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  1. C-Negitive Biofuel; Just a note on Pyro-Catalyic thermal conversion developments; By 2016 CoolPlanet will be producing 30 Million Gallons & 200K tons of Char/yr ; Checkout CoolPlanet's Announcement; The complete Cool Planet story. What is it? Why transformational? What are the next steps? http://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2013/08/25/cool-planet-to-invest-168m-in-louisiana-stealthy-biotechnology-heads-for-scale/ I think the Jewel in CP's crown will be these small decentralized, 1000 gallon/day, sub-scale plants; "Cool Planet is on its third generation design now, and expects t
  2. file:///C:/Users/Erich_2/Downloads/DSC_0213.JPG file:///C:/Users/Erich_2/Downloads/DSC_0209.JPG
  3. Carbon Fodders; Having Your Carbon & Eating it Too Across scientific disciplines carbons are finding new utility to solve our most vexing problems Physics: Pyrolitic Carbon comes in many forms, this thermally converted carbon, ©, is the center of nano material research, C-Nano Tubes, C-60 Buckminsterfullerenes and Graphenes,. The physics of these structures, the tiniest pieces of C, are finding utility in so many processes, the strong diamagnetism & electrical properties, even the sieving of fresh water from sea water. Climate Science; Following the natural evolution of atmospheri
  4. Hi All, My Tech gal got my name wrong, but it's nice being King :) Here's the Pdf; Carbon Conservation for Home, Health, Energy & Climate History ... 2012.biochar.us.com/sites/2012.biochar.us.../ErichKinght.pdf File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View Carbon Conservation for Home, Health, Energy & Climate. History & Industry;. The Paleoclimate Record shows, Agricultural-Geo-Engineering is responsible for ... http://2012.biochar.us.com/299/2012-us-biochar-conference-presentations
  5. For anyone interested in, or confused by, Biochar soil technologies, Please view my presentation and slides coming up this week in Sonoma California. This is the third US Biochar conference, after ISU 2010 and Colorado 2000 09. http://www.2012.biochar.us.com/ Carbon Conservation for Home, Health, Energy & Climate http://2012.biochar.us.com/322/carbon-conservation-home-health-energy-climate If I May be so bold,… As I speak for Biologic Carbon… I speak for the very center of life itself. We have been burning it for well over one million years, exploiting it out of the soil for 10,000
  6. Dan Pote at USDA; [email protected], "SubSurfer" BBI Spreader's commercial introduction. http://www.bbispreaders.com/foundations/store/PressReleases/press.asp?code=20 Dan is doing demos around the country,( not near Sonoma unfortunately) For Forest & Slopes; Permatrix Another integrated & formulated application system; A custom formulated hydro-Seeding system is operating in the PNW, Philomath, talk to "John Miedema" <[email protected]>, also producing a quality char for their Permatrix Hydro-seeding products http://permamatrix.com/ Keyline Subsoil Plowing "Priority One"
  7. 'danauffrey' My favored anthropologist on TP is Dr William Woods,at KU. http://www2.ku.edu/~geography/peoplepages/Woods_W.shtml To Further Research; Moira Wilson of the University of Manchester has developed a ceramic dating technique which sounds perfect to draw an exact time line of TP development year over year. At an accuracy of years we could see the speed at which the system built on itself once initiated. Archaeological dating by re-firing ancient pots - physicsworld.com http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/39413 This recent research on aerosols by Lina Mercado of the UK’s Ce
  8. Geo-Glyphs And Geo-Polities: Amazonia's Surprising Past http://www.npr.org/templates/story/storyComments.php?storyId=145838264&pageNum=2 Also, After the reunification of all life on earth which most refer to as the Columbian Exchange. The genetic evidence corresponds the historical records showing a 50%+ population decline in the new world. That is when the Amazon Jungle began to grow; The Columbian encounter led to terrestrial biospheric carbon sequestration on the order of 2 to 5 GtC Climate Forcing. The Columbian Encounter and the Little Ice Age: Abrupt Land Use Change, Fire, and Gr
  9. The two major developments below from BlueSky Biochar and CoolPlanet Biofuels will show that industrial scaling up is happening more than you can shake a sticks at. The Dupont & ORNL work on Biochar Hg remediation is expanding, along with Forest service work on mine scarred lands. Big Wig consortiums like Catchlight Energy LLC, a joint venture of Chevron Corp and Weyerhaeuser , with Kior , and Honeywell joining SynGest & AlipaJet for fossil free NH3 fertilizer and tank ready jet fuel from biomass, go to show that main stream corporations are showing much more than just interest in
  10. The JRO, or Jolly Roger Oven,... Bar none, this modified version of the Jolly Roger TLUD, by the addition of a 30 gallon retort on top, is the most productive and clean burning of any simple home made biochar appliance. This brilliant and simple design, brought to you by Doug Clayton & Dr. Hugh McLaughlin, will produce 30 gallons (about 50 Lbs) of Biochar per run, So theoretically, if you set up 4 JROs, and ran them each 5 times, a full days production could be 1/2 Ton of Biochar. The “Jolly Roger Ovens” family of Biochar-making devices (with documents); http://biochar.bioenergylists.o
  11. Black Swan of Biochar Short a nano material PV / thermoelectrical / ultracapasitating Black swan, What we can do NOW, what I suggested at the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, to the top three EPA officials of north America, A Biochar Black Swan. Bellow the opening & closing text. A Report on my talk at CEC, and complete text & links are here: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/biochar-policy/message/3233 The Establishment of Soil Carbon as the Universal Measure of Sustainability The Paleoclimate Record shows agricultural-geo-engineering is responsible for 2/3rds of our
  12. I am building a blog thanks to ETG. Breaking news will continue at the Yahoo lists ( http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/biochar/?yguid=122501696 ) and I will be incorporating the most important news & ideas to the Blog of the Black Knight of Biochar; http://soilbiochar.com/blog/ It's an honor to introduce EcoTechnologies Group new website, http://www.ecotechnologies.com/index.html and product: Soil Reef http://www.soilbiochar.com/ . ETG has supported collaborations with associated companies, academia and NGOs to establish standards for sustainable production and testing. Their sponsor
  13. When I was researching NPP numbers for plugging into Biochar's climate potential, looking through Dr. Bill Ruddiman's work at UVA on legacy CO2 and the agricultural revolution, lead me to Duane Pendagrass's paper; Duane's website, http://www.computare.org/Support%20documents/Publications/Soil%20from%20Oil/Soil%20From%20Oil0001.pdf) It's support of Lehmann's previous work plus the perspective of palioclimatic effects of soil carbon loss, brought together many loose threads for me. Dr. Dull's recent work brings even more support, related even closer to practices of Terra Preta soils in th
  14. It is hard to get one's mind to fathom geologic time, a little less so for palioclimate time scales and biotic and climatic inferences from paleosols, or paleogeomorphology. Anthrosols of the TP culture, on millennial scales, should be easier and Jim's line, from a biocharlist post summes that up; "two pounds is two pounds times a thousand years" & got me thinking. Dr. Dull's work infers that the kayopo TP people, with their aristocracy and slash&char Ag were nearly as exploitive and carbon positive as the balance of world agriculture of the time. So the pleasing conception I once he
  15. The Biochar Revolution http://biochar-books.com/The_Biochar_Revolution Review: The Biochar Revolution: Transforming Agriculture and Environment, ed. Paul Taylor The General rule covering emerging technology, that the "Latest book is the best book" is obfuscated by both the near simultaneous publication of The Biochar Revolution with The Biochar Solution and the complementary content of each work. The Biochar Revolution reads like a encyclopedic companion and testimonial. Dr. Taylor has the best people in academia & industry, as well as the grassroots, hands-on journeymen, as author
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