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  1. HI all. New here. (sort of) I've just realised what a fascinating site this is. Your discussions are right up my street. I was unsure where to post this, but I like the sound of throwing around a few odd speculative theories, so here I am. I'm a writer and I've just finished writing a book called The Perfects. It's a fantasy novel, but I have used a lot of realism within the story line, such as my theories about crop circles, Stonehenge, Glastonbury tor, the crystal skulls etc etc, and it would be good to get an opinion or two from you guys who may be interested in this sort of thing. Sk
  2. The Mayan calendar, ends on the 21st December 2012 at 11 minutes past 11.
  3. Sigh!! You're doing it again. If you carry on, determined to expose or highlight my identity on this site, i will go further and make a formal complaint to the organizers. As a representative of theirs, you should know better. Like i said before, what is your problem? With regards to my comment about appreciating responses (you know, the ones you keep posting over and over again as if you just HAVE TO prove your silly little point), that was for Vanessa...not for you. If I was talking to you I would say you were most unhelpful and ungracious in your treatment of me. And by the way...it doe
  4. For goodness sake! You don't give up do you? You wonder why the discussions have gone this way when your posts are loaded with such venomous sarcasm . Sorry Ms. Turtle. You may have started this thread, but you don't own the vesica Piscis. There are other views out there and the reason i have suggested the difference in opinion with regards to math/writing is because of how you have ignored my offering as a writer and taken the subject as math driven. You're right, I was wrong to suggest that there is a divide on the whole of this site, because i dont know the other members other than
  5. Thank you, Pamela for your dignified reply. I have not put myself forward on face book within this site. The only thing i have provided when I enlisted was my email address and full name. Your admin representative must have used those personal details to access other information about me. I find that a complete violation of privacy, especially to publicize it on an open forum discussion such as this. On a lighter note, I appreciate your response, I really do, but I'm not sure i can offer anything of value here. I think it's like a north/south divide, writers one side and mathematicians on
  6. Outrageous! YOU represent Admin and you are trying to reveal my identity out of some sort of vengeful spite. I have a right to anonymity until i know what and whom I am dealing with. I came on here as a guest just to ask a question to a group of people who i thought could help, so what is your problem? I can't believe all this. Are you adults? I'm not trying to frighten anyone, you ridiculous person. Enough now. Go away. I don't want anything more to do with you or this site.
  7. Whoa, you guys. I'm feeling picked on here. Back off you heavies! I came here in good faith to ask a question about how I have plotted the white horses on a map and then was able to form a vesica piscis around those points. The question was about the feasibility of the horses being plotted at those points, in relation to plotting any locations of historic interest within a mandorla shape. I realize I didn't explain myself very well(i probably still haven't) but I was surprised that i got Turtles back up just because I corrected her/him on the meaning of the Mandorla as opposed to mandala
  8. That's real nice of you. Kinda wishing I'd never asked. You can stop talking to me now. Subject closed.
  9. I haven't taken it as a mortal blow...you just haven't answered my initial question. Okay, I'm not a mathematician, but I know about life. And you guys are not letting me in. I'm done here. Thanks for the hospitality.
  10. 'ScrivendoAllaMamma' I love that, :) Okay so I'm losing it now...the point that is...I think I'll stick to fiction. :blink: I don't know if any of you guys know that the Washington monument sits within a vesica Piscis. Check out google earth, or you'll probably see a pic somewhere if you look. And the two circles don't go through the center of one another either. Are you saying therefore, that it is not a true VP? I simply can't regard a sacred symbol like the VP as being so rigid in its alignment. For it to be 'not true' if it is not a certain width seems dubious. Especially with re
  11. Buongiorno Tartaruga (Hello Turtle) I looked that up :-) I don't think I explained myself very well...sorry. It is the alignment of the white horses within the mandorla that i am interested in, but if you are saying that the mandorla has to be an exact alignment with all that stuff you said about Pi etc, then I suppose my findings are wrong. My understanding of the vessica piscis or mandorla isn't mathematical (perhaps that's where I'm wrong). But as a sacred shape they are everywhere and the 'mandorla' isn't always the same width...It is simply the overlapping of two circles depicting m
  12. HI Turtle Thank you for your response. It's definitely 'mandorla' ( Italian for almond - shape). I think a mandala is more of a circle (in Hindu sacred geometry) Also i don't think the mandorla is restricted to size. It is the overlapping of two circles, which is what I've drawn in this instance. The mandorla within the vesica piscis defines minimal space, so it can be thin or thick, and is always a 'true' mandorla. Thank you for your reply though. I really appreciate you taking the time. best wishes WM
  13. Hi everyone. I am a writer and I've just completed a novel called 'The Perfects', a contemporary fantasy based on myths and legends in south-west England. Included within the storyline are many references to the vesica piscis sacred symbol and I was wondering if one of you clever mathematicians here could help me validate a little discovery I made. Bearing in mind this is a fantasy novel, I have used real locations and references, so it's important that my findings are feasible. I came across the mandorla sketch you have on this thread, and I was attracted to it because of a method I used whe
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