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  1. I'm writing to inform you all of a very important invention. I came up with this one several days after my original post, "Inventions 4 Every 1", and it involves idea #1. Basically, it's a way to make a car which never needs to be fueled and is inexpensive, safe, and clean. The way to do it is simple. You use sets of magnets. I'll explain one set, although you can use variations and multiple sets. The set I will explain is a 3 set design. You have three magnets, two on the outside which are completely stationary (attached to the insides of the car at key points). The third magnet is in t
  2. This thread isn't about God or religion, but something close to them - belief itself. Some people think belief is bad. They think it imprisons the mind. So here is something to think about. Life after death. Can we prove it exists? If we can't, it means believing in life after death is all we can do. So is it bad then to believe in life after death? The answer is no, and the reason is because if there is no life after death, nothing we do in this life matters. On the other hand, if there is a life after death, it's possible something we do in this life does matter, and directly affects what
  3. Many people examine religion. But, they examine the teachings and beliefs of religion. In this short paper, I will be giving an examination of religion itself. The primary focus will be on modern religions which stem from the bible, although the principles are the same throughout most, if not all, religions. #1: Religions do everything they can to ensure you do not lose faith or change religions. #2: Religions have their good God's and bad God's. The purpose of the good God is obvious, but what is the real purpose of the bad God? I've come to the conclusion the real purpose is simply to t
  4. If you can't beat em, join em. Har har.
  5. There is a problem in today's world. The problem is in our perspective of God. Through our entire lives, and the lives of generations before us, the image of God has been painted through religion. Everything we supposedly know about God has been placed into a box. Placed there by religion. And throughout our entire lives, we are meant to focus only on that box, if we want to know God. Since we all grew up knowing only the things in the box, this is all most people ever see about God. They think it is all God is. But i'm here to tell you it's not true. The stuff religion teaches does not nece
  6. The entire issue of time distortion is something highly questionable when considering the fact so much time distortion takes place within our minds. We really must be careful about determining whether the distortion is a product of our minds or an actual law of the physical world.
  7. A lot of these arguments (evolution vs. creation/science vs. religion), seem to stem more from ego, pride, and close-mindedness than from a desire to find truth. Why is it ID people always convienently overlook the possibility evolution is part of the so-called Intelligent Design? Evolution seems pretty intelligent to me. It's because they don't really care about the truth - only about trying to disprove evolution. And the reason is because evolution disproves Genesis and likewise creationist stories. And why does religion fight science so much? Because science constantly disproves religion
  8. I'm writing to you now to spread the word about some inventions i've been working on. I don't know if they will work, but the idea will fully manifest more quickly if more people work on it. I'm not asking for assistance, simply sharing the ideas. I do hope someone experiments further with the ideas or spreads them to someone who will. On to the inventions. All of the inventions/ideas serve more or less the same purpose and they revolve around the use of magnets. The purpose is energy. I've come up with a few designs which might work to generate electricity, produce mechanical energy, and i
  9. People make a lot of assumptions about God and God's will. People also seem to come up with all their ideas and beliefs about God through various religious books. There's just one problem - men wrote those books, not God. I think the Gods of current religions will die away just like the God's of old religions did. If you really want to learn about God, don't look to religious books which do not necessarily hold any factual information about God. Instead, look around at life and the universe. You can see God and God's will in everything. As far as what God thinks about abortion, I don't kn
  10. I've come up with a rationale which provides evidence in support of God's existence. I challenge you to disprove it. The rationale is that want is the source of all things, including: needs, accidents, and random occurences. Because want is the source of all things, (what we might call) God must exist or have existed at one time. Let me give you a few examples of how want is the source of things. Accident: You go out digging for water, and you strike oil instead. You didn't want to find oil, but if you did not want to find water, you never would have found oil. Need: If you want to sur
  11. I think the purpose of life in general is simply to live. Because living is better than not living. But, as far as the purpose of life here on earth, or in this life, I think there is a secondary purpose. It must be a way of sorting people. A way of determining what happens to everyone in the life after this one. And for those who don't believe in a life after this one, consider this: If there is no life after death, nothing we do in this life matters. Which means, there's no reason not to believe in life after death. And if there is a life after death, the natural assumption is that someth
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