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  1. With our present limited technology, all we are detecting is planets very close to their stars so wait a bit longer and when we can detect planets further away we'll be inundated with planets where our kind of life might exist.
  2. The big problem with universes is where did all the energy and material come from? Basically all you need to start a universe is enough hydrogen and enough time, but where do you get the material for the hydrogen from? But yes there is a lot of energy involved. If you have a proton, the three quarks only account for 2% of it's energy, and the rest is...?
  3. Evolution happens out of necessity and over very long periods of time. It is a survival mechanism and seems to give us just enough to survive. Since we make our own environment and use medical care to help children up to breeding age, why would we need to evolve? It is possible that we could make ourselves smarter, alter our genes to give us benefits, even implant technology inside us to enhance us in some unnatural ways. Any stories about humans connecting to computers and the internet usually quickly move on to hacked brains and people being forced to do wrong things. To live even to 200
  4. I had maybe less than a second to look at each of the two images before they vanished so could make no judgements in that time.
  5. Turtle. 2005 lots of sunspots. 2006 almost no sunspots. That was rather quick. Threads do wander off the point. So what. They are not text books. Looking at a temperature map of America this morning, much of it is very hot at present and only on the west coast are there some relatively cool spots. As we have runs of hot years and runs of cold years, so how can maybe five hot years be called climate change when it can be followed by five cold years? Climate change is centuries, as in it will outlast people living now. Weather is anything shorter, as in four decades ago they were talking
  6. I had a quick look through the article and it does seem to take a lot for granted. The way I see it is that we would essentially have to look for something strange, that "does not belong in this universe" as evidence of a multiverse. Yet since there are many things we still do not know, if we did see something strange, we could not know if it has come from "elsewhere" or is just some part of this universe that we presently know nothing about.
  7. Turtle. Actually the title of the thread is "Still no sunspots". How do you make that into "The sunspot count for cycle 23"? You don't want to reply to a post, you don't have to. I was thinking of the NY side of America as in Buffalo where my uncle and cousins live. As the sun goes through 11 years, 22 years and longer cycles, and there is no permanent settled climate for the world, it is all weather since in reality climate change would have to be over maybe a century to show some sign of permanence and that it was not just another long spell of "weather".
  8. I see the article you pointed to managed to work out that sunspots cause hot weather. Duh. They are caused by the sun's magnetic flux and so storms and prominences on the sun, so the more heat it puts out, the warmer the Earth gets. Research on past Ice Ages have shown that they began in as little as six months, so not a long period of cooling. It just needs the sun to be cooler, or a super volcano or asteroid impact to put enough dust in the air to cause it. I know America is hot at present but in Europe we have our fifth bad summer in a row, where people have put coats on in the day time
  9. According to expansion, things at the edge of the visible universe are moving away from us at near light speed. So if you take anything past that, there is a combined speed greater than light speed, so we will never see them. The universe is full of gravitational sources, and like photons, gravity (whatever it is) is immortal. We know that gravity drag can redshift photons (as in when it leaves a star) so why would not a photon be subject to all these gravity sources? (presumably direction of travel and direction from would cancel out, as would departure and arrival shifts). Scientific mai
  10. Several years ago there was a mass exodus of learned people from "string theory" because they saw no future in the field (which I suppose means they could never prove what they believed). Of course, people still working in the field still churn out papers on strings.
  11. lawcat. Too many unproven ideas. If there was a deeply religious planet of beings somewhere that had decided that the force that stops everything floating off into space (which we call gravity) was down to gods or demons and produced workings based on the effects, while the workings may be true in that they can be reproduced elsewhere and even used to calculate other effects and workings, the basic idea that there are gods or demons as a cause would still be wrong.
  12. Noah's Ark? Doh! On the BBC Christian Topic (now closed) we had a 15,000+ post thread and a 5,000+ post thread where all aspects of the Noah myth was destroyed many times over, and none of the christians there (that believed in it, some don't) could come up with any valid ideas to support it.
  13. The idea does not take into account dust clouds. etc. Also that the universe would have to be infinitely old so that we could see infinite distances, which does not take into account that even with our believed limited universe, a good part of the universe is moving away from us with a combined speed greater than light so the photons will never reach us. Also the more distance photons have to travel, the less energy they arrive with so past a certain point, we are talking infra-red instead of white sky and even longer wavelengths further away.
  14. No evidence of branes. No evidence of other universes. No evidence of strings. No evidence of extra dimensions. Not so much "M Theory" as "M Idea".
  15. Perhaps you should read my post again. I was talking of just the one universe, expanding and contracting and expanding again.
  16. Our heat comes from the sun. Less solar radiation means a cooler Earth, and that governments now spending billions on "global warming" will be trying to encourage people to try and warm up a very cold Earth.
  17. Earth facing a mini-Ice Age 'within ten years' due to rare drop in sunspot activity http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2003824/Earth-facing-mini-Ice-Age-years-rare-drop-sunspot-activity.html This looks like being the fifth poor summer in a row in northern Europe and at one time it was rare for snow before xmas but last year we had it in November.
  18. Moderation note: the first 12 posts of this thread were moved from Still no sunspots... because they are about a different topic, There are some stories of a mini ice age starting in 2020. Any ideas?
  19. But mesons only live for a few nanoseconds. They vanish almost as fast as they come into being, and this is because they contain anti-matter. They are formed in high energy interactions showing that the anti-matter is created (then destroyed) rather than being in some kind of stable position with other fundamental particles of matter.
  20. A first big bang would surely have expanded without bias. To explain, if you toss a coin endless times, you will end up with about 50% heads and 50% tails as biases even out. So with the big bang in that it was expanding into literally nothing and the expanding "ball" itself would have evened out since presumably it was uniform and not starting in just one part of the singularity. However if we had an earlier BB where hardly anything formed because of almost 100% smoothness from lack of bias, then when this collapsed, maybe the second BB started off before all the material had collapsed agai
  21. CraigD. The fact that you can compress mass energy in no way opens the path for a BB singularity. That is like saying because cars can travel at 130 mph, that is evidence that they can travel at light speed. Compressed mass energy is called a black hole. If you accept that gravity can bend spacetime, then it can fall into a black hole and stay there, as it also keeps in matter and energy. The only difference between a black hole and a singularity is that a black hole obeys the laws of gravity (which is an internal matter and nothing to do with what is outside, if anything) and a singularity
  22. Daniel.132. To all intents and purposes, and away from matter, anti-matter looks and behaves like matter so for all we know there could be anti-matter galaxies about.
  23. codykoes. Some great pictures there. Someone else was at it in today's newspaper: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2014310/Space-flight-The-700-mission-field-Herefordshire-revealed-stratospheric-images.html I wondered whether it might be better to point the camera downwards, so get pictures of the Earth from many miles up, as the balloon drifts? And maybe some night pictures if you can get it to drift over heavily populated areas. Listen to the UFO reports and you'll be able to track where it's going.
  24. I can see why no one has replied to your post. There is just so much of it. Most people on forums prefer sound byte sized posts. You would have been better either making it into a number of threads or starting off with a short initial post and then adding to that till you got out everything you wanted. If you have taken this from a book or an internet site, it is normally better to post some good paragraphs and link to the rest, and maybe add some of your thoughts on it. Addressing your title, if there can be one big bang, there can be more big bangs. If there can be one universe, there ca
  25. Hawkings' "Brief History of Time" is a coffee table book, which like the bible not many people have read.
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