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  1. In space at 2.7K, we may find absolute zero possible. We have too much heat to cope with in a planetary environment of getting on 300.K Then again we can use a BEC to stop photons in their tracks so possibly one day we may do the same with particles, so producing absolute zero? Zeno's paradox is stoooopid.
  2. The point is that it's idea from Hawking and not something he has shown to be true in a lab. Even Einstein had his off days like not being able to see through the double slit experiment. A flat world was all we had at one time, with god above and the devil below. Was that better than nothing? The problem with such solutions as posited by Hawking is that people are willing to accept them because of who he is. If wrong, it has stopped people putting forth other possibilities that may be right.
  3. Low expectations? Does this not indicate a lack of self worth according to psychiatrists? Very few agree with what I say about the big bang, but then again they can't show me wrong either so I do not lose sleep over it. How do particles racing away from each other at great speed ever annihilate each other? I gave a theoretical temperature. Maths uses infinity, square root of minus one, etc when such things do not exist. Feel free to prove me wrong. That is what debate is about. Just criticism means nothing.
  4. maddog. What is sense to one person may not be to another. If you are sticking 100% to what is on wikipedia, then we will disagree on a number of things. You have made it clear that you do not think I make sense, though your evidence for this appears to be your opinion only. I prefer to debate with someone, even someone that does not seem to make sense rather than just criticising them. That is what debate is about. Anyone can say someone is wrong, even if they do not understand the subject at all.
  5. We actually have no hard evidence for Hawking Radiation as this is an idea he came up with but he has previously discarded other ideas which originally seemed possible, like singularities, which most still continue to cling to. And of course the loss of information in a black hole. I think Hawking would prefer that we think for ourselves rather than slavishly cling to his musings.
  6. Quasars are powered by black holes. Very energetic black holes at that as in lots of stuff falling into them so they give off hard radiation and lots of highly energetic particles which have escaped being swallowed.
  7. Maddog. Because we are all different, don’t expect me to think as you do. The big bang relies on things that are no more than ideas to explain failings in it, like inflation and dark energy. It also relies on unproven ideas like space stretching infinitely without change. It does not have any credible origin. It is as credible as a flying elephant. I would think Hawking Radiation needs a tranquil environment to work. A black hole is anything but tranquil. A variation: Imagine two particles of quantum closeness at the centre of an atomic explosion. One falls to the ground and the other fli
  8. Making sense is a relative position. If you don't agree with what I say, you don't think I make sense. If you won't debate someone who does not make sense to you, as in someone who disagrees with you, do you actually debate with anyone or do you just agree with people who think as you do?
  9. SigurdV. The pair particle in Hawking radiation are said to be caused by (extreme) gravitational forces so I would think that they were made over a very wide area outside the event horizon, with more of them as you approach the EH.
  10. Maddog. We are all different. Read what I just wrote on Hawking Radiation. Are you saying use imagination instead of experimentation? I can imagine elephants flying but that does not mean that science allows it. Heisenberg's Obvious Principle. Blindfold someone and let them loose in a field. They keep kicking till they kick a ball that has been placed there somewhere. Now they know where the ball was and what direction it is moving in, but not where it is now. I can’t see that this has anything to do with HUP other than the very general uncertainty about particles which come and go almos
  11. Craig D. Third time of trying. I have had my last two tries vanish without trace so Microsoft Word first this time. I looked through the wiki article on Black hole entropy and some of the links are doubtful. Notably No.2, proof of Hawking radiation. Not. If you have a metal block at sea level and then take it and place it on a floor one hundred feet up., energy has been used to do this and now the block has more (potential) energy. But it sits there on the floor seemingly the same as before. A little more mass in a black hole produces a little more gravity, so just a change of forms of “en
  12. CQA. But you are not me and even if I believe something I will still question it to death. That is what science is about rather than saying "Accepted science is this, this and this. That's good enough for me." Thinking is allowed. "time reversed version of annihilation pairs"? Annihilation pairs, other than matter-anti matter have considerable energies. Why would two particles that have suddenly come into existence have more than ground energies? There is also the magnetic field of the black hole. I think Hawking radiation would require a quiet place whereas anywhere near a black hole,
  13. Qfwfg. Probability? Zero. As I said, these particles are next to each other on a quantum level. What affects one will affect the other, and a zillion other particles around them. Why should one particle have so much more momentum than the other particle since they had a common origin? A misunderstanding? A meaningless term unless you can explain what it is. It is said that black holes are "messy eaters" and can lose maybe 90% of the mass heading towards them. Anything a black hole loses will be this side of the event horizon.
  14. Craig D. There are many peer reviewed scientific papers on superstrings. Give me any evidence that they exist? The great Stephen Hawking: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2082440/Stephen-Hawking-Women-complete-mystery-says-Quantum-physicist.html He also gave up on singularities in his book "A brief history of time." Can you show where I said that the balls originate inside the black hole? I specifically said "One rolls down hill (so falls into the black hole)". If you have two sub atomic particles next to each other in a black hole's gravitational field at the point whe
  15. All objects in space from the size of small moons upwards, rotate. It seems to be a property of mass when not held in place by another gravitational field. They are in a vacuum and not in "something". Similarly, the universe itself could rotate solely because of the mass in it.
  16. A sphere is the smallest shape that a mass can attain due to gravity. "Infinite" is one of those words that exist in mathsworld but not the real world. The singularity before the big bang was said to be infinitely dense and gravity did not exist in it. There is also the point that black holes rotate, suggesting that what is inside rotates. Infinite density would be a one dimensional dot which cannot rotate since you would need at least two dimensions to do that. We have no evidence that fundamental particles have any smaller forms and if this is so, then at the center of a black hole wo
  17. How Hawking radiation works. You have a steep slope a thousand miles long. At the 750 mile mark, you place two balls next to each other. One rolls down hill (so falls into the black hole) and the other rolls uphill (so escapes the black hole). Sound likely? Matter cannot escape a black hole so what is in there will stay there. Some say black holes have a limit of mass (I don't see why they should) but the most massive so far, discovered a few years ago, is 18 billion solar masses.
  18. Some thoughts: Why should the material inside a black hole be a point mass? We have no evidence that fundamental particles like electrons and quark can break down. And we have neutrons in neutron stars with an escape velocity of 2/3 c. A point mass suggests a one dimensional dot, so it would not spin, and we know that all black holes do spin. Surely "infinite gravity" is a contradiction in terms in that in the first moments of the big bang, the "singularity" was said to be so dense that gravity (and the other forces) did not exist. What I find strange is that collisions aside, the SMBH of
  19. That's teach me to watch TV when answering posts. I did not notice the word "behind" in the first post.
  20. Possibly hotter than normal since magnetic fields cause heating in stars?
  21. Time dilation as we call it seems to only work as far as six billion light years away: http://www.physorg.com/news190027752.html The fact that it does not work further back suggests it may be something else. As we get better and better technology, we are discovering earlier things that we dd not believe possible like a two billion light solar mass quasar just 770 million years after the BB when it was thought that such things would not exist till well over half a billion years later.
  22. There are some theories which show no need for DM. If it is claimed it exists, then why does no one have a clue as to what it is? A superior Higg's boson maybe?
  23. If one universe can start, then why not endlessly more beyond our universe? If another universe interacted with ours, we would see strange things like the "Dark Flow" or expansion slowing down in some part of the universe. But I do not think that there can be universes separated from ours by being in a different dimension or whatever.
  24. Gamma rays if sufficient will kill all humans, animals, etc. Animals that live some distance underground may survive longer though with contaminated water soaking through, they will die in time. Many species of insects will probably survive. Life deep in the ocean will probably survive. Buildings should survive. The damage in nuclear explosions is caused by blast force and heat, both of which are missing in any radiation from space so the whole Earth will become like a "ghost town". With most bacteria and such dead, things may not rot away and it will be down to insects to break organic mate
  25. I have speculated elsewhere that gravity and so mass comes from higher dimensions. If say the Higg's boson has a few more dimensions and has mass there, so that the 3D object we call the Higg's boson is only a small part of it, then unseen by us it can be connected to nearby particles and so literally hold them together.
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