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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from Thoth101 in What Is American History?   
    A talk radio host in my area, who has since passed on described history this way.
    "History is nothing more than a bunch of lies we all agree on"
    (Irv Homer)
    Maybe a little cold, but there is a fair amount of truth to it.
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from Thoth101 in Dissapearing Jobs   
    Going through this list it brought to mind some other occupations that are on the endangered job list.
    The other day I had to actually go into my bank for the first time in month's to make some unusual transactions. I rarely actually go into my bank anymore with the ease of online banking making things so much more convenient.
    To my surprise my branch no longer has tellers to help patrons preform transactions. In all the windows where the teller would normally have stood, now have machines which look like glorified ATM's to me.
    The machines are set up to allow the patron to do any transaction he/she would normally do with a human. Of course the bank still has one human nearby for technical issues that may arise standing close by for now, much the same way supermarkets have at the self check-out lanes in use today. Just one person who watches several self serving customers.
    All that is required is any type of card that identifies you and carries your identification information with it. It doesn't have to be your bank card, just something associated with your name embedded in the magnetic strip on the back of the card. A credit card, a drivers license, etc. etc. will do.
    Of course there are still humans available if you're interested in a loan or have some other form of banking that requires a human touch for now, but it looks like the job of "bank teller" is on it's way out.
    I guess it will be another paradoxical point for our technological advancement that hurts humanity in the short term. 
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    Deepwater6 reacted to LaurieAG in Why Don't We Fix Faulty Political Systems?   
    If you just keep on trying until you get the electoral answer you want then why don't you be consistent and just dump Double Jeopardy laws and the Magna Carta at the same time.
    Corbyn (left wing) was elected by 60% of his parties members and he was pro Brexit but 70% of the parties MP's (obviously right wingers) wanted to dump him after the Brexit vote was successful.
    Probably the best way to fix it is to send all of the right wingers to the right wing party and all of the left wingers into the left wing party as the current feral mongrel parties don't know whether they are coming or going.
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    Deepwater6 reacted to GAHD in Why Don't We Fix Faulty Political Systems?   
    Title and preamble seems more about fixing faults in them, and the difficulties inherent in that.
    If you want to talk about a topic(Eg, firearms) in a political and regulatory light, don't be surprised when reason and statistics not based on "my snowflake feelings" are brought up. If you want to spin some accusation when I've directly answered you on your own brought up points (and irony of you deleting your own posts to "save face" or some other strange reasoning) You might want to think BEFORE you press the Post button, rather than trying to recover from a gaffe well after the fact.
    It's also worth it to answer questions directly, particularly ones that do pertain to the core topic.
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from LaurieAG in Why Don't We Fix Faulty Political Systems?   
    I agree with you, although since I peg myself a little left of center on the political spectrum and would like to say that misleading stories only come from the far right the truth is I see it across all media outlets these days.
    As a result I have doubts (as I think/hope many do) about the validity of news stories from any news organization. The problem with this is many people tend to believe the news outlets they identify with. I have lengthy discussions at work with co-workers who are further to the right than I am. They often preface their references to news stories with "I know it's Fox News, and they back conservatives,but...."
    The problem with this is, if more and more people are honest with themselves and are not sure if any news story from any news organization is factual, people don't know what to believe.
    I believe when that happens we return to a form of the Salem witch hunt days. Where if someone accuses another and enough people believe the falsehood, that person will be burned at the stake first and we'll figure out if the accusation had any basis at a later date.
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from LaurieAG in Why Don't We Fix Faulty Political Systems?   
    Too true LG, and for good measure let's keep the media moguls in charge to a minimum. Much easier to control just a few than a healthy environment of differing opinions.
    "I don't trust words.
    I even question actions,
    but never doubt patterns."
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    Deepwater6 reacted to LaurieAG in Why Don't We Fix Faulty Political Systems?   
    The political classes make sure they look after the media moguls so they keep the population under control by feeding them mindless pap.
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    Deepwater6 reacted to LaurieAG in Near Earth Objects   
    WOW, Tiangong II is supposed to re-enter on the 19th. Satview.org has incorrect data if the reentry is this year.
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from LaurieAG in Us And Iran Troop Deployments   
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from LaurieAG in Us And Iran Troop Deployments   
    Oh.........well obviously!!
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from LaurieAG in Robots Caring For Elderly   
    Agreed OB, Lets hope the ubiquitous sky-net is up to the task. I don't think it will be that much of an adjustment for me. I get yelled at by technology all day long.
    My office printer scolding me for starving it of paper, airport metal detectors upset over my belt buckle style, credit card machines pissed because I inserted my smart chip purchase tracking device in it wrong. The list goes on and on, but I tolerate for now.
    I will say this though, the first time nursemaid nanotechnology puts my adult diaper on sideways, IT'S GOING TO GET UGLY!!!
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from LaurieAG in Icbm Test   
    By this article LEO seems to be semantics Fahrquad. If a country has the capability at one orbit to take out sats they have at others, and if they don't they're not far from acquiring it. From your post the 8100 sats put up since Sput didn't surprise, but the 40 countries responsible for it did. I didn't know that many countries had or have had the capability to put that many up. Interesting!
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from LaurieAG in Icbm Test   
    Hi LaurieAG - Good to hear from you again. Not to interject politics into the conversation, but the bottom of your article suggests India didn't inform Pakistan (or anyone else) about the test before hand. Seems a little risky on India's part to me, considering the state of the relationship between the two countries at present.
    In respect to the debris created, space junk, and available space for all the players, it is quickly reaching a tipping point. To make matters worse, cube sats being deployed by the dozens per launch is quickly making the situation even more unmanageable.
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from LaurieAG in Icbm Test   
    It's amazing how smart our weapons are these days. I'm sure they knew the test was coming, but I didn't see anything in the article about them knowing the exact launch site ahead of time. Even so the technology and ability to take it out is astounding.
    We used to have a member here who did work in missile silo's (CraigD) He once stated that officials expect at least 20% of nukes to fall back on the country that launches it due to rocket failure or guidance issues. Armed in the silo this 20% could ruin our whole day. 
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    Deepwater6 reacted to A-wal in Why Do I Hate Everything And Everyone?   
    This civilisation is the only one we have to go on. Having nothing to compare it to means we're free to judge it as kindly or as harshly as we want to, making any overall assessment of the world more than anything else a reflection of how we view ourselves.

    Good and pure things as you put it being rare and fleeting only makes these things more beautiful and precious. Find yourself a hobby, you're on a science forum so that's a good start. I don't know what my worldview would be if I didn't have football (watching), martial arts (doing) and DMT.

    DMT is the ultimate perspective changer, some people are profoundly changed for ever by it, and always for the better.
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from LaurieAG in What Conspiracy Do You Believe In? And Why?   
    I agree with Moronium - too many lingering questions about the JFK assassination. I don't have any concrete counter evidence, but took the OP's posting as asking more of a general poll question
    I Have heard arguments from conspiracy junkies about the moon landings. The Oklahoma city bombing, the real catalyst for the second Iraq/US invasion. the Rosewall incident, and of course the US gov. being behind the 911 tragedy.
    However plausible any of the theories may be, the problem persists - changing people's opinion after they have heard the spin of information from their chosen media source that distributtes it. As well as the reasoning they think is behind it (right or wrong.)
    Quote from an passed talk radio host;
    "History is just a bunch of lies we agree on."
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    Deepwater6 reacted to Moronium in What Conspiracy Do You Believe In? And Why?   
    I don't believe Lee Harvey Oswald "acted alone" in JFK's assassination.  I believe that just because I kinda want to and because the Warren Commission "findings" don't add up.
    I don't pretend to know what master conspirators were ultimately behind it all, but I would lean toward LBJ as the culprit, ya know?
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from Maine farmer in What If The Internet Disappears?   
    No argument with the fact that for a period of time humanity will lose some synergy and life may become more cumbersome for the masses, but there are several other methods to treat water. It may take some time to set up these on-site chemical generation systems or UV, but I feel confident we could figure it out.
    I'm more concerned my midnight shift operators will not be able to bring up solitaire on the computer.  :shocked: 
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from hazelm in What If The Internet Disappears?   
    I have to say I'm leaning towards GAHD's view on this. As I supervise 5 water plants that serve the suburbs outside Philadelphia, I can tell you that all of my plants are on a closed SCADA network "for now". However our main office, which I refer to as (spaceball one) is currently having our Process Control group have all of our plants send real time SCADA info to the main office so they can exercise control over our operations.
    My combined send-out is roughly 120 million gallons a day (MGD) through the plants. Which in the grand scheme of things compared to a large city or county is not a game changer.There is one thing that I insist upon from the Process Control team whenever they attempt to make changes at my facilities, My demand is always the same, I insist that I retain the right for manual control in one form or the other over the process.
    I don't have a Twitter or Facebook account, nor do I want one, but my hope is that if the internet should disappear forever, that these two avenues of social media never make a comeback. I believe they cause more trouble than they're worth. Just my humble opinion that humanity will go on, in one form or another without this form of communication.
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from hazelm in Near Earth Objects   
    You have to admit, you don't see something that looks like this whizzing by our planet every day.
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from LaurieAG in Near Earth Objects   
    You have to admit, you don't see something that looks like this whizzing by our planet every day.
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    Deepwater6 reacted to Maine farmer in Do You Ever Feel That Life Is Pointless?   
    Not true.  Success is never guaranteed.  You can plant and fertilize a crop and do everything right, and have a storm come through and wipe it all out.  You can put forth all effort in tending livestock, and a new illness can appear.  The point is to know that you put forth your best effort.  
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    Deepwater6 reacted to GAHD in Do You Ever Feel That Life Is Pointless?   
    1: You're wrong about learning becoming "impossible" with age. It only becomes impossible with a bad attitude. That's not something age-specific. It seems like you're making an excuse, and then publicly whinging with that excuse for attention. Go do that at a wine bar, maybe you'll get laid and solve the attitude problem.
    2: You're wrong about genetics. Your genetics, just like everyone's genetics, have variation in expression over life based on external factors. Eat less sugar and more starch and you'll change your expressions. Keep your trace minerals up and your vitamin complexes fresh and you'll change them again. Eat like a trailer park slob and you'll change them yet again.
    2a:You most certainly DO need to step up your learning game if you want to use genetic shackles as an excuse for your own laziness. That might work to make you seem smart around people who like buzz words, but it's just half assed excuses. Go read more.
    3:If you are an incapable slab of meat, the capable ones still need to hire you to get their dreams built. Doesn't take much more than actually listening to your betters to be a useful(re; capable) person in modern society. If you don't like that, Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
    4: Life is futile. Period. End of line. You are a speck of dust on a speck of dust orbiting a speck of dust in a swirling cloud of dust among a vast vast emptiness your feeble mind is not equipped to fathom. So is literally everyone else you might measure yourself against. You probably don't even know why August is named the way it is; that's how bloody worthless a human life is(and that's funny in a few ways once you learn how and why it was named that). 
    4a: Welcom to adulthood. Mind your first few steps out of the kiddie pool, they're well-worn.
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    Deepwater6 reacted to A-wal in Do You Ever Feel That Life Is Pointless?   
    It's been a long time since I saw it but wasn't everybody in that film basically trying to possess a particularly awesome sword, Green Destiny? :)
    You should watch House Of Flying Daggers next if you haven't seen it. I wouldn't bother with Hero, tis shite.
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    Deepwater6 got a reaction from hazelm in New Space Station   
    Exactly GHAD, Go go Bigelow and all the other spacey enterprising companies out there.
    Mr T.   As I live and breath, how are you? It's been a while. I was trying to remember the other Science forum you visit the other day. I had it in my favs on my old computer, but it didn't make the leap to the new one for some reason.
    Oh yes, the space elevator idea. What an ingenious way to get massive amounts of material into space without thousands and thousands of launches. I've heard tale of using them on Mars and exo-planets. Shooting the tether from space which then drills into the surface to get secure then swings with the planets rotation (more or less). 
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