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  1. I think it's more advantageous for humans to spend the time and resources on the planet Venus, than to do anything with Mars. Mars has history significance, but has no future for us. Venus holds the future. The future of Venus is our present. Earth will continue to move away from the Sun, and so will Venus. That means In the future Earth will be where Mars is today, and Venus will be where we are today. Given more time, Venus' atmosphere will evolve to one like ours today, it will thin out and temperatures will cool on the planet. Venus is our future, and Mars is ancient history.
  2. There is also what is after the decimal point, which is the fractional part of the decimal number. Example is 1.125 That is 1 one, and 125 Thousandths. Example 1.05 is 1 one and 5 Hundredths .009 is 9 Thousandths, or 9/1000 .012 is 12 Thousandths, or 12/1000 .0033 is 33 Ten Thousandths, or 33/10,000 .5 is 5/10, reduces to 1/2 .25 is 25/100 reduces to 1/4 .20 is 20/100 reduces to 1/5 .125 is 125/1000 reduces to 1/8 .10 is 10/100 reduces to 1/10 .05 is 5/100 reduces to 1/20 .375 is 375/1000 reduces to 3/8 .625 is 625/10
  3. I think he means that if you put the 67 over the 22 vertically you would first add the 7+2 in the ones column, in order to carry any over to the tens column if need be. In this case it doesn't matter because it's only 9, so no need to carry the 1 in this case. So he's working from right to left, or ones to tens when he says 7+2 and then 6+2. He is correct. The 7+2 is the ones, and the 6+2 is the tens, so 8 tens and 9 ones, or 89.
  4. Air is more dense than helium, so air's natural place in the density order is closer to the core than helium's place in the order. In an "airless environment" helium would be more dense than that environment, so it would be closer to the core in the natural order. A hot air balloon is less dense than the surrounding cooler air (cold air is more dense than hot air), so it rises to the point its density matches the environment unless forced to do different. A relatively empty balloon taken to the upper atmosphere will expand to the density of its environment, to the point the density
  5. No. Gravity is the repositioning of the object to its proper place in the density order. Gravity is what makes a helium balloon get farther away from the center of the earth if you release it. The balloon is less dense so it moves away from the core until it reaches its proper density area. Gravity also causes a lifted rock to fall closer to the center of the earth when released, because the rock is more dense and it moves to the core, as the core is more dense than above the surface of the earth. It works both ways, it repositions objects to its proper place in the density order. The Sun
  6. 1. Atoms are made of motion, not some magic basic "substance." Again, there is not a basic sustance that everything is made of. It is all made of motion. 2. Even if planets were born of the same size, they were not born at the same time, so the older planets have had more time to evolve, get farther away, and get less dense. The outer older planets are gas because that is a less dense area of the solar system. The solar system is most dense at the core and least dense at the outer regions. Like all objects, the core is most dense and as you get further away it is less dense. It's a densit
  7. 1. I didn't imply the planets should be the same sizes. 2. Planet-moon systems evolve to space. All objects evolve to space. 3. Rock is motion. There isn't this magic thing called substance. Mass is motion, period. The earth is "in motion" around the sun, and the earth is "made of motion", as all the elements of the object earth are in motion within earth. You are made of motion, as every element of yourself is in motion and made of motion. You seem to think there is this thing called substance, and that simply isn't the case. There is no basic element that everything is made of, ot
  8. Our solar system is the sun, getting less dense by expanding its volume in space. Mass from the core moves outward from the core, hence planets come from the core, which we call the Sun. Imagine a drop of water, being heated and turning to steam. As the process evolves, the molocules of water move away from the drop, so the drop itself loses mass, while those particles expand into a greater volume. When the process is complete the drop is gone and the "sphere" of steam is a greater volume than the drop used to be. The water drop simply evolved to a greater volume. Another way to sa
  9. No. A square or circle has two dimensions and a cube or sphere has three dimensions. Two dimensions is an area, or plane. Three dimensions is a volume. Space is three dimensional volume, not a two dimensional area. A two dimensional area would have units of square meters, or m^2. A three dimensional volume has units of cubic meters, or m^3. Earth occupies a volume of space, not an area of space.
  10. Like I said before, SPACE is infinite volume. Think of the space in your living room as a finite space with boundaries. Say it has a length of 10 meters, a width of 10 meters, and a height of 3 meters. It therefore has a VOLUME of 10 x 10 x 3 = 300 CUBIC METERS. No need to talk about the furniture, the carpet, the TV, or the light. It simply has a VOLUME of 300 cubic meters irrespective of the contents. The massive objects contained in the living room are contents of the living room. In the same context, SPACE is simply volume, but there are no boundaries, no limiting walls to measure wi
  11. Space is volume, which is 3 dimensional distance. Our planet/moon system is an object that resides in space. Our solar system is an object that resides in space. Our galaxy is an object that resides in space. Our universe is an object that resides in space. Our multiverse is an object that resides in space. Space is simply volume. There is no boundary to the volume of space, it is infinite. Contents of the volume are objects of mass with finite boundaries, but the boundaries are expanding in volume. Our planet/moon system, along with other planet/moon systems of our solar system or
  12. There is space, which is 3 dimensional distance, ie volume, measured as cubic meters. There are objects of mass that reside in space. The meter, which is a unit of measure of distance, is defined as the length of the path that light travels in a vacuum in 1/299792458 of a second. Therefore, the speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s. Space itself is not expanding, it's the objects of mass that are expanding, ie solar systems are expanding, galaxies are expanding, universes are expanding, multiverses are expanding. Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s in space. If objects are expandi
  13. You failed to prove me wrong, and you know you're incapable of doing so, that's why you moved this to Silly Claims and are done replying. Your abuse of priveledges is all you have left as a response. Typical!
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