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  1. Hey, what's your IQ then Mr Hello Low IQers? I'll tell you mine if you'll tell me yours! :o
  2. You've hit the nail on the head about the mirror thing. The reason why optical reflections do not (as yet) reflect out to infinity is because the reflective surfaces are not perfect. If you re-read my post, you'll see that I indicated the sphere had to be perfect or the reflection thing wouldn't work. As for the reflection of space, well, let's start with a simple concept then. Do you know what I mean by a "unity"? It's similar to a quantum: In physics, a quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. So a unity is the smallest indivisible quantum that c
  3. Actually, what I am asserting does have a basis in reality, so there. :P I have done enough research on this to know that I'm not barking up the wrong tree on this. :D Obviously, you don't know what I know. And if you keep that attitude up, you'll probably never know. :o One last thing to consider: you have absolutely no idea who I really am. I could be a specialist consultant to The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Cornell University for all you know. :rolleyes: If you've got nothing constructive to say, please stay out of my thread.
  4. I take your point about my use of the word Devolution. I used it because it seemed to suggest the opposite of what evolution is about. I've suggested an alternative. What do you think? Got any suggestions yourself? What do I mean by biologically perfect? Simply this: that an organism's genome has reached a state of perfection that enables the organism's cells to replicate without any loss of information whatsoever. Our cells today lose information when they replicate. This is why our body ages, why are skin becomes non-elastic, why blood thins, why bones become brittle, why we become suscept
  5. I do understand the terms I'm using, I really do. I think it's you who does not understand these terms. Which is why you think my nonsense is pseudo-science. Would you prefer the term de-gene-ration? I have read the rules here, and I do understand that this forum is for scientific discussion. Here, I'm discussing a new idea: devolution (which term you don't like) or de-gene-ration (let's see what you have to say about that term). I have to say, did Darwin get the same reaction I'm getting from you when he presented his Theory Of Evolution to the Christian world in which he lived? I bet s
  6. You're looking at this the wrong way round. You think atheism is a lack of belief in God. Actually, atheism is the belief that God does not exist. Therefore, atheists believe in not-God. All other believers believe in God. All believers are connected by what they believe about God. Belief in not-God is therefore a religion, just as belief in God is a religion. Not-God is the singularity I mentioned. The infinite set of concepts of God includes the concept of not-god. This may be a bit difficult to comprehend, because it uses some kind of weird logic not known to a lot of people.
  7. Actually, atheism was a part of the infinite set of concepts of God all along, so nothing actually got extended. What my proof actually does is resolve what seems to be an incongrous member of the infinite set of concepts of God by showing that the atheism-member never was incongruous at all - it was only perceived as being incongrous.. Remember on Sesame Street "One of these things is not like the other?" Well, actually, they're all the same. We just think one of them's different.
  8. Atheism has been a religion all along. It's just that God was keeping it quiet! :P
  9. No, space doesn't move. It's a reflection. Space gets reflected out to infinity (i.e. into the surface of the spatial reflector) in the same way that light gets reflected out to infinity (i.e. into the surface of the optical reflector).
  10. Certainly. Space can be reflected in the same way light can be reflected. Space is actually a material in the same way that light is a material. Optical-mirrors reflect light. Spatial-mirrors reflect space. The reflected space is a kind of dimension that inner-matter can pass through. This creates infinite inner-space contained within a finite sphere that exists in outer-sopace. I cant give any examples of spatial-reflection, because science doesn't know how to do that yet. But in time, science will figure it out. For the moment, I draw your attention to the phenomenon I mentioned in m
  11. Brainteaser For Maths Wizards This one's about set theory, and it's dedicated to that God delusion we know and love as Richard Dawkins. The thing about debating atheism versus theism is this: there is only one atheism. If God does not exist, no other argument follows as to which God does not exist. With theism, however, there is an argument that follows the simple premise that "God exists", which is "what is this God like"? The problem here is that there are no end of the possible conceptions of God. In set theory then, atheism is a singularity, while theism is not quite but almost i
  12. It's not possible to warp space. Space is uniform everywhere. See my post in the physics section on how to create an infinite space within a finite sphere. Following on from that, the spacebubble trapped within this sphere is the equivalent of an atom of matter, which is to say it is a unity of space. As an atom of matter is actually a unity of matter (or a matterbubble, as we like to call it), it cannot be warped at all. If it could be warped, then the matterbubble would collapse or, to put it another way, it would be destroyed. This is why matter itself cannot be warped, because if it coul
  13. Here's how you contain infinity within a unity We're all familiar with the concept of optical reflection. When a beam of light hits a mirrored surface, it gets reflected right?. And we've all seen that crazy situation where, if you set up two mirrored surfaces facing each other, you can get them to reflect each other out to infinity. Well, here's a concept called spatial reflection. If you create a perfect hollow sphere - and it has to be perfect or this doesn't work - and coat the inner surface with a material that reflects space and nothing else, then the space contained within the sph
  14. A Proposal For A New Theory Called Devolution I propose a new theory called Devolution which re-interprets scriptural accounts of the fall of man. Premise: We're Devolving Not Evolving. When the Creator (let`s call him C) - some kind of crazy extra-terrestrial super-science geek, maybe - genetically engineered Adam and Eve as part of some science project called The Eden Terraforming Project, they were biologically perfect. In terms of today`s scientific understanding, they both posessed an uncorrupted genome which made them immune to death and disease. If this genome had remained intac
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