undetectably with their highly evolved exploitation of energies. As our creators, they, this civilization, most remind us to exist the way in which we were originally born because it is important for their benevolent plans for us, for which we
  2. We are social creatures by design, therefore our friend's enemies are also our own, it's an ugly genetic trait that keeps us united, but limited to the pre-established union no matter how inaccurate and biased it's beliefs are.
  3. An example is a story that I'm wanting to write. From my own outline.
  4. If I were to choose to make aestheticism an underlining attribute, than this would be the maximized golden ratio of aestheticism (Sting's sharp look and the Adonis-index physique of the bodybuilder named Kevin Perod). With such an appearance, all golden ratios are accomplished simultaneously. An alpha-male supermodel, if you will, to the point where every trait of the man becomes an attractive one. At least IMO, that would be my appearance in a matrix. But to me, having such a bulk as seen in the "disgusting man" yields its own advantages, for one intimidation in sorts. If I had the morb
  5. After listening to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyM7yJWjB94 lecture on physical strength, and being a big of action movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, my favorite of them being Total Recall, I have pondered having this body as my Avatar. With this Avatar, in the virtual world, since I would be so greatly strong and happy with my physique, I would take up professional boxing and/or wrestling as well.
  6. You also have the option of deciding your dress outfit, your car, your house, your tv. Everything you want to possess, and you face is not exclusive to a hair style or a body type. I was looking for more descrptive detail in people's perfect avatar, I mean think about it, you can present yourself as neatly and accurately to your persona as can be imagined, without spending the time and cha-ching, the raw cash, to get you there.
  7. Yes, very interesting. What's more is that we would be completely integrated with technology, to the point where everything that could ever be done for us, is done for us. Our minds the only thing we use, artificial sentience doing the physical work for us, and some of the thinking too. Ever since man picked up that thigh bone and used it to bludgeon his prey, we have be working toward what you describe, technology is one of our ultimate strengths.
  8. My avatar is not so far from reality because I'm dissatisfied with myself, it's because I need to make an avatar resembling what I like about myself as far improved upon as I can imagine. My avatar wasn't perfectly suited to what I see, the world I'd live in. This is my improved avatar. This system of a virtual world would offer a less expensive way to live life, instead of paying for a house, lively possessions such as cars and television, you have them installed in the virtual world, and with artificial foods that you can feel and taste reduces all of the food you'll ever consume to a si
  9. In the cult-classic sci-fi film known as Matrix, the idea of Residual Self-image is explained as what a person believes himself to be physically and socially in a virtual dream world designed by machines to keep the human mind occupied as they live their lives actually sedimentary, their heartbeats producing the fusion power necessary to keep the artificial sentience that has conquered mankind sustained indefinitely. So let's say that it is the year 2100, the dawn of the 22nd century, and people have the option of living lives in a predetermined virtual dream world, as real as our own, that
  10. Good questions, to find the answers in my lifetime I'll need the equivalent of the Gross Domestic Product of The United States of America, preferably in a plethora wareshouses filled to maximum capacity with rows of stacked one hundred dollar bills. Then with the vastness of the hundred dollar bills I don't use, I'll become the CEO of a company that manufactures real life custom lightsabers and sales them to Star Wars fans for a fortune.
  11. Believe it or not the heat and luminosity created from such an arc could be harnessed by photovoltaic panels and used to vaporize water, and this pressurized vapor could be used to push an electric turbine, resulting in an entirely new, self sustaining, longer lasting eco friendly version of the nuclear power plant that was used to charge the battery of my original lightsaber. I believe it's called arc fusion and it is believed to be theorized as the most efficient power source for any space ship we might use in the future.
  12. The blade is 300 centimeters of a one million degree FÂș magnetic arc of plasma (ergo super heated plasma flowing in the same direction as a 1.5 meter long blade shaped magnetic field up 1.5 meters and back down 1.5 meters into the battery constantly for as long as the blade is ignited). I want to know how much power (4.8 Watts every P) to put into the battery of my hilt so I can decide how long the battery will have to be charged for by a normal sized steam turbine (found in a nuclear power plant) so I will know how much money it costs to make a real lightsaber. Don't do the math for me, ju
  13. You can't be so ubtose? If it weren't for my aquiring knowledge of masturbation as a child, or if it weren't for masturbation period, then I would not even dream of forcing my body to feel pleasures by discovering unhealthy, perverted or obsene sexual acts, I have been charged for sexual harrassment for doing something I thought was justified at the time, I wouldn't dare mention the types of pornography I have fornicated to on public forums, because it's sick and humiliating. If I weren't masturbating at the time, I would never dream of fornicating to the sort.
  14. I am well aware that chronic masturbation causes exhaustion, impotence and a poor performance athletically for me in particular, but when I masturbate chronically, something else happens, I become violent, depressed AND I get a mean sweet tooth along with a bad case of the munchies the next morning, I am so hungry and tired and exhausted and mentally effected that I become violent and my grades decline whenever I go on a masturbation bendge. I know masturbation causes all of the above except a constant strong compulsive urge to eat the sweetest foods I can find until my stomach can't hold an
  15. If evolution and natural selection allow a human to thrive under high-pressures, then what would we look like physically compared to your average earth-ling. Would anyone be fat? What about the women?
  16. After the repeated failures of the first Hadron Collider and those before it to generate a single Higgs Boson, I don't think we need the failure of a larger Collider to clarify that the Higgs Field does not exist. Unless the sciencist to a specific size knowing how large it would have to be to generate a Higgs Boson, which I doubt. I think that the sub-atomic equivalent of gravity, that fourth (or maybe fifth?) sub-atomic force of nature, I.E. Strong Force, Weak Force and Electromagnetism (I might be missing one), which is needed to validate the Standard Model might be beyond current man's
  17. So are nanotubes superior to tehtrahedral lattices in all measurements of strength and hardness?:hihi:
  18. First thing I'd love to know is what the name of a material composed of carbon nanotubes is called. All I hear is that carbon nanotubes are stronger than titanium and harder than diamond, but that's a comparison between the structure of a material and the material itself. I don't understand it at ALL!
  19. I don't understand, advanced calculus is easier than this.
  20. Thank you. But about diamond, the hardest substance on earth is inferior to high-strength steel alloys due to the fact diamond has shatterpoints all over it's structure. Diamond has weakspots that allow it to fracture easily despite it's strength. What I'm asking is if its posible to remove every single fracturepoint through some sort of molecular rearrangement? If so would this 'fractureless' diamond be superior to even high-strength alloys?
  21. I used to 'troll' very often, but I have always been a believer in Science, I never believed in any sort of 'super-being' or any 'super-natural' force of any kind. When I was very young I believed more in the Christian Religion, but my belief in science and how the world works has always been superior. But I am a troll by all means, even if I'm less of one now. I feed off of emotion. So if I had to guess, I would say religion and trolling are not related.
  22. On that note, there was a Possession (Demon) case of Anneliese Michel, or Emily Rose. Lets forget the religious implications and suggest that she was just mentally ill, if you are familiar with her case, do you believe that the Priests had a negative effect on her mind? You state in this quote that in most cases psychotics are "typically terrified by imagined fears, and unable to control obsessive thought about upsetting experiences", and since Emily truly believed that she was possessed, wouldn't others who believed the same thing worsen her condition?
  23. I understand what you're saying though, you don't have to murder someone to be crazy enough to make yourself happy no matter what, but what I'm saying is that for those select people, it might be too late, and they would need more than positive thinking. I would take being happy without committing a moral sin over being happy afterward, but I don't have a choice anymore.
  24. No, I don't think some of the things I've done due to chronic something-I-don't-want-to-say is normal for a "boy" my age. If people truly frown upon something you've done, than you can't talk to those particular people about it, and you're alone in trying to deal with it, in my case, if I ever could get to a therapist, my parents would have to know what I had done, and I just can't live with it. Some "normal teenage behavior" is not the issue for me. And that's all I'm going to say about it. Side-note, despite what I have just said, you didn't offend me, and I'm not frustrated with you.
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