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The fictional character Ozymandias has this doctrine: wanting to be more intelligent will make you more intelligent.




And it’s accurate because of how the human brain works.


It can change a little bit. A few million of it’s neurons can change how they interact with one another. Do you know just how much change can occur from that? That is going from “flom tupuing toous” to writing like this. It’s incredible, and goes far beyond linguistic understanding and technical literacy and reading comprehension, it goes to memorizing numbers and going from not being able to solve basic 2+2 to being able to solve for a symphony of advanced algebraic problems using complex and multistage equation sets. It goes to all walks of science and one’s own technical skills and cognitive abilities.


And here’s the best part, when the doubts of the mind are gone, there is no limit, there are serious plateaus relative to intelligence quotients. However, no one can really say what’s possible given an intellect that has achieved a greater understanding and awareness of the world through open-mindedness, unrestricted by self-doubt, and encouraged by force of will. It’s mind blowing, really; how intelligence can do exactly what you want it to.






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