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  1. I am sorry but it seems you have completely missed the point. I was responding to the sentence. "Just like they used to say that one can't go back to the past, but now we're doing it every day." And that sentence has nothing to do with the term "event horizon" nor the Schwarzschild metric. So I really don't understand what you where trying to tell me with that last post.
  2. Another way I think that time dilation can be used in a simulation would be if the users are completely integrated to the system. Meaning we could manipulate about anything what they see, what they hear and what they feel. In that case only if we can actually slow their brain down in some sense or use some other technique this could actually work. But if the users are connected the "ordinary way" (meaning a mouse, a keyboard and a screen) this can't be done.
  3. Physics in a virtual realty cannot ever be as accurate as in real life it seems. Just look at this video about time dilation: YouTube - Time Dilation - Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHjpBjgIMVk Now imagine this happening in a virtual reality with one observer on a computer looking at the screen and the other in the space ship. What would happen? Time must flow at the same rate for both for the simulation to work. Also another problem: YouTube - Simultaneity - Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wteiux
  4. hehe... I knew someone wound say that. It's just a figure of speech, but I think you already knew that.
  5. Does this sentence serve a purpose at all? I'll have to downgrade some of the parts in my brain in order to respond to that. Lets see - they said that the world was flat.. hmm let say 4211 years ago or so. They still said it 4210 years ago, but what do you know - we don't today. Ok seriously not to be rude, but common... what the hell was that? :)
  6. Thats totally irrelevant. If you have an infinity to figure it out, then you have an infinity of chances, which means that it will happen sooner or later. Unless someone tries and fails, or some hazardous event occurs in the black hole (like it collapsing or something). There isn't, not with our current understanding of physics. But you know they also said that man cant fly...
  7. Ok, just lend me an infinity and I'll give it a shot. :singer:
  8. I use a program called "SUPER". That thing converts pretty much anything to anything and it's free. Highly recommend it! :)
  9. Not with current technology you cant. As long as the subject that has bypassed the EH has not been torn apart and compressed there is always a way to get him back. Maybe using wormholes or something? Well thats science fiction already I guess, but the fact remains that the subject is still there and maybe alive. So if you where to enter a black hole then I think (assuming the human race will survive) the chances of being rescued are high, because as you said to us it would take an infinity amount of time for the subject to be ... you know compressed and killed. So eventually someone will com
  10. Well thats what I mean. We have an infinity amount of time to think of something that would bypass these time dilation events or be fast enough to get the subject back.
  11. So wouldn't that mean that he could be saved? I mean we then have an infinity amount of time to come up with something to bring him back from the black hole.
  12. Err... yes I know. I wasn't asking anything in my post. I was stating the same thing you just said right now. Just in a more simple way.
  13. Tormod I was talking about this in a free fall situation. When free falling there is no G force that you can feel, unless you are touching the ground that is.
  14. Perhaps time dilation? But if there where to be two objects traveling at 0.6 c and at opposite directions. Then wouldn't one object see the other move away at 1.2 c?
  15. Hmm... well what if the train in the first picture where to be moving at c. What would stop the ball from moving faster than c in reference to the observer?
  16. But in theory? What I mean is if a galaxy is moving a 0.999999 c and there is an "object" nearby to it that is in a stopped position. The galaxy bypasses it at 0.999999 c, but some of the stars that are orbiting whatever is in the center of the galaxy would pass the object that is "standing still" faster than c ?
  17. The way I see it is that you cant feel it because the earth "pulls" every single atom/molecule in your body t words itself at the same speed. Thus there is no pressure administered to the body or much of anything else in that matter, so you cant feel the pull.
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