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  1. I'm doing a cloning survey for school and if people can post their answers here, it'd be really helpful. 1. Do you agree that cloning of animals should be made legal? Yes or no 2. Should the government spend more taxpayer’s money on research and refining cloning techniques? Yes or no 3. Do you think that we should allow private companies to conduct research on the cloning of animals? Yes or no 4. Would you eat any product which has been obtained from a cloned animal? If yes why? If no, then why?
  2. thanks for the ideas people, its been a great help!!
  3. thanks for the ideas, but what do you mean by adding the chalk line?
  4. Hey people, my maths teacher has given us an assignment to build a clinometer. For people who doesn't know what a clinometer is, it is a instrument for measuring angles of slope and i just want to ask if there any ideas on making one. i'm looking for a easy wat to make, but very accurate. Thanks
  5. Is their supposed to be a technical maths formula which can find out your body volume?
  6. How do you find the volume of a human body in a simple, original and accurate way? ...please give me another way other than the "bath". Although there is nothing wrong with that way, my teacher wants us to find another way to find our body volume.
  7. Uncle Al, i dont understand anything about the glaucoma thing. Michael, is you're reading this, does it neccesarily have to be identical twins because i dont know any identical twins but i have a not-identical twins in my class. would that do? Anyway thanks for helping me.
  8. For my science fair project, I am doing it on "is the iris imprint more reliable than the fingerprint?" But I don't know how to do an experiment to find out that answer. Please could someone help me???
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