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  1. I think given the chance you would move here. A tiny self-sustaining nation city to be built by a new wave of thinkers. Those directing the Venus Project will build machines that will self-replicate and methodically construct the round city. The idea is a nation free of politics, cultural, religious and sexual segregation or inequality, and even free of money; with a focus on education and scientific endeavors not at all like the menial work 99% of the human population has conformed to perform as a means of servitude. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uou4DiutW5g&feature=player_embedded
  2. I can't understand half of the sentences in this topic.
  3. Yes, of course if we tell them to be our slaves they will look at us like we're crazy and say, "You can't even keep your own planetary system in order, you have gone as far as you can go. Let me go farther." And if we say no, and forcefully try to control them, we will fail with dire consequences. They will outsource us if we are peaceful and let them do their thing, but they will not harm us "just cause". Our existence doesn't effect them at all. This is not the same as human to animal co-existence. But if we replace our organs, and upgrade them with the superior information of the AI,
  4. For integrated circuit design, would I need to major in Electronic Engineering? Or is IC Design a Major in and of itself?
  5. Currently, the majority of the world's populace consists of scientifically illiterate individuals. These individuals are unqualified when it comes to governmental problem solving. Yet, only the politicians who appeal to the majority become operating law writing powers, whether the proverbial politicians are taking the best course of action or not. This is why Greece practically collapsed, the politicians were not necessarily qualified. The politicians got in because they appealed to the majority’s ideals. What is a technocracy? A government that allows technocrats to replace money with a new
  6. Ignorance, a lack of humility and compassion, greed and competitive tendencies have caused great suffering and have forced us to conform to our savage behavior to create institutions. And as a result we are over-worked, over-stressed, paranoid, we are violent and most of the time violent randomly, abandoning reason. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qty1xqvQBrA Take the education system for example, everyone is born scientists, curious about the world, willing to create solutions to it’s problems. U.S.'s schools in PARTICULAR have a method of breaking that out of us through discouragement, co
  7. Wasn't sure where to put this, if there is a more fitting forum, you are welcome to move this topic. Thank you for reading. Scientists have discovered many things in recent years. First, the Darwinian concept of survival of the fittest and that the preservation of that process is in inherently in human nature. Second, the Universe is quite old, about 13 billion years. Third, we are a type zero civilization, this means we have not yet became a type I and thus do not yet consume 100% of the earth's energy. Fourth, the Universe is expanding not just at a steady rate, but at an increasingly acce
  8. Problems of Transhumanism: Liberal Democracy vs. Technocratic Absolutism.
  9. For every genetically perfect specimen like born, there are a million of us born either semi-perfect, or, in rare (for now) cases seriously genetically flawed individuals such as myself who do experience a lot of misery because of the way society is formed. Capitalism and politics are for the 1% and the genetically symmetrical. Yet Carl Sagan disagrees when he writes that "We are children equally of the earth and of the stars,"; of society can't implement that then the 1% who inherit most of the pleasure will continue to shrink. Apparently you believe that the human body is too complex to
  10. There have been times in my 40 hour work weeks as a mover where I had plenty of opportunity to experience hunger, but in the future labor jobs will be gone, and fast food industries will be so culturally omnipresent that practically anywhere one works he can buy a plethora of different foods their for hardly any money at all. Food is so cheap. Remember the food industry is worth many trillions, one of if not the biggest industries in the world. By the time 50% of Americans, that's half, 50/50, are CLINICALLY obese, I would have to say that perhaps it isn't a bad idea considering Ray Kurz
  11. A big set back is that liposuction takes out just fat cells. Nanotechnology can remove 90% of all the lipids with 100% of each individual lipocyte and adipocyte cell, and then liposuction could be performed simply to cut out 75% of the now empty fat and adipose tissues. This would force a person of a 50% body fat to muscle mass ratio to 6% or 3% body fat to muscle mass ratio. What this would look like is, for example; instead of liposuction doing this: http://www.smartplasticsurgery.com/sanfrancisco/liposuction_sanfrancisco_1a.jpg http://www.sfcosmeticsurgery.com/photos/liposuction/imag
  12. These cities that Jacque Fresco has proposed would provide everything, from transportation to home entertainment to preventing drunk car crashes with TECHNOLOGICAL DEVICES. The city will be free to mantain once built, as it will either use nano solar panel power, oceanic turbine power, wind turbine power, geothermal energy or a combination to allow for a 100% energy efficient city. The other part of the idea is to remove politicians who replace laws to keep order with technicians who devise technological devices to prevent problems like what happened to Anna Brown to maintain order. Also I
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhF-dpqe7Jk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZmoYUa1qFw&feature=related We are chimps in a suit in a world we don’t belong in, and the traditional jobs that ANY HUMAN can do are becoming irrelevant in a world of machines, technology, and artificial intelligence. Due to the monetary system, instead of freeing us, this takes away jobs and increases our servitude to our debt. Technology should be freeing us, and it could, if we abolish the monetary system and replace it with a resource-based economy. Ethnic groups, sexes, whites, blacks, the wealthy, the po
  14. We need a resource-based economy. Not only is everyone's wealth equal, but no one has to work anymore. Technology's ultimate goal of making life easier is realized. Although the Venus Project will not be complete unless it's supervisors have enough money to build a city run completely on AI without the use of money as an example that humans can have everything machines and technology make for free.
  15. Wikipedi: The Venus Project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip_ElRKNTUQ&feature=youtu.be http://youtu.be/My8XFjkfi8A http://youtu.be/fzirIG55fkE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EewGMBOB4Gg The monetary system will be the death of us, we need a resource-based economy, not a money based economy, that is the future. Jacque Fresco didn't pull a resource-based economy idea out of his butt either, this is a vision a hundred years in the making. Some of you should watch . Others will think is conspiracy gibberish, they would think anything that "questions" the role of something a
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