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  1. Can someone please explain why some folks take so much pride in a place they couldn't wait to get away from and are seemingly terrified of going back to?
  2. Have you yourself injoyed the "greatest advantages of slavery" and has this "helped to reinvigorate" you with your "tired blood and sagging skin"?
  3. Not even in my own house?
  4. As I watch mexicans wave the mexican flag, Can someone please explain why some folks take so much pride in a place they couldn't wait to get away from and are seemingly terrified of going back to?
  5. “Americans of Northern European descent tend to have thinner skin that crinkles at an earlier age than the other ethnicities,” says Dr. Hurwitz. “Moreover, Anglos seem to lose the facial fat under the skin earlier than other racial groups.” The loss of facial fat leads to drooping skin and a more rapid onset of an aged appearance. However, Asians, blacks, and Hispanics tend to have somewhat thicker skin that does not wrinkle as easily so aging appears later. While many plastic, cosmetic and dermatologic surgeons offer various types of skin resurfacing, with lasers, abrasives and chemicals,
  6. You do realize that the only reason they want to be here is to leach off the white folks ablity to create the best standard of living in the world. Mexicans are not running from Mexico, there running from themselfs.
  7. Today's African news: SA's child rape shame Sheena Adams March 11 2006 at 09:13AM More children are being murdered and raped in South Africa than in previous years, according to police statistics, which reveal that more than three children are killed every day. Equally shocking is that statistics released by the Safety and Security Ministry also show that more than 60 children are raped daily. The figures were released in the same week that saw the brutal murder of Transvaal Judge President Bernard Ngoepe's granddaughter Makgabo Matlala, 4. Statistics released on Friday b
  8. http://wehategringos.com/index2.shtml
  9. SHHHH is right. Lets all just look at some pictures: http://www.mexica-movement.org/granmarcha.htm
  10. It sounds like you people are trying to teach blacks not to be blacks anymore. Good luck:lol:
  11. Well, you speak how you want to educate blacks. One thing you will have to teach blacks is to not have sex with animals.
  12. I understand why mexican's are running from Mexico, is the same reason i'm running from mexican's.
  13. Bestiality new Aids myth - SPCA 25/03/2002 14:05 - (SA) Johannesburg - The National Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) says it is horrified at claims that having sex with an animal prevents people from getting Aids. The organisation says bestiality neither prevents Aids nor is it a cure for the deadly disease. An NSPCA statement said on Monday it had noted an SABC news report that boys from Mamvuka village in Nzhelele Valley in the Northern Province had had sex with goats to avoid getting Aids. Bestiality 'safe sex' says boy But the SABC interviewed at lea
  14. Nobody wants to die, just that some people are afraid to live. Let go of all that drags you down and live your life the best you can, because one day you will die anyways.
  15. Don't worry about it. Just try to think about flowers and happy faces that have wings and are sleeping.
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