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  1. Sure once you understand this then you it will come to you! http://kitekinto.hu/kep.php?id=31833%22%22%22%22
  2. It allows the heat to be removed from the planet to space since less water vapor will be formed in the atmosphere thus allowing the planet to cool more.They also remove fossil fuel GHG's which will also allow more heat to escape to space.
  3. Weather in Europe would return to what it was prior to the industrial revolution. World wide sea water circulation will stay the same. Oxygen levels would stay the same but Co2 levels will lower and that is good for the calcium shelled organisms because carbonic acid won't dissolve their shells anymore.Sea life would flourish because they are too hot now since global ocean temps have risen 1.5 degrees C in the past 110 years. This idea restores those temperatures because they have the unique ability to regulate SSTs to what we determine will be the best for sea life and the coral reefs that su
  4. Seems the good professor worked it out for me. quote: Yes, I have spoken with Patrick, and, yes, a scheme somewhat like the one he describes could weaken hurricanes threatening places like Miami that have strong western-margin currents just offshore. There are, however, numerous qualifications. The scheme that we discussed involved an array of several rows devices across the Gulfstream. Each device would be a rectangular duct 140 m long and 10 by 14 m in cross section. Normally the devices would be moored horizontally at a depth of 100m with their long axes aligned with the current flow. T
  5. Nah! I just tested a model I built of it and videoed it working and posted it on youtube. I'll work it out later.
  6. Just enough to make it come out of the tunnel about 5 mph. What do you get?
  7. Correct the work needed is already in the flowing Gulfstream the net gain is already there. I just had to figure a way how to tap it.
  8. Thanks Essay! It is a pretty simple formula that creates the flow through the tunnel.Basically it looks like this. F1>F2=Flow. Force 1 at tunnel inlet is greater than Force 2 at tunnel outlet. That is how the flow is created. If there were no flow in the Gulfstream then the differential across the tunnel would be zero.
  9. Since the cold went into a warmer body of water and cooled it less vapor would be made.
  10. a lot of the heat would move back out to space since less water vapor would be made and thus there would be less cloud formation to trap that heat. The amount of heat would be variable based on what outlet temperature you would want to maintain downstream of the tunnels.
  11. Depends on how much you want to cool Sea Surface temperatures with them. You can easily restore the Northern Arctic Ice during the summer if you want to with them.
  12. Sure. The three way valve (TV-026) regulates the amount of cold water that is flowing through the tunnel thus cooling downstream sea surface temperatures in order to control the weather while at the same time the Kinetic Energy is extracted to supply electrical power to many customers thus reducing greenhouse gasses.
  13. I made a Wonderware computer graphic of the Tunnel how do you like it?
  14. Ir changes with altitude dude!You are wrong.
  15. Yes it is! Pressure is pressure it doesn't matter if it is gas pressure or regolith pressure. In fact before that ice was ejected out to space from the impact it could have been water below the surface prior to the impact and turned into ice once it was exposed to much cooler space.
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