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  1. Yes a typo. Thanks :-) Certainly. There's nothing i like more than talking about my book. Taken from chapter one........... Everyone has heard about them, but not many have actually seen them and no one knows anyone who has. The Perfects they are called. Named by whom? Nobody knows. Where they come from? Nobody knows. Everything heard about them is speculation, passed-on by words of condemnation and intrigue. Legend says they were born from the core of the planet; a production of all the rotted bodies and carnage buried there, fused with the earth to create them, like the crea
  2. Blimey! I had no idea of the time scales here. Thank you so much. I'm going to adapt my storyline from millions to trillions and also look at the human/animal thing. Thanks once again. Wendy
  3. If anyone has any knowledge of the effects of a full scale fall-out on planet earth, I would appreciate some advice. My book (The Perfects) ends in Dec 2012, (per the Mayan Calendar) with mass destruction from nuclear war. I have used the Burlington cold war underground city and modernized it to suit the twenty first century. I have stated that it is fueled by oil, pumped from the ground and that it has its own micro refinery. I've also said that water is taken from a massive underground lake and that the people within the shelter could survive five years after the Apocalypse. My quest
  4. Try these http://www.sciencebob.com/experiments/index.php http://scifun.chem.wisc.edu/homeexpts/homeexpts.html
  5. Thank you so much...for all that detail and for showing an interest. I have so much going on in my head, it's good to get struck with a dose of reality once in a while. Hope it's okay if I post two relating sections on here for you to look at. I haven't gone into great depth about the DNA theory, but as long as these sections are in any small way feasible I will be happy. .... “Unlike your race, we have not wasted time. We, our people, have increased our life span because we have used our resources of intelligence and wisdom since the beginning.” “The beginning?” “Long before m
  6. Neat! Check it out. Hoax or not? http://uk.news.yahoo.com/4/20110202/toddly-ufo-spotted-hanging-over-jerusalem-cc3a409.html
  7. Thank you. That's great. Really appreciate your help Wendy
  8. I couldn't find anything to relate to my question, so I'm starting a new post, if that's okay. Please tell me if I should be placing this elsewhere. I'd like to know whether my theory here has any substance.... I saw a programme once, about how earth was formed. It discussed the collision of planets from this solar system and others, which then formed gases and ice etc and that over millions of years the earth was formed from that. Then I remembered another programme, where it said man evolved from the sea. Could someone tell me if it's feasible to state that somewhere within the coll
  9. Pretty spectacular. It must be amazing living so close to a volcano.
  10. do you know the path has a direct analog to coastlines? . . . I do now. And do you know about ley lines? They are electromagnetic currents of energy, which connect ancient sites. The two most famous are called Micheal and Mary. They run side by side from St Micheal's mount, on the Cornish coastline, across the south of England. They run through St. Micheal's tower on the Glastonbury Tor and they kiss (meet) before running off again to meet again at Avebury. I've used ley lines as a means of communication in my book. Very handy if you have a dousing rod! http://www.sarudama.com/movie
  11. 'Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.' B.Mandelbrot
  12. Support what claims? That I and many others from different cultures can call a VP a VP ('true' or not), when it's not geometrically aligned? This is not a Vesica Piscis thread, I am talking about the method of my theories within my book and the VP is one of them.
  13. I wondered how long it would take you. What difference does it make whether it's true or not? After all, I don't mind that you're not a real turtle! ..this is a sacred symbol use by many cultures and it is the meaning behind it that is 'real', not its dimensions. Besides, I thought your theory of the Washington monument not being a VP was quite lame. You dismissed it out of hand and called the circles ovals. I thought Modest's interpretation was excellent.
  14. That leads us back to the Vesica Piscis sacred symbol, which in multicultural beliefs represents the goddess (Earth mother).
  15. Just as a matter of interest. The cretan maze/labyrinth is the Hopi's symbol for mother earth. Notice the stylized vulva of Glastonbury tor.
  16. Here's a sketch of the Glastonbury tor showing the labyrinth
  17. Here it is. It only took me 4 hours to convert it. Arghh!!! Right...Bear in mind that a labyrinth isn't like a normal maze. A maze has walls blocking its paths, but a labyrinth has only one route and it's very difficult to create. I've included a photo of a Cretan maze on an ancient coin and a sketch of the outline. There's actually one etched amongst all those wonderful, unexplained drawings on the Nazca Plains and also the Glastonbury Tor has terraces, which form the labyrinth rising to the top. It's fascinating stuff.
  18. HI Pam. Glad you saw it too. i was beginning to think i had a eye disorder. My book has been built around myths and legends, which I have connected with a fantasy storyline. I'm a storyteller, not a scientist or anything else, but I can weave a good tale. (In the proper sense) As I said in the beginning, all the things in my book are all speculative and many people will argue against them for the sake of argument, but it's really just intended as entertainment, for people who love a conspiracy or an opinion that goes against the grain. For example the making of mankind, our evolution al
  19. So, did you see the face? Or am I an Apopheniac?
  20. HI Pam Here it is http://earthurl.org/#03qx5Cl70qOAijewuEAA
  21. http://earthurl.org/#03qx5Cl70qOAijewuEAA Hooray. I've done it. i think!!
  22. I've had issues trying to upload the file on the attachment, because it was too big. I've asked Google earth how I can get a HTTP link and they have just responded. I'll get back to you, if I work it out. :blink:
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