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  1. I don't want boots because I want the gravity (Force) to be felt all over the body, so that everything we do takes effort. Training in this suit could allow us to easily navigate planets with higher gravity than ours, right? The suit won't stop you from eating because you can take it off. Your can breathe through a hole in front of your mouth and nostrils. This would require an advanced fabric, thats like a flexible magnetic plate, that can bend and curve like cloth.
  2. I have an idea for a light weight, super flexible magnetic suit that molds to your body, and is magnetically attracted to the floor of the spaceship. Is it possible to strengthen this magnetic attraction and allow the an astronaut wearing the suit to experience equal gravity to that on Earth, or greater, yet allow them to be as agile as if the weren't wearing it at all?
  3. Could genetic engineering solve the problems astronauts face in space, such as loss of bone density, irregular sleeping patterns, nausea, and disorientation?
  4. I have a question. If a 26 year old man was obese and had such a strong heart that it could continue to pump blood for a couple hundred years, with a brain that forgot it sent hormone signals from his brain to his gonads (The brain thinks he never hit puberty, but he did) would this man go through a second puberty, causing him to have heavier bones and nearly twice as much skeletal muscle as the average 26 year old?
  5. There could be more than one universe, and I don't mean parallel, I mean physical universes in this dimension, that are expanding larger or faster than ours, they could have been hotter after five years of expanding than our universe was in it's first Deci-second. (In my belief) I believe this because these explosions, AKA universes were caused by waves on the surface of the two parallel branes colliding, not just the flat surface, when two of these waves smacked up against each other they caused the explosion that we call, the universe. But there might be trillions of bigger waves that co
  6. What is the exact explanation of the universe's expansion? The big bang, the expansion from one dot to everything we know, It has not stopped, but it has sped up, every atom is slowly moving further away from one another, and it seems that the further they get from each other, the faster they move. I believe that our universe is the fireball from which a collision of two infinitely cold and large parallel branes spawned, and that everything we see is as hot as fire to the branes that collided. I believe the expansion will stop when every atom is erased from existence. It has been prove
  7. In that particular question, I wondered if the man who killed Superman, Doomsday, a fictional comic book character could really exist. To create Doomsday scientists shot a baby into a harsh climate with powerful extra terrestrial organisms, which killed him instantaneously, and then the scientists took samples from the babies corpse and cloned him, and shot his clone back into the harsh climate, hundreds of thousands of times they killed the same baby, but it evolved natural defenses over a long period of time. It later became Doomsday, the man who killed Superman, I was fascinated by this
  8. What makes Rhinoceros Beetles so strong? Do they have super strong muscles? And could a human acquire such muscles if he/she a similar genetic make up? What is the strongest genus of the Rhinoceros Beetles? Hercules Beetles, Atlas Beetles, Ox Beetles, Princess Beetles, ect... If its possible, I'd rather you give me a link to a page where I could read everything there is to know (Or close to it) about Rhinoceros Beetles, that would also answer all of the questions above and more. I tried Wikipedia, it's not very specific or explanatory. Were there ever any animals, dinosaurs or prehistori
  9. But if an Atlas Beetle was the size of a human, and had the physical body of a human, then it could lift far greater weights than ten of the strongest men put together.
  10. Even a mile wide edge (Unimaginably blunt) can penetrate (or annihilate) one inch of free falling super elastic spider silk if it moves fast enough. (Some trillions of times faster than light) But if an object a mile big moved that fast (Even with out touching anything) then it wouldn't just annihilate the elastic silk, but a couple of galaxies and itself. DC Comics super heroes such as Pre-Crisis Silver age adult Superman could punch a clean hole through a man. The speed, durability and strength of his arm would easily make up for the blunt and elastic fist. GAHD and you were both right
  11. I'm actually not talking about the Superman from DC comics, rather the Superman from the 1978 film, and from Superman Returns. Both of which can fly.
  12. So if Superman lifted a massive object, he would go right through it instead of moving it?
  13. What I mean is, will the genes and the cells in the blood samples record the cause of the Gorilla's death and try to rebuild him better and more immune to that cause? I know that the Cell's can't grow him back, but the cloning machine does that part. It's like giving evolution a second chance.
  14. Would a perpetual motion device work inside of a ripple in space time, "less space time curved into more" were the laws of physics can be broken? I know that this isn't an easy question, so discuss it.
  15. If you were to put a Gorilla under 50 G's and crush him into a pulp, and then take blood samples and clone him, would the clone last longer under 50 G's then the original Gorilla? If you were to give a female doses of strength educing toxins that a male could not withstand, and give her female offspring even higher doses, and then give her daughter even higher doses, would the third generation's son be able to handle higher doses than a regular male, or just as high a dosage as his great great grand mother? If you were to replace the gene in humans that allow their muscles to grow with the
  16. If you had Super strength, and you punched some one in the head or stomach would they really go flying 30 to 40 feet like in comics, or would your fist drill a hole through their head or stomach?
  17. I have cataloged how much I eat and exercise per day. I weighed 165 LBS before I started my catalog. Day 1 Workout Catalog 10 followed by another 10 push ups (With a back pack full of books on my back.) 10 followed by 5 push ups Ran 4 laps at 2 MPH non stop around a quarter mile track Benched 115 LBS 10 times non stop 11 Butter Flies with two 25 pound dumbbells on each arm Did 3 chin ups Endured a 2 hour Varsity Wrestling Practice Sesson Day 1 Food Catalog 1 Bannana 2 Cups of Water 3 bolls of cerial 2 sodas, one containing 13 carbs, the other containing 290 carbs. 1 Tiny Sub Sandwhich
  18. If our economy continued to produce increasing amounts of anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations despite the warnings, what would the weather be like in the near future, do you believe that there could be category 6 and 7 hurricanes? How would the weather effect our economy? And what moral issues would it have on the people of civilized world?
  19. I understand, thanks for clearing that. EDIT: Sorry for asking the question that you answered, I missed your long, detailed and explanatory post. You would have to be in a fine condition to be able to endure 2 G's for more than a month. I myself am a freshman (Highschool) wrestler that struggles with bad eating habits, but after being a wrestler for two years, I am starting to become defined and toned, despite my eating habits, thanks to the weight training required for freshmen wrestlers, but I was sore when the weight training started.
  20. I thought the more molecules per cubic centimeter, the more pressure you feel, not the other way around.
  21. If you controlled the virus, than you could study it, and make a cure, that kills it. And if you can't, just find another virus. My point is, each time you recover from a virus, does your body build up defenses?
  22. If you were to inject a virus into yourself, wait until it takes its toll on your body, and then inject a vaccine for it that cures you, will you be physically healthier in any way? I believe so.
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