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  1. Im curious in seeing one under a microscope. google images just has artist interpretations and wikipedia portrays them like lego building blocks. kinda curious to seeing various forms of antigens if anyone knows where to get some good pics?
  2. How to calculate the refractive index of bulk material or dielectric constant? I just know Ar is 1.68. I want to know helium.
  3. So I'm interested to hear about others opinions on NASA's newest discovery, on the Mono Lake bacteria (newscientist.com) . I have read a few articles about people that think it's one of the greatest discoveries of all time, and much more of people that think it's a hoax or rather, an unsupported claim. There are still many test that should be done but they believe they already have enough information to state that they have discovered a bacteria that thrives off of arsenic instead of phosphorus. So what's up with that?
  4. Just wondering what creates organic life? Lets stick to earth for now. If there are billions of stars (and who knows how many planets) then are we just one of a billion (trillion...???) possibilities? Is organic life anything special, or is it just one of the possibilities that can occur when we mix up everything that exists in the universe and place it the right distance from a sun? In other words, is there such a thing as "organic material" that is seperate from the minerals and gasses we observe, or is it those minerals and gasses that create organic life under the right conditions? I
  5. hi all im doing a project and thermodynamics is a major step that i have no experience with it ..say i have a tank that contains about 15K gallon ..so doing a cooling cycle with freon will cost much during time ,, i need a solution with less cost as possible .... the 2nd problem ..say that i have freezed the water and i have another water tank with same size ..how to apply a heat transfer and is that a good idea the 3rd problem ..the isolation ..what is the best way .. to prevent heat loss or the surrounding heat thanks all
  6. Hello, Can anyone enlighten me as to how much energy is released when atomic hydrogen combines to form molecular hydrogen? I'm interested in the numbers (and units of course) for gaseous, non-ionised, hydrogen atoms pairing up to form molecular H2. It would be a bonus if you could point me in the direction of a good web resource that explains the derivation of the answer. Thanks.
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