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  1. Dear friends it is immense pleasure to share a news with you. As you know, I am working from many years to get a consensus about space. Proving "matter does not occupy space" is my first preference ("Matter occupies space" statement comes in authentic established science definition of matter) . When I have said it then everybody opposed to this. Now it is not getting any opposition. Else some people, in other way are trying to say matter not occupies space. Its OK. Now I have got a science stage to share directly my idea with scientific world. My article is accepted for ISC2012 interna
  2. I don't know, what is your intention here? I don't know, what you would like to prove here? If you were presented your argument to support "matter occupies space" idea then I may opposed to you. You know that my view and your view are same then also you are in a mood of fight (with me). You have to give these explantions to those people who had cast their vote in favor of "matter occupies space". You have to say these things to teacher of the every school who are teaching that matter occupies space. Last one thing, at starting of discussion if people were accepted that matter does not
  3. Aethelwulf, I was started this thread by having doubt about established science statement "Matter occupies space". When I asked this question, people said that, this is so silly question. I have faced so much opposition and people were rediculed on me (see one example, above Ludwik quote). You have to look whole thread once. When I had started this thread then, I was had opinion that matter has its own volume and space also has its own size or volume. Hence where ever matter moves it occupies its own volume else it will not occupy other existence like empty space volume/size. Therefore
  4. Aethelwulf welcome to the discussion. Aethelwulf actually I am not understanding that, to my which point you are responding. From years I am arguing that matter (filled existence) does not occupy space. You may read full discussion and see what other members had said and what I have said. Please once again particularly say (mention) that to my which point you are responding?
  5. Hello friends, after a long gap now I am on the forums. You are know that this thread was started at last year. Now it is comming to the perfection. By GOD grace now I formulated my thoughts. Now I would like to share this with you. In May,2012 I have written a blog article named "Matter does not occupy space" http://scienceforums.com/blog/444/entry-404-matter-does-not-occupy-space/. In that article I have given two conclusions. 1) Space is not constant or fixed like a container and It can be displaced to other region by movement of high density existence. 2)Space and filled existence
  6. I am unknowingly posted article in same blog. I would like to make it a separate blog. I have a option that deleting present "Matter does not occupy space" blog and again creating it. But it will lose the comments and views. Therefore, please split the blog into two separate blogs. If you have any system, from which myself I can make it. Then please inform me. Thank you. URAIN
  7. (Thank you, for waiting. I was had a busy schedule and important writings needs some free time.) Pincho Paxton you are more experienced person than me on the science forums. You know very well that, what is the value of “opinion” word in science & scientific method. Science only gives importance to the tests and observations, which should be correct in all condition. For this reason I was given the testable predictions and you are aware about this. *************** Macphee, About existence already I have said, and then also I am again g
  8. Say what can I do? If you ask question related to not understanding, I will try to satisfy you. About words I will say in next post. But show me where I used the word "time" (from my side). Good question. In this thread it is said in different posts. But not in a separate post . I will say about it in separate post. wait.
  9. Your response is confusing here. To which you consider as space and to which you consider as vacuum. You are saying vacuum not occupy space. Here what is vacuum? and what is space? Here discussion is going on about, Does matter (means more denser existence) occupy space (means, dense less existence or avoid of matter/energy)? What is the meaning of space in your view? I do not consider difference in between space and vacuum words. I consider size or volume of avoid of matter/energy by both these words. I think you are saying that every thing in this universe has it's own volume. I w
  10. Dear members, Already Great Newton had given standard laws about movement. My predictions also related to movement and this will not violate Newton’s laws. Without violating Newton laws my predictions are different than Newton’s law. In this world, for movement, two things are must and should essential. Those are, 1) Emptiness 2) Fullness or mass or force. Newton laws gives importance to the force and not consider the emptiness. Therefore the a motion also called as inertia, which does not require external force for that. Importance of Newton law: 1) Newton laws say’s which motion
  11. Already I have explained, how matter not occupy space. Now I will explain about matter not occupying space with combination of my papers simple experiment and predictions. ( I have discussed these simple experiments in my paper. But I have not given the predictions separately in the paper.) In below figures, it is assumed that in 'Z' region pure empty space has existed. 'A' and 'B' are solid (rocks) existed in 'E' and 'F' region. Established science says that empty space has the property of allowing itself to occupy by matter. Therefore, when we place 'A' solid in 'Z' region, de
  12. Aman shah I have already said, how conservation law has limitations on the 15th post. I will not say again that thing (but any one can know this on 15th post). Somebody don’t think living organisms as existences and some people don’t think science is the study of all existences, including living organism. Leave, what I had said in previous post about the limitations of this law. I ask one question that, Does established science itself has full faith on conservation law? The following science thinking is enforcing me to ask above question. i.e. 1) Some experts of established s
  13. Thank you 'Travis Meyers' for focusing the truth and guiding the normal people of rest world, to easily identify the truth. Wise people acceptance is more important for deciding, which is the truth. Therefore, Dear wise members please use your voting power to focus the truth. Dear staff, experts why you are silent? Please use your vote. Else make clear, your doubt and confusions, by asking questions; like how you are asking in other threads.
  14. Thank you, sigurdV for casting vote on truth side. If cloud cover sun then sun will not destroy. After moving cloud far away, again sun will shine. Like that truth will not destroyed by covering it by illusion. Truth will remain truth. Any one may accept it or not. But in science forum all peoples will remain in truth side. Hence I requested members for focusing the truth. World is considered science related peoples as wise peoples and an ordinary man will not use his mind, as wise peoples use. Hence to guide ordinary people, wise peoples must and should reside with the truth. It will focu
  15. My another prediction which directly related to the space. This prediction says that “every motion (of an existence) is mainly dependent on displacement of another existence”. Before saying specific prediction, I will answer to these fallowing normally asked questions. Q. Which is an existence? A. The size or volume, which contain same average density, that is an existence. (The size may contain "same nil average density" also.) Q. How we differentiate two different existences? A. Difference in average density in a considered volume, is an indication of two different existences.
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