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  1. I love your concept.


    It's not easy coming up with an idea that stretches ones imagination, so full credit to you for doing that. Maybe there's a writer in you somewhere.


    If you do give it a go, I'll put you on to a site where people can help you.


    I am currently researching scenarios for my sequel to 'The Perfects', which is set fifteen years into the future(after the fall-out), It's the same premise as yours except it's 2027. Man is gradually coming to the surface to prepare for a new world.


    I am looking at where they would start...maybe building energy plants, water purification plants, gardens for growing herbal plants etc etc...It's fascinating stuff because they already have the knowledge and the know how, they just have to start from scratch and make use of the resources available to them after complete nuclear wipe-out.

  2. Hi Alpine


    You sound like a different person today. I get that. Been there...


    Here's the site you could check out if you're interesting in writing your thoughts down. There are many youngsters on there whose writing is pretty deplorable, but many of them have suffered trauma and I am thankful they are ploughing their energy into the written word and using their imagination based on their experiences. It really is therapeutic. Hope you'll give it a go.


    I'm writingmum on there too, but I don't use it much anymore. There are some great people on it who can relate to your suffering.




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