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  1. Think of what this will mean for computers everywere! Faster internet. and cheaper than a T1!
  2. but man made dimonds arnt perfect like acual dimonds right? also, it would be expensive but I bet tons of people are pumping this project full of money becuase if they found an unlimited engery scource then the billions they put into this would be nothing compared to what they get from selling the energy right?
  3. Couldent I just use the when while loop along with the if then loop? also I need to see an acutal working program to make changes to fit what i want.
  4. hi. I am wondering how to give a program the concept of infinity for stuff like calculating pi ( i wont really do that but it would be fun to know). do I use the "WHEN WHILE" loop thing? or the "IF THEN" loop? do I put them togeather? I also would like it if someone gave me an example program with taht in it. for some reason i cant program from scratch but I can change around and existing program. thanks.
  5. now, I dont know much of this stuff but maybe you are focusing on your driving rather than the cars passing you. when im in my parents vehicle i do notice if a big truck or a fast car passes by and it does shake the vehicle
  6. but if aerogel is hard, wont the dust particles from space lose there outer coating or distroy themselfs going at the speed they do? shouldnt they use accually gellike substance if they dont want to damage the rocks and dust?
  7. excuse my ignorance. but. THEY CAME OUT WITH VISTA?? :-)
  8. i d and t are varyables and I say what they are
  9. I am trying to show Einstein's equation and what I think it means
  10. here, last night roughly around 12:39 I was lying in bed thinking about E=MC2. Then I had what I thought was the answer to it. Based on what I knew about Einstein's time travel theory you know, going back in time requires going faster than the speed of light. so tell me if this is right but dont launch into a long description of mathamatics(im only 14) E=MC2 v 10i X D V T I= what is used to mesure mass. D= double the speed of light T=traveling back intime
  11. y would that be bad? the internet is a source of many things it has changed the way we interact with society and talk to people, it has become part of our daily lives, now unless some hackers(crackers actually but I got chewed out for saying hackers so I put this little memo for after. I all them hackers because that’s what the ignorant people of the world call them) find a way to route a virus that steals personal information throughout the entire WWW just by turning on a computer, now that would be scary. And that wouldn’t last long by any standards because if that happens EVERTY single a
  12. I mean, couldnt there be frozen life there? or maybe even life that still exists......
  13. hey, I take responsiblity for myself, im 14 and I would NEVER do drugs or drink.this voice is relitivly small and you make it sound like its an addiction. and heck I havent consulted my voice scince 2 days ago apart from saying hi to it in the morning.......... it speaks from the back of my mind and its small so I think its my subconcious as my concious brain sees it, or it could be one of those consince things people talk about (you know its supposedly steers you in the right direction.) and maybe i just characterize what i think ( so it seems to come from a voice rather than my brain. inste
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