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  1. Thankyou for your in depth and helpful reply CraigD. I have spent the days since your post digesting the information and suggestions you have made. And I have made some serious headway into solving problems. Yay! A packet of Tim Tams are your reward. I like this angle too. I've been playing out a number of backstory options, and I've developed a fairly decent one regarding the genetic alterations happening to his zygote. You are correct, highly specified training is the more effective and plausible way of creating a super solider. I am however, still thinking of running with a combinat
  2. I wish!! I've had to re-read and google stuff so many times just for me to understand what people are saying. *sigh* If only I was smarter........ So if he were placed into a hyper-extended sleep phase, I could bring about this progeneration or replication? In which copy number variations could be used to enhance and duplicate the specific cells they want, after which the 'least fit' ones die off, leaving the new, enhanced ones. Yes?? Once he is in the hyper-extended sleep, how would the body's replication phase be accessed/started? How would I replicate his cells? I only want to i
  3. Monte Carlos are in the bikkie tin over there *pointing* Righto, on with this thread!!! As stated previously, I am starting this thread in order to gain some understanding, clarification and confirmation of the reading I have done in the past few weeks, as I attempt to develop a 'plausible possibility' for the origination of my super-soldier-type character in the piece I am writing. For those not up to speed, check here for some background information on me and my goal. I have been studying information in a number of areas from epigenetics, genetic engineering and human enhancement as
  4. Wow, I've really opened a can of worms for myself.....I feel like I'm back in high school studying for my final exams - and nothing makes sense!!! :eek_big: You guys are seriously clever to understand all this. Thanks for the epigenetics tip Essay. I had been looking into 'junk' DNA, and what potential could lie within. Now that I've read up on epigenetics and how it works, I may have just found my way of turning on some of these dormant abilities. I am hoping to start my thread today, if not then probably over the weekend. I still need clarification about a number of issues, plus I now
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! :D Ginger snap anyone? Thanks Jay-qu. It's not so much as being shy, more that I don't want to offend anyone with my lack of knowledge. I thank you, CraigD, but trust me, there is no humbleness here. I really am not that clever. My family are continually shaking their heads at me, with a sort of 'how-in-the-hell-did-she-come-up-with-that???' look on their face. I am the quirky, nerdy, geeky 'entertainment' of the family. Perhaps that's why I am such a good writer?? All I am hoping for is that my 'layman's terms' do not stand against me. And on that
  6. As in chocolate chip, not the HTTP kind.... Anyway, my name is Miss Gypsy. I did a Google search for 'Super Soldier Serum' and conveniently it brought me to a thread on this site entitled, funnily enough, 'Super Soldier Serum'. I read it and other posts throughout the forum and discovered a wonderful collection of fantastic minds!!! Which, however, mine is nothing like. I am a writer, of fiction, and am currently working on a characters' background that I felt I needed to do some serious research on. I am looking to create a 'plausible possibility' for his genetic makeup: that is, I would
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