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  1. Hello Indian Dude.. I know you're quite patriotic about our country but, what you've said here is just the describing of some great poets... Although i do agree that in ancient India there was a bloom of science.. For example if you say that Aryabhata discovered that earth is spherical and calculated the circumference of earth in some 700 B.C... i agree , there is some substantial proof for that.(Those who don't know much about ancient Indian mathematicians search for "Vedic Mathematics" in google). Some of other great names include, Bhaskaracharya.(who solved various quadratic equations and
  2. dude.. i think there is some problem with the code of the website.. the "left" and "right" choices is shown before the image actually loads.. So try to start the "count(seconds)" function in your PHP after the picture has loaded (may be you can use Javascript-"onload()" for this).. thank you.
  3. Good post, I think the human evolution in the future will have a bit from the "technology" and from "biology" too. By saying technology, i mean, - implanting exo-skeletons, plugging your brains to a super computer, or getting yourself a space-armor to shield from the radiation.... By saying Biology, i mean, - we will be able to make efficient clones, and produce good synthetic proteins, or hopefully make a "always alive" syrup, which will keep all your cells active as a kid,even if you are 170 years old, make a biological flubber* out of yourself, or you may be interested in getting yourself
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