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    The Mayan calendar, ends on the 21st December 2012 at 11 minutes past 11.
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    :D:-) Trying to picture that...but I just can't do it.
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    HI Pam. Glad you saw it too. i was beginning to think i had a eye disorder.
    My book has been built around myths and legends, which I have connected with a fantasy storyline. I'm a storyteller, not a scientist or anything else, but I can weave a good tale. (In the proper sense)
    As I said in the beginning, all the things in my book are all speculative and many people will argue against them for the sake of argument, but it's really just intended as entertainment, for people who love a conspiracy or an opinion that goes against the grain.
    For example the making of mankind, our evolution alongside this other species (The Perfects) who have been born from the planet. I love myths and legends so I have included things like the green man, air spirits, spirit doors to the underworld and so on. I have taken my research and i have built them into a story which i believe is credible. The reason I posted about the white horses was because it was the one thing I couldn't decide on being feasible. I've removed it now although I'm still trying to link them in some way.
    I can't talk about the crystal skulls because its predominant to my storyline, so i don't want to divulge too much.
    However here's one you may like. I did some research on the Cretan maze or labyrinth. It ties in with the detail surrounding Glastonbury tor, so it gained my interest. Anyway i was looking at a Google earth image of woodhenge, which from the air looks like a circle of dots, and i managed to form the labyrinth by joining all the wooden posts.
    I'll download it next
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