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  1. Deepwater6. As the galaxy spins, so the stars in it move (apparently there is some "up and down" movement as well as around the centre). So black holes just being "dead stars" move too. Stars do not move uniformly and over very long time periods there are encounters with other stars and black holes but nothing in any future that matters to mankind. The collision with Andromeda is some billions of years away so nothing we will ever know about. But stars are generally so far apart that there will not be that many collisions, but by the same token, it does give a good chance for new planet form
  2. Evidence that a singularity can exist? Evidence of where this singularity came from? Evidence that a singularity can expand (and inflate)? It's an idea.
  3. Time_Travel. There is an increasing number of people who think the universe may have come from nothing. If you add all the pluses and minuses (gravity, energy, matter) in the universe, it balances out and comes to nothing. While nothing is nil, it is also +1 and -1, +trillion and -trillion. All that matters is that both sides balance out. While nothing occupiers no space, it has infinite potential.
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