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    Mathematics, Physics, Music, Art, Literature. I'm doing a course at the open university on Mathematics and Physics. I would like to talk about theoretical physics and that sort of thing.
  1. Well, that was fun! Thanks for the kind welcome to the site. I'm back! I hope I can give a little more input to the forum than I did before. You don't want any unnecessary updates, but I do hope that it is possible to engage with you guys :) Thanks all
  2. The idea incorporated into the theory of general relativity that gravity is the curvature of space-time implies that space is a physical medium for supporting all physical objects in the universe. Time is like space and the two are said to be connected inextricably. But time slows down at high speeds, and the effect is a time dilation, so here if you have derived that spaces physical property means that it is more like some type of 'ether' like medium and that our space in the geometrical terms we think of it is not an objectivity but much more of a subjective set of spatial relations just as
  3. this sounds good, but however, I regret to say that if space is now physical it can no longer be space. I like to think of it in terms of a football field and it's boundaries. Now, it matters not :eek2: how many players there are in the field, the boundaries never increase. What happens is new. The players fill over the edges, but the boundaries remain really fixed into reality. The same applies to space. But if general relaitivity is right, space must now be thought of as a mental construct, and nothing physical, say.
  4. Thanks for the welcome, I'm glad to be here. science is clean fun.
  5. do you think it is possible for space time to be curved. If space could be curved then it :eek2: wouldn't be space, it would be matter. Space to me is a geometrical substratum supporting the universe, and it is not possible for it to be curved. If it was, it wouldn't be space, but a type of matter, like quantum foam. danielfb
  6. :eek2: Hello, I'm new here. My name is daniel, and I like physics and stuff. I really like the idea of scientific principles holding the universe together like glue or nails. I make sure to see that i read some science but, you know, I'm not in university. :) Philosophy brought me to science. Questions about God and whether absolutes ensure his existence are interesting. I think principles like Newtons inertia say things about the morality of God, but furthermore, I like knowing about gravity and time. Have you read: Gravity from the ground up, by Bernard Shutz at all? :D It is great... and
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