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  1. A gravity chamber is possible, just increase the number of molecules per cubic centimeter. Do this by sucking in air from outside the gravity chamber, and trapping it inside, you suck the air in using a propeller just like the ones seen in jet engines, and then you trap it by closing the hole above the jet that sucks in the air, so the air can‘t get out. And then you open up a hole underneath the jet, and the air will be pushed into the chamber, and then you shut the hole underneath the jet, and open up the one above the jet, and repeat the process. In the gravity chamber, you can experien
  2. I love blue cheese. "We can already do this. They're called thumbs." I can't believe you just said that, manipulate with out touching, lift water into then air. "You are still lacking bovine meat with your claim." I'll get some from the store (google) "Oh, so you mean the energy from when water droplets form on the border of Rhode Island." No the energy from the singularity, a knot in space time, all of the space time in our universe curved into 3 inches.
  3. "What is an artificial bacteria?" Man made bacteria. "Just what are you referencing? What's is the relevance of these "micro objects?" The manipulating will merge as a human gene, the human will be able to manipulate objects like apples, bananas and water. "You speak as if this is happening already and I'm a dunce for not seeing it, yet you have provided no evidence that this is anything more than fantasy. Where's the beef?" It is possible to do. "Uhhmmm... okay. The BB (a theory not proven either) represents the rapid expasion of the universe itself... of EVERYTHING. S
  4. Slower than light, much slower, but what about the big bang fireball
  5. This will be my first time to argue with some one, I think that this will be a long argument, it takes the brain 300 milliseconds to understand a picture, a fraction of a second, there called signals, or synapses, if you decide to move your arm, it takes less time for the signals to flex the muscles than it would for light to travel less distance than the signals did. Although its impossible to tell when some one sends their signals to move the muscles, there is still a possibility that they move much faster than light. Dune is an exaduration of the real thing, the real thing is creating art
  6. The scariest thing isn't a monster, or a drunk father, but dreading what you will think of next, knowing that it will get worse, like supressed memories. The human mind is as brilliant, puwerful and fundamental, as it is disturbed. Physical pain can be cut off, disconnected, but mental pain, fear, cannot.
  7. Many things can and have moved faster than light, like the speed of thought, and the expanding center of the big bang fire ball, and a space time annihilating pulse propelled space craft inside of a ripple in space time. But a better question is, will we ever be able to produce the energy to move faster than light? Not in our free country, if you have seen Dune, you would know that artificial/natural substances/primitive life forms could create men with the ability to manipulate the fabric of our universe, although it would take time, production, and propaganda that our free country jus
  8. I figured that because I didn't know that the laws of physics were based on empirical evidence. But even so, if my mediclorian/embryo evolved into a space time manipulating power, than he would still be able to release stored energy, by creating a knot in space time, and a ripple in space time, and making them annihilate each other. The artificial manipulating gene could solve all a lot of problems, even if not all. 300 years is easy to pass with hyper sleep, and with enough propaganda, I bet we could get impatient people to agree to the luxury.
  9. Were there laws of physics before our universe was around? If there were, than explain the big bang theory, or disprove it. A bubble of no reality inside of an ocean of space time is a ripple in space time, less space time curved into more.
  10. Wait, I said that this perpetual motion device was inside of a ripple in space time, the only place were the laws of physics do not apply, this perpetual motion device would swing and come to a stand still only inside of space time, not out side of it.
  11. Gravity makes objects fall, it pushes them. If two waves of gravity are pushing a wheel in two different directions, the wheel will spin, and like a person falling, the longer it falls, in one direction, the faster it falls in, that direction. So lets say one side of the wheel was falling up, and the other side was falling down, than it wouldn't break in half, it would spin because the sides are attached. At the center of this wheel is a hole, in this hole is a rod, or a long pole, the wheel scrapes against the rod as it spins, the rod doesn't spin because it is attached to the space
  12. What you are about to see will make anti matter matter propulsion primitive, I have studied physics through and through, making sure that there were no flaws. ImageShack - Hosting :: overunityspacecraftxe8.png ImageShack - Hosting :: overunityspacecraftxe8.png An equal amount of gravity causes a wheel to spin at an ever acceleratingly rate just like a person falling, this spinning wheel causes friction which produces energy that supplies power to the rocket boosters. Two waves of gravity spin around each other, constantly excel rating, battling each other, and the wheel is caught
  13. So your saying that if some thing collides fast enough, it will convert surrounding mass into energy?
  14. IN, how do you know exactly what I'm thinking? Cheers, I don't drink cofee
  15. Here are two ideas, one is something that produces the energy to do the other.
  16. Our universe is made of space time, and thanks to space time, their are laws that we can't break. But before their was our universe, their was no space time, and thus, no laws, consider space time water, and consider non space time, or and no space time as oxygen, and we used anti dense energy to open up a ripple, or bubble in space time, a bubble of oxygen inside water. So what would happen if you collided more space time curved into less, and less space time curved into more, in other words, what if condensed space time collided with negatively dense space time, a bubble of condensed wat
  17. E=MC2, you cannot gain more energy from less, right? No I don't think that I am beyond you in this subject, more like I was wrong and you were right. E=MC2 comes in many forms.
  18. I'm struggling on what a faster collision, about 4 times as fast as a regular collision would do, because they magnetically collide in two ways, not just anti matter and matter colliding, but a magnetic field made of anti matter and a mag field attractor made of matter colliding. Which is significantly more powerful.
  19. How big would the explosion from this collision be, describe what color it would be, how bright it would be, and how fast the center of its fire ball expand. The magfield attractor is 12 inches and weighs 20 grams, and the anti matter magfield is just as big around. The magfield attractor magnetically attaches to near by magnetic fields What happens when it attaches to its opposite?
  20. Yeah, I thought that their might be a way to break E=MC2, and I swear that I will find a way!:) JK, so if it breaks E=MC2, then how would the theorized big bang occur, how would all of the mass of the universe be condensed into such a small ball with out creating a HUGE black hole? What you are saying disproves the big bang theory, and our exp;anding universe disproves String Theory, so MY theory (And I have heard this theory before some were) that both the string theory and the big bang theory exist, I believe that their are an infinite number of universes, and that two of these universe
  21. I called it a shuttle because it doesn't have nice accommodating rooms, and artificial gravity, en fact its not supposed to hold any life at all, just machines. Would it take more energy to curve and unkink a microscopic worm hole than it would release? The shuttle has a machine that holds hot atoms that are extremely firmly held together, that absorb energy, and then a machine splits the atoms and uses the energy from that to curve more space time into less, even though curved space time doesn't speed up two particals, would the annihilation even with out as much kinetic energy (or force)
  22. A Membrane Synapses Robotic Organism, or what I like to call Crosorg, ("CROS"sed cyb"ORG") is a person's synapse's and membrane's captured inside of a microchip that controls the movement of a machine. A Crosorg is created when a machine scans all of the atoms of the synapses and membranes inside of a human brain, and then takes the atoms apart, and puts them inside of a super computer micro chip exactly how they were using the data that the machine scanned. And then this microchip is put inside of a cyborg to perfect the human. On top of this Crosorg you can put on human tissue and blood
  23. By c you mean that if it goes to fast it will go slower, right? Space Time pressure will send signals to the shuttle causing the explosions to stop at that point. And the shuttle will keep going at the very edge of the cosmic speed limit. The shuttle doesn't stop, but it holds multiple probes that can land on an object and absorb particles or take samples from it. And then the shuttle will turn around using orbit of a heavy object and then the probe will magnetically attach to it, and go flying back to earth for research. Imagine what we could find out there? My next space ship design
  24. The Unlimited Voyager is a shuttle that is propelled by growing explosions, it has unlimited fuel, and unlimited speed. The first explosion is created by curving a micro inch of space time into a hundredth of a micro inch of space time using countless amounts of energy created from curve less space time (You will see what I mean later), and then shooting particles of matter and antimatter at the opposite sides of the curved space time, this causes them to collide and annihilate at astronomical speeds, which causes the curved space time to bounce back and uncurve, which releases tons of energ
  25. Actually the negative numbers might be real inside something that condenses an object so massively, the black hole shrinks it so much that it itself crushes inside of itself inside the black hole to form a smaller black hole, which might be able to merge as the singularity where as a regular solid object couldn't get there. This is what I believe. If you want to look at it essentially, the gas does reach the center, even though it never reaches the center of its own black hole, it does reach the center of its own black hole because its own black hole is binded with the bigger black hole,
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