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  1. The transition from the relative perceptions of time and space enjoyed during the long Stone Age period of hunting and gathering, to that of agriculture, in which rough linear measurememnts related to seasonal planting and harvesting, was an essential step in evolutionary development. It initiated an enormously huge leap in human consciousness. Giving up the here-and-now and the naive thrill of the hunt for the tedium of a chore-based agricultural disicpline and the the future expectations of the farmer did not happen over-night. We invested over 600 generations in that Bronze Age milieu of s
  2. I am not presenting an official thesis here in search of any kudus from any of you.. I am presenting an argument on the subject of the problems of world peace, in which it is obvious there is no one in this forum that has the remotest undertanding of that that entails or what is at stake. As far as I can see, until anyone else can state that they have also invested half their lives traveling abroad to over a dozen countries, researching and documenting films that have been broadcast world wide to over fifty million people, I would seem that I am the most informed person present on this subjec
  3. What are your own qualifications in mass psychology? Or is this just some kind of personal fetish of your own? I have spent thirty years on this subject, world wide, and have taught maths to third world students. I can understand your sanctimonious outrage, but it is obvious you don't know what you are speaking about.
  4. How do you instill the motivation?. You do that and I will teach them math in a day.
  5. MagnetMan


    As in mundane life, so too in spiritual life, one has the free will to make any choice of Belief. I have come to believe in reincarnation for several very basic reasons. One has already been mentioned. Here is another. Let us say I have lived an ignorant life of cruelty and selfishness. and only on my deathbed, do I become aware of just how vile I was. According to Christian belief I go to hell (or heaven.) According to Hinduism, (and Buddhism as well) the whole point of ignorance is to learn from it and do better in the next life. This is how their caste system operates. I like that vie
  6. Now you have just made a rhetorical statement. Language and cultural mores certainly. Even medicine. But show me one aboriginal child of unmixed genes who has mastered mathematics inside one generation and I will eat every word I have ever written.
  7. I am not and never have been talking about our phsyical evolution. My focus has been on the evolution of our social and spiritiual states of self-awareness. In this metaphysical realm of intellectual and emotional consciousness our acceleration has been phenomenal. For instance, the Kalahari Bushman has the same cubic brain capacity as you - but in terms of self awareness your genes are ancestrally imprinted with a 1000 generations of more experiential information - in which increasingly artificialized measurements of time and space has been integral to our development and have taken hundr
  8. MagnetMan


    There are people you meet in waking consciousness with whom you have an instant feeling of kinship. Even though by surname they may seem entirely unrelated, they are in fact direct family from a past life. Brother, sister, aunt, cousin. Dream memory fades quickly, for it is lodged in the astral mind and cannot be recalled. That is why shamans make their apprentices recount their dreams every morning, and get them registered in their normnal consciousness before they fade. If I think a dream is significant and can improve my understanding of the conscious world, I make a practice of t
  9. While we continue to insist on our differences - profoundly difficult is a direct reflection of our current teenage syndrome. But evolution is not static, depite ourselves Nature will force us to grow up - or go extinct. Growing up means thinking like a parent. All sincere parents think exactly alike, thank God.:) You betya! I have a small, but select group who think otherwise. My conclusions were arrived at by a lengthy and careful examination (in the field) of each of our past Age of evoltionary graduations. We have moved from family group; to clan group; to national group; to
  10. Correct me if I am wrong, but, according to this separatist rational of yours, racism, jingoism, totemism and religious bigotry are all essential human values that make us "special" and that we should keep murdering each other in order to maintain the illusion of that brutish individuality- and the common family values of brotherly love, sharing work and resopurces, extended-family kindliness, reverence for our common ancestors and mutual respect for the home planet we all share, should be shelved in favor of the BS? I am beginning to wonder about the underlying reasons for your hawkish s
  11. Kayra, when you remove all the ethnic BS out of the way and look at man holistically, you see that we are really only one family. And there are affectionate families that live in peace and harmony and work together for the good of the family estate.:)
  12. After the turmoil of trying to interject some metaphsyical realities into what is essentially a science forum, it is nice to spend some quite time in an informal setting. Thanks for the membership. I hope it is not too rude to do a little lounge schmoozing for just a moment. Orby opened an interesting thread on voodoo, which is obviously not the haunt of most scientists. But I am expecting to deposit 30 years of data accumulated from around the world, regarding metaphsyical phenomena in that thread. Science or not, all of us have adventures in the dream world and it would be nice to find
  13. MagnetMan


    Neil is 12 years old when he joins a hatha yoga class. He is an avid and diligent student and is eventually the model his yogi master uses to demonstrate the correct posture for each asana to the rest of the class. Intensely into his spiritual development, Neil has difficulty relating to the mundane games of his peer group. In his late teens he dreams of meeting a female soul mate. At 21 he finally meets her. She is 18 and lovely. She too is into yoga and has hiked all the way to India to find a master, only to be turned back at the Indian border because she is South African and it is st
  14. May I insert a: You are...? Orby you are an unbounded joyous spirit and I cannot imagine and ounce of harm in you.:)
  15. MagnetMan


    According to my astral friend, always. I am on a television assigment in England. I have just got into bed and I am lying face-down with my head in the pillow in an old inn just outside of London. A young woman with long blonde hair, dressed in a long blue silky gown, walks into the room. She enters right through the bolted door. She is weeping softly. She takes no notice of me and sits down at the end of the bed, her head bowed, sobbing. I am frozen with fright and cannot move a muscle. My fear is mixed with the confusion of trying to figure out how I can see her so clearly while
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