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  1. I prepared the drawings of the machine and ask others make the parts soon, It will cost me much money. It seems I will build a lab as well. The attached picture is picked from a portion of my assembling drawing.
  2. my dear friends ,I just start to build the propulsion engine. my dear friends, bless me. I don't know what will happen. i studied for several years and at last I still think I should do.
  3. I can't provide the detail, one reason is I can not familize the details without a lot of experient. If the cooperation has the power and understand the thought, he can familize the tolerances gradually. some person or company really to want the perform the machine, he will contact me. if sb has not intension or interest ,even if i tell him much, it is in vain. the project will spent enormous money. personally I think i have disclosed too much. my E-mail: [email protected]
  4. I apprecate you that you still care about me and my project. Yes, I am still alive, I am busy on my livelihood.So I can't spend much time and money on the project of the new engione. I contacted three big chinese companise who make turbo- engine, and hope they can cooperate , but they have not interest though they can not repudiate the thought by any thoery, maybe they think it is too hard to realize the engine, maybe they think they can't get desirable profit, maybe they are afraid to take too big risk. I didn't make a small scale engine. i expect the engine has more efficiency than the curre
  5. the chinese version of the composition was put on the Chinese periodical(nation degree). the periodical name is"China Equipment", Nov-2009 issue
  6. Feasibility and improvement solutions: When I firstly proposed the idea in my patent(That patent has been out of valid time), I didn’t use the blower or compressor in my engine. Now I prefer to adopt the blower/compressor in engine before combustion after I think it over. It really has a lot of advantages. 1. Without the blower/compressor the engine may have difficulty to be started or on work in slow speed because it may not get enough air. 2. Increasing pressure of air before combustion can increase efficiency considerably. 3. Without compression before combustion, the size of chamber will b
  7. Calculate the temperature before the turbine: Pls see below figure 4: The method also is used to calculate the temperature of each course. Under some condition, when the pressure after compression is pretty high, reducing the pressure by combustion in some extent, the efficiency reduce a little, meanwhile the temperature before turbine reduce much, I state a example: Set the temperature of outside air: 300K, k=1.4, set the pressure after compression/before compression α=7, the pressure after combustion/before combustion β=7.5, thus the temperature turbine 2206K; theory efficiency: η=60.2%; k=
  8. The figure 3 shows the gas pressure at different courses (in different places), it is rough, and the exact details will is rather complicated. There might be a little mistake. Pay attention, the figure just shows main portion of the flow. The figures of temperature and gas velocity are more complicated, Please pay attention, there is a red horizontal line inside the figure, it shows that the pressure at two places have some relation, against the relation the engine can't work orderly. This figure isn't precise .
  9. Working cycle analyses and efficiency (please see figure 2): Estimate the theoretic efficiency; compare the two types of engines: the current engine and I proposed. Firstly I state some premises: 1. Because the efficiency of the current compressor and turbine in current turbo-generator is very high, the below calculation ignore the energy loss in them. 2. In below analyses I assume that the portion's efficiencies are same if they have the similar function component. Meanwhile I ignore some small loss during courses. I set a sample example with data to explain, I assume the pressures are sam
  10. Firstly I explain the structure in brief. (figure 1) The left one is the section per axial, it show almost all main parts. Another two pictures show the main parts: the front door and back door of the combustion chambers. two doors control and regulate work to complete combustion one by one. Anyone of combustion chambers sometimes sucks mixture gas; sometimes it the combustion happens inside it; sometimes gas exhausts from it. So the chamber sometimes is sealed by the two doors; sometimes it is open on both ends; sometimes it is open on one end. So the door has openings(slots) in it. The two
  11. Design: qumf E-mail: [email protected] 20-Feb-2009 The jet propulsion with closed combustion type Brief structure and main principle: I have an idea of a new jet engine. (It evolves from my patent ZL 95237295.9)The combustion in current jet engine is under consistent high pressure created by compressor. A lot of energy out off from combustion chambers is used to drive turbine for compressor. But I know the efficiency of compressor is not high and the compressor is very heavy, its weight occupies 70% of total engine. Further the compressor also consumes about 2/3 proport
  12. Before I posted a thread with the title of "The Jet propulsion with closed combustion type" under another subject. there are many speeches inside it. They are in a mess. I sort and arrange the speeches and publish in order that others can study and judge easily.I rewite under this subject for more proper. pls understand.
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