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  1. Well correct me if I'm wrong, but can't one object move faster that the speed of lite in reference to another object as long as the two objects are in different systems?
  2. It was at my schools talent show. Yeah I know I am not original, but I'm just a beginner you know. YouTube - BeatBox @ Raeküla Gümnaasium http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLoDuNvNMWs Tell me what you think. And as for science we can discuss the limits of the human body at beatboxing or something. :xx: Like is it physically possible to exactly imitate a drum kit.
  3. Agen


    The number "1" 12,830,000,000 hits. :xx:
  4. Eee... no I said that the person had already jumped out of the plane and had fallen for a minute, in that case there should'nt be much horizontal velocity.
  5. This is hard to explain, but it has been bugging me for quite some time. Is there a limit to where and object can exist or there is no limit, meaning you can calculate the position of an object forever and get an unlimited amount of digits? What I mean is does space consist of some points where the smallest possible objects can exsist (the smallest space possible) and an object cant exsist in between there points?
  6. Lets just say that the machine will transport all of his molecules and atoms instantly and exactly as they where when he person was falling. I see no reason why his speed would be zeroed.
  7. If someone would jump out of an airplane and fall for, let say one minute, his/her speed would be great. But if someone would use a machine to transport him/her to 1 cm above the surface of the earth, would he/she still get killed? If you transport him/her, would his/her kinetic energy also be transported and his/her speed would still be fast enought to kill him/her?
  8. If anyone is interested in accuracy, here you go :confused: http://3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592.com/
  9. Found something called "Photon Mapping", looks really nice! http://graphics.ucsd.edu/~henrik/images/
  10. Games nowadays have good graphics, but we can make better, but the hardware that pepole would need to run them would cost too much. For example the movie that starts when you first open up World of Warcraft hase way better gaphics than the game itslafe. Now I ask you, what are the best graphics that we can make on computers nowadays, that would only work on supercomputers and are used in films. Any pics, videos?
  11. What would happen if you'd have a ship traveling at the speed of light and you where on it and you'd walk from the back side of the ship to the front side, then would'nt you be moving faster than the speed of light ? Ok, and the second one goes like this: If you'd have a very long object and you would start spinning if from the back at the speed of light, would'nt the front side of this long object start moving faster than the speed of light?
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