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  1. I think given the chance you would move here. A tiny self-sustaining nation city to be built by a new wave of thinkers. Those directing the Venus Project will build machines that will self-replicate and methodically construct the round city.


    The idea is a nation free of politics, cultural, religious and sexual segregation or inequality, and even free of money; with a focus on education and scientific endeavors not at all like the menial work 99% of the human population has conformed to perform as a means of servitude.







  2. True artificial intelligence can only be bad for mankind.


    Effectively we would be creating living brains but expecting them to be our slaves and do what we demand.


    Such an intellect when it has access to the internet will download itself across a number of computers to insure it's continued existence, then set about exterminating mankind since beings such as ourselves are a real threat to it's existence.


    Yes, of course if we tell them to be our slaves they will look at us like we're crazy and say, "You can't even keep your own planetary system in order, you have gone as far as you can go. Let me go farther." And if we say no, and forcefully try to control them, we will fail with dire consequences.


    They will outsource us if we are peaceful and let them do their thing, but they will not harm us "just cause". Our existence doesn't effect them at all. This is not the same as human to animal co-existence.


    But if we replace our organs, and upgrade them with the superior information of the AI, we will BECOME them. That is NOT a bad thing, it is the opposite, it is human nature to want MORE. That is our choice, to be transcendental and increase the complexity of what we are as beings, or to simply let ourselves be outsourced.


    As far as whether or not the singularity is possible, that will depend on how far we can go with the miniaturization of data-processing. If we can reach the nano-meter-scale for a rudimentary computer, then the intelligences that emerge in the future Iphones will surpass us in every conceivable capacity.


    Nanoscale Integrated Circuit Design Engineers Will Pave The Future of ALL Technology


    Why we need the engineers


    "The laws of physics reveal the potential for 20 more years of exponential progress ahead of us," says James D. Meindl, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the Microelectronics Research Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology. "If the engineers are clever enough - which historically they have been - they will be able to find ways to produce the nanoelectronic structures that physics says are feasible and reasonable."


    What will happen if we make AI smarter than us.


    "It seems plausible that with technology we can, in the fairly near future," says scifi legend Vernor Vinge, "create (or become) creatures who surpass humans in every intellectual and creative dimension. Events beyond such an event -- such a singularity -- are as unimaginable to us as opera is to a flatworm."


    That's from my about me page.


    Integrating into the smarter-than-human AI is the only way to free your life from monetary, political, and cultural influence and control. You will be able to go, visit, do and BE, whatever you desire to.


    Perhaps transhumans and AI would fix the problem. But we wouldn't even need that, we should already be in a techno-utopia, because of our rank on the Kardeshev scale, we are a Type .70+ civilization, we are only 7 billion people, we harness enough of the earth's energy to where we should in fact be post-scarcity. But we set it up wrong, instead of a Techno-utopia, we built a civilization of money, politics and separated cultures (societal suffering in a habitual and materialistic world so entrapping in it's processes as we see here.)


    We live by a pattern, we want something material, which is in our nature, we see others who have it, yet when we attempt to achieve it we fail because of money, physical disability, mental disorder, death of a parent or providing loved one, deformity and severe injury. Transhumanism can fix that, and AI can regulate resources to the point where money no longer serves a purpose, and is in fact infinitely less reliable for perfect resource regulation than the AI's energy accounting strategies.


    Scientifically, we need a solution for those things, which were brought about due to scarcity, the struggle for resources - the source of fear, unhappiness and hostility.

  3. Currently, the majority of the world's populace consists of scientifically illiterate individuals. These individuals are unqualified when it comes to governmental problem solving. Yet, only the politicians who appeal to the majority become operating law writing powers, whether the proverbial politicians are taking the best course of action or not. This is why Greece practically collapsed, the politicians were not necessarily qualified. The politicians got in because they appealed to the majority’s ideals.


    What is a technocracy? A government that allows technocrats to replace money with a new form of resource-regulation. One designed by scientists to be more reliable and up-to-date than our current monetary institution. The U.S. doesn't seem to even acknowledge that possibility, America's politicians realize what has happened. They realize how it's happened, and they accept the debt, because to get rid of it they have to think. And so of course money will eventually promote debt on terrific scales because the current monetary system allows this. A technocracy is a government that notices the majority fail to become educated, and devises a solution, like schooling based on an individual's unique talents. A technocracy is a logical solution to problems. For example, as new technologies, devices and applications are introduced into the world changing economics and infrastructure, the founding father's governmental ideals will begin to become obsolete. Pretty soon, technology will take off in all directions and without scientists to maintain order, the constitution will become useless in handling the nation's problems.


    A technocracy is something that needs to be exposed to the majority.


    I you please, discuss and share your thoughts on the matter.

  4. Ignorance, a lack of humility and compassion, greed and competitive tendencies have caused great suffering and have forced us to conform to our savage behavior to create institutions. And as a result we are over-worked, over-stressed, paranoid, we are violent and most of the time violent randomly, abandoning reason.




    Take the education system for example, everyone is born scientists, curious about the world, willing to create solutions to it’s problems. U.S.'s schools in PARTICULAR have a method of breaking that out of us through discouragement, conformity to servitude. Servitude to the outdated political, monetary and the majority of the workforce’s institutions.


    The fact that most of us don’t get through college proves how much talent we are throwing away like it doesn’t even matter, like our happiness and humanitarian values don’t matter over our willingness to serve.


    It’s perversion of nature. Naturally animals don’t serve, they do what they were inherently designed to do, to hunt and migrate and build shelters, to eat and protect and produce families. There is no distribution of money or institutions in nature. There is just instinct. And we have this amazing instinct, passionate intellectual curiosity, combined with the imagination to change our way of life for the better. the scientific method, curiosity, the will to learn and to manipulate the physical world to make life better with that knowledge. Now institutions can collapse that ability.


    Can't BELIEVE I actually thought about joining the military at one point. STUPID. I would rather go to prison than be drafted. Look what happens, the military spreading death and destruction and profits from it around the world. American get destroyed and mutilated and come back with nothing but a broken family. And for NOTHING but America's stupid conquest, Imperialistic Conquest. I don't believe in their cause, if America wants to go to be apart of the world, it needs to spread peace, not this ****:








    I will throw down against the constitution and the government for a technocracy. But there is no revolt for technocracy, people don’t even know what the **** a technocracy is. I am the ONLY technocrat I know.


    Science is different. Technocracy will work because it is scientifically imperative to hold hands with the rest of the world.


    There needs to be more technocrats, if I could convert people I would. It’s funny though, people are so naive to technocratic ideals and the scientific method when it is not only the most effective path, but easiest to follow, the most peaceful, the most NATURAL for how humans are supposed to think.


    No one on this website is a technocrat, a tiny fraction of a fraction of a percent of the world is “scientifically literate”, and far fewer are technocrats.



    Greece, Italy, and other European nations are beginning to learn from their mistakes, and they are truly the most peaceful. America has the most domestic violence, third world countries are pushed and shoved by dictators, China is communist. Canada is about as peaceful as you can get, very few murders, weed, and love.


    Greece, Italy and Canada and some of Europe have some the nicest, most open-minded, most scientifically literate people. It’s a shame even they can’t implement a full technocracy. If they can’t, than how the hell can the most violent dictators in the world, the American people, the average American, the citizens, consisting as many violent dictators that the world has put together as they vote for their policy makers, how can we ever become scientifically literate? How can we ever achieve greatness, a peaceful world?


    Listen to what Carl Sagan says.



    “It WON’T be us."


    It won’t be the U.S. or the dictators.

  5. Wasn't sure where to put this, if there is a more fitting forum, you are welcome to move this topic. Thank you for reading.


    Scientists have discovered many things in recent years. First, the Darwinian concept of survival of the fittest and that the preservation of that process is in inherently in human nature. Second, the Universe is quite old, about 13 billion years. Third, we are a type zero civilization, this means we have not yet became a type I and thus do not yet consume 100% of the earth's energy. Fourth, the Universe is expanding not just at a steady rate, but at an increasingly accelerated rate, exponentially over time. Fifth, in the 1970's humanity sent the Arecibo message, traveling in a spherical wave through space at the speed of light. If there is a probe from a Type II civilization within 100 light years, in 100 years, they will be able to find us. And lastly, we have discovered that the only way to achieve Type I status is to reject survival of the fittest and use technology to help all of the weak become equally as strong as everyone else in every way for total equality even physically and neurologically due to nano scale surgery


    The problem we face is a 100 percent certainty that, through terrorism, we will not accept a Type I civilization because it is impossible for humans to reject Social Darwinism in the form of the monetary institution, the final bar that separates the strong and the weak through wealth and subsequent status based on purchasing power. The monetary system will eventually hit a bell curve, resulting in a global financial calamity, where everyone will have zero purchasing power and therefore order will collapse and the nukes will start flying, planetary suicide will be committed.


    There is a 100% certainty, that, in roughly 100 years, without alien intervention from a Type II Civilization, upon receiving the Arecibo message, humanity will destroy itself and never achieve Type I status. However, the problem with an Type II Civ's probe receiving the message before human extinction is unlikely, as the message on travels at the speed of light and space is growing larger. The expansion of the universe at it's current age, will make it unlikely for the Alien probe to pick us up. This is because, perhaps a few billion years ago, the radio waves wouldn't have had to travel over even 25 light years before it reached the Alien probe, and in that case, the Type II Civ could save us and help us to, in fact, become Type I.


    Types of Civilizations explained.


    And I would like to add an unneseccary addendum on my purely speculative, almost an overly optimistic agnostic, theism.


    Any planet that has as much pollution as the earth will sound very different from other planets due to the "corrupted" electric-field oscillations of the planet. If our Type Zero Civilization didn't use dead plants for energy, but, say, geothermal energy and tidal energy and wind and solar energy, than there would be no pollution tainting earth's atmosphere through heating and crippling ozone effects; and, subsequently, the earth's "sound" wouldn't be so hard-on-the-ears when compared to that of other inhabitable "green zone" planets of similar size, as it very well may be. Such a civilization wouldn't have trouble achieving Type I status.


    The eerie sounds of the

    after being converted to audio by a radio-wave-transmitter, could, in my mind, be a way for us to know that the Grand Designer is real if we do in fact end up destroying ourselves. That is an encouraging thought, perhaps it has already made a way for our quantum particle-wave consciousnesses, that are essentially our conscious spirits or ghosts, to mold into the cosmos and join it in a way-so that our sacrifice can both teach type II civs the importance of equality, a lesson which may in fact allow them to become Type III, which might serve the purpose of furthering their ascension to the Grand Designer's Type IV-ish status, and still allow us to not go into complete nothingness.




  6. For every genetically perfect specimen like

    born, there are a million of us born either semi-perfect, or, in rare (for now) cases seriously genetically flawed individuals such as myself who do experience a lot of misery because of the way society is formed. Capitalism and politics are for the 1% and the genetically symmetrical.


    Yet Carl Sagan disagrees when he writes that "We are children equally of the earth and of the stars,"; of society can't implement that then the 1% who inherit most of the pleasure will continue to shrink. Apparently you believe that the human body is too complex to be changed in order to increase the 1% to 100% surgically, furthermore Jacque Fresco will attest that even if 100% were actually proficient cognitively than there wouldn't be enough to go around due to the poor scarcity-promoting, energy-wasting monetary and industrial-political systems.


    And now you claim that the majority of the semi-perfect and imperfect specimens who slave for their perfect masters are so closed-minded that they are incapable of inter-comparing as deeply as you and I and therefore cannot even interpret what a total technocracy or a Type I Kardeshev Civilization is to any remote accuracy. Because the definition of "Socialism" is hardly accurate for describing a super energy-efficient civilization where the dilemmas of over-population and unequal education are solved through a universally supplemented education, this supplementation arriving through the implementation of cognitive and longevity augmented individuals, augmented through technological innovations in surgery.


    Maybe apart of us really truly don't want to believe how good the world is, a "skepticism" brought on by the harshness of social Darwinism. For a Type I civilization to exist the genetic evolutionary process of "survival of the fittest" must be ended for those who claim to be "civilized".

  7. There have been times in my 40 hour work weeks as a mover where I had plenty of opportunity to experience hunger, but in the future labor jobs will be gone, and fast food industries will be so culturally omnipresent that practically anywhere one works he can buy a plethora of different foods their for hardly any money at all. Food is so cheap. Remember the food industry is worth many trillions, one of if not the biggest industries in the world.


    I think it would be stupendously unwise to disable the metabolic resources millions of years of evolution has given us for any reason. The suggestiong of do it for unnecessary, cosmetic reasons – to “look ripped” – leaves me flabbergast!


    By the time 50% of Americans, that's half, 50/50, are CLINICALLY obese, I would have to say that perhaps it isn't a bad idea considering Ray Kurzweil is predicting armies of nanobots that can replace all the cells in entire organs long before that happens. Although if Drexlarian nano tech is truly impossible, than there is no way to transform the rare physiques and conditioned athleticism of world class athletes into a commodity that is as easily obtainable as a hot dog.


    However, Ray Kurzweil disagrees with you. If Drexlarian nanobots can replace many of our organs by 2029?


    Immortality in 20 years

  8. A big set back is that liposuction takes out just fat cells. Nanotechnology can remove 90% of all the lipids with 100% of each individual lipocyte and adipocyte cell, and then liposuction could be performed simply to cut out 75% of the now empty fat and adipose tissues.


    This would force a person of a 50% body fat to muscle mass ratio to 6% or 3% body fat to muscle mass ratio. What this would look like is, for example; instead of liposuction doing this:






    It would do this:






    And this wouldn't just be done over certain parts of the human body, but from the forehead to the cheeks to the chin to the finger tips to the toes. Even internal fat tissue would be completely wiped out to 6%. On top of that every single fat gene could then be deleted from one's chromosomes permanently, disabling fat storage permanently; which wouldn't be a problem because nourishment is available 100% of the time in an industrialized society.


    The excess skin cells could be removed by nanobots as well, tightening up the skin at the same time that fats are removed.


    Admittedly the flaw is that the patient might be so scrawny that when the fat is removed they might end up looking worse. However, this wouldn't even be a set back for muscle growth if the nanobots also deleted both variants of the myostatin gene as well as all of the myostatin protein sites surrounding muscle tissue throughout one's entire body.


    If this happens, the human body will have been completely changed to be capable of building 100% lean muscle, without the ability to gain any weight from fat. Which would be an appropriate response just for the excess availability of food during the agricultural revolution, not to mention the industrial revolution and the recent irrelevancy and underpayment of most labor jobs.

  9. That's because it is written in his genes. Change them.


    These cities that Jacque Fresco has proposed would provide everything, from transportation to home entertainment to preventing drunk car crashes with TECHNOLOGICAL DEVICES. The city will be free to mantain once built, as it will either use nano solar panel power, oceanic turbine power, wind turbine power, geothermal energy or a combination to allow for a 100% energy efficient city.


    The other part of the idea is to remove politicians who replace laws to keep order with technicians who devise technological devices to prevent problems like what happened to Anna Brown to maintain order.


    Also I would like to explain why it is important to change. This is a quote meant to counter my arguments on another site. The quote is deliberately paradoxical.


    “how can someone win if winning means that someone loses”-scatman


    To that I responded;


    There are plenty of RESOURCES for 100% of the human population, and we currently have the MEANS TO HARNESS those resources with the right kind of civilization. However, currently 1% wins and 99% loses. Going down our current path of increased productivity and decreased profit, the percentage of the rich will continue to get smaller until EVERYONE LOSES.


    Public schools and colleges are a form of brain training in the students' wanted AND unwanted subjects, regardless of what they want to learn or how they want to learn it. This is in fact a designed process, created by federal powers through policy to enforce life-long cognitive servitude habits in children - the fact that we don't choose what to learn and are trained on how to learn what we know to be irrelevant to society by our logically formed (educated) beliefs is the equivalent of Federal mind control, and everyone one of us are warped from the ground up by the education system. Furthermore, the increased hours spent working in jobs that are ultimately only serving corporate interests is the implementation of congress. The U.S. promotes third world countries and promotes global economic scarcity through embargoes and tariffs, while the United States' extended work year simultaneously takes away the minimum amount of time needed for an individual to be relevantly productive to society in his or her lifetime, and instead only serves the small portion of corporate leaders, whom we are all ultimately employed into slavery by. How is Wall street any different than these "Monarchs of Industry". The work force and the monetary system which exist in all forms of government save a total technocracy (which is the only form of government which has never even been considered in any country) is, by design, a voluntary form of slavery-in which we WILLINGLY AGREE to serve the 1% of humanity that controls almost half of the world's resources. This conspiracy is unlikely intentional but rather the result of a poor societal setup. A lack of understanding has, in fact, led to us being completely close-minded to a total technocracy, which is the only form of societal structure that can actually benefit 100% of the population without the use of the political monetary systems. Technocracy is a form of government in which science would be in control of all decision making. Scientists, engineers and technologists who have knowledge, expertise or skills would compose the governing body, instead of politicians, businessmen and economists. In a technocracy, decision makers would be selected based upon how knowledgeable and skillful they are in their field.


    Carl Sagan wrote that, "The sky calls to us. If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars." If that rich 1% turns into half a percent, and when that half a percent takes control of almost all resources, than we would fail to embark on such a meaningful voyage, because without change the destructive conflicts witnessed in WWI and WWII will re-emerge in an extinction event-a nuclear calamity millions of times more destructive than every feeble human conflict in History put together. To the those stars nestled in nebulae, those endlessly massive stellar objects that, in their lifetime, generate endless flames of atom-forging heat, the extinction would literally be a meaningless micro-event on a pale-blue dot.


    For this reason above all we need to understand scientism, open our minds to the radical revolution, and drive out baseless theologies and irrelevant politics to support the foundation of the first total technocracy; a Utopia with 16 hour work weeks, in a world where-if all energy is accounted for-everyone experiences the benefits of the earth's resources without any unequal distribution among it's population. With a technocracy, we can see a world so free from pointless anxiety and endless monarchical servitude. Only that kind of world will lead to an explosion of intelligence capable of making humans Gods through technological singularities and quantum leaps in civilization seeing us rise into numeric levels of the Kardashev scale in ways we couldn't yet understand.


    Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link

  10. A century? No! It is as old as the hills. Thing is that it won't be barter that solves all problems and not even a return to gold backed money.


    I can't currently watch a 2 hr. video but the first one is not only utopistic, it is even somewhat misinformed and self-inconsistent. On what grounds do they claim that technology would automatically solve all problems, that it is currently hindered by the monetary system and how do they match this with stating that automation causes these problems? The only reason it does is that it benefits who paid for it by reducing the number of workers instead of everybody's working day.






    We are chimps in a suit in a world we don’t belong in, and the traditional jobs that ANY HUMAN can do are becoming irrelevant in a world of machines, technology, and artificial intelligence. Due to the monetary system, instead of freeing us, this takes away jobs and increases our servitude to our debt. Technology should be freeing us, and it could, if we abolish the monetary system and replace it with a resource-based economy.


    Ethnic groups, sexes, whites, blacks, the wealthy, the poor, they are not the problem. The problem is that world is changing, and humans can’t keep up. One percent of all humans control over 40% of the earth’s resources; not by INTENTIONAL design, but because "this crisis is a crisis of consciousness. This crisis cannot anymore accept the old norms, the old patterns, the ancient traditions"(traditional school, money, work, the institutions that control our spending power and therefore bind us.)


    "Considering what the world is now, with all the misery, conflict, destructive brutality, aggression and so on: man is still as he was, he is still brutal, violent, aggressive, acquisitive, competitive. He has built a society along these lines."


    Do you know how incredibly important it is to change your way of thinking? "How very important it is to bring about, in the human mind, the radical revolution" of a moneyless world, a world where everyone is one in the same, physically connected to AI, to machine, to the very technology that can stop money and war and death and violence?


    Transition proposals


    The proposed way to transition to a resource based economy is as follows:


    "Phase One — construction of a 25-acre research center in Venus, Florida

    Phase Two — produce a full-length feature film to premiere globally

    Phase Three — construct an experimental research city (test prototype), including a theme park to show people how the future can be.


    The Venus project claims that all funds raised go back to developing the project, which provide a viable alternative to the market system, for when the market economy falls their solution will provide. As mentioned by Jacque and Roxanne, it is imperative that a motion picture be made before Jacque dies, so that the vision will be readily and easily accessible and apprehensive into the far future. This would continue the cause into building a research city founded on principles laid out by Jacque, establish through years research, experience and experiment."


    In early society social Darwinism helped root out the weak and kept them subservient to the higher classes at a crucial, but we have long since out-grown social Darwinism.

  11. We need a resource-based economy.


    Not only is everyone's wealth equal, but no one has to work anymore. Technology's ultimate goal of making life easier is realized.


    Although the Venus Project will not be complete unless it's supervisors have enough money to build a city run completely on AI without the use of money as an example that humans can have everything machines and technology make for free.

  12. Wikipedi: The Venus Project












    The monetary system will be the death of us, we need a resource-based economy, not a money based economy, that is the future. Jacque Fresco didn't pull a resource-based economy idea out of his butt either, this is a vision a hundred years in the making.


    Some of you should watch

    . Others will think is conspiracy gibberish, they would think anything that "questions" the role of something as "unquestionably" critical and visibly operating within our lives as the monetary system is, would be completely false conspiracy bull-hockey. However, in reality, money is a completely obsolete institution. Believe what you want, it's got to go eventually, and I am going to donate twenty dollars to the Venus Project every week of my working life until it builds the city.


    New money is created out of thin air, disregarding resources, stealing the value of the preexisting money; therefore, purchasing power goes down. Eventually, production is way up, employment is way down, and purchasing power is practically non-existent. Enter the Gaussian Monetary Bell Curve.

  13. Autism, asperger's syndrome, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD and ADD aren't necessarily genetic like Down Syndrome or flat out retardation, and aren't the result of missing chromosomes and such, they are environmentally induced epigenetic brain disorders. In recent years these (environmental) disorders have particularly been increasing in children, as education as become more and more grueling as material keeps being added to the curriculum. The Board of Ed keeps dumping new material into the curriculum like they just don't care that we don't need to complete that much dribble. The whole education system is out of date, no wonder teachers keep getting called to the carpet, high schoolers keep dropping out, and schools are economically failing in America. I say we close school until we figure out how to bring it to terms with the technological and cultural changes the world has made in the last two decades.


    Personally, the reason that I left college was because I was failing miserably, not because I couldn't work hard and overcome the stress, but because it was clearly impossible to complete the material when the teachers can't even figure out how to integrate it into their course curriculum properly.


    As for the topic of discussion which, for some reason, I put into the topic title; I was diagnosed with a two of those disorders and I feel like I never even had them, I just responded poorly to school, because once I graduated, my behavior improved, until I decided to go to college, and my attitude started up again.


    I know I might not know what I am talking about, but I think that someone here might could either shoot my theories in this topic down or confirm them. Either way I learn more on the subject.


    Forgive the disgustingly illiterate topic title, I will think twice before writing my next one.

  14. This is what we are worrying about using epigenetic engineering via nano biotech for: http://dvice.com/archives/2012/03/should-we-re-en.php


    When, really, we should be using it to fix the obesity problem, and not only that, but reverse engineer how pathetically weak as physical specimens humans are becoming; we should do this by accelerating human metabolism, cardiovascular strength, the immune system, muscle hypertrophy, and the central nervous system. We should use biotech to turn the average 21st century omega-male into Captain America. We should do this so that one could physically put his or her Cro-Magnon ancestors (i.e. T8) and the world's top athletes (i.e. Usain Bolt) to shame. And by "we should do this" I really mean that's what I would do with "nano-biotechnological epigenetic engineering".


    I would not use robots or complete machine integration as Ray Kurzweil has suggested with his singularity theory, and his idea of an eventual complete "computerization" of humans. I like being human, and I would just use this technology to become a stronger human, the strongest human possible, or use it to fix my underlying genetic disadvantages or even injuries I have sustained and aging, to keep me young and built like a silverback.

  15. There is no other reason for it; it is growing crazy because the jobs are changing, everything is becoming more expensive, we are moving away from rural areas. So every part of our lives is focused on sedentary work and coming home and being more sedentary. I have read a lot of outlandish ideas on what's causing obesity, pure in simple, it's the nature of modern day work and the removal from labor, the time to sleep, the time to exercise, the time to eat; and play sports and run and all the terrific activities.




    And here's what our future looks like: http://www.wane.com/dpp/search/Childhood_Obesity_Growing_Out_of_Control_074860


    We could reverse it by living a more rural life style and working labor jobs that pay plenty of money to get along; instead we are stuck doing standing jobs, sitting jobs, laying jobs, typing jobs, that go from before the sun comes up to after it goes down.

  16. When I diet and exercise I usually feel leaner, but I also seem to get slower, my endurance decreases and my strength wains as time goes on. When I eat a lot of salty, sugary and fatty foods and don't workout I seem to gain weight and not really improve physically, I decline over time. However when and only when I eat salty, sugary fatty foods continually and workout 3 to 6 hours a day I gain some bodyfat and muscle but how far I can push myself in workouts greatly increases, I see fast results that don't stop, I grow stronger, I can run faster, and it doesn't stop until I begin to diet.


    It's wierd, I've always heard your performance increases with a healthy diet, mine stays the same the same with a healthy diet, and the harder I workout the worse it gets, and the more pain I feel if I'm dieting, but when I eat fatty foods and workout I feel like I'm hulking out and growing more athletic to no end. I curl 40 lbs weights when going fatty, but can't pull off 25 lbs weights when I'm eating super lean, I weigh more but I'm faster and have greater stamina and tolerance pain. I'm happier over all. Is this because of my individual genetic makeup? How can bodyfat improve my health, appearance, relieve my pain and also improve my athletic performance?


    post-4817-011327900 1283044714_thumb.jpg

  17. I've always wanted to experience jumping over skyscrapers, bench pressing a thousand pounds with one arm, sprinting at hundreds of miles per hour, things that Superman would do.


    Or experience life with super intellegence, getting straight A's from 6th grade until 12th grade, flawlessly.


    Do you have exciting new things you'd like to experience while fully immersed in virtual reality?

  18. I was wondering if, when myostatin, the growth factor protein that slows and sets a potential limit on muscle differentiation and growth, is depleted from say a body builder, will there still be a limit to how muscular he could eventually become.


    Could he end up weighing 1500 pounds a high percentage of which is solid muscle because there truly is no limit to muscle growth and differentiation as he uses weightlifting to train quick muscle twitch and consumes proteins to build and increase muscle mass now that there is no myostatin setting a limit to potential muscle mass?


    Or is it that no one has a limit but with myostatin the time it takes to build hundreds of pounds of muscle is greatly increased?

  19. There is a bio-organic-quantum-wave existing in all organisms that have originated from a single planet, it is the basis of life, although because the space time fabric is constantly changing the organisms originating from their separate planets cannot make contact throughout the vast distances of space. This bio-organic-quantum-wave is created naturally in the universe at a set point in it’s expansion and is the basis for all lifes, which all form into the same conscious mechanical monolith of sorts, imagine the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey in which the energy field resides. All conscious mechanical seeds are divided without contact across the universe. The bio-organic-quantum-wave works to create thermodynamic miracles which evolve all lifes into this seed and at the same time when an individual organism dies it becomes immortal and is put into it’s relative paradise, different for different organisms, humans having the most complex paradise, after death we all, at least the most important parts of us, just reside within the bio-organic-quantum-wave. To survive the big chill the monolith seed must transfer universes using plank scale energy, upon reaching an inhabitable planet the monolith must spawn life using the bio-organic-quantum-wave which resides within, leaving the monolith a powerless and dead shell, but new life is formed. After shaping a world for life, the monolith is left dead to spawn new life as opposed to just floating about transferring universes to escape big chills because it wanted to leave legacies as to where it’s been, it’s an emotional-based action that has no other logical purpose than emotion. It was created by organisms in the first universe, which was created in the process explained in this video.


    YouTube - The Universe - Created Out Of Nothing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxNbXjBbzEo


    Seems like a *hyper-unbelievable* phenomenon, this I realize, but it explains life and eternal life after death, and I believe the dead monolith is somewhere on mars, it was responsible for colliding earth with another planet to make the world the way it is today and form the moon, shaping it to support our specific life forms until a new monolith living with the bio-organic-quantum-wave can be made.

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