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  1. My current view is that "universe" "shows" "us" as much as we can see/understand/comprehend. As our understanding grows we can "see more". There is no limit in the universe how much "can be seen". The limit is our minds capabilities to "see / understand". What we are actually observing is our mind and our mind´s limits not the universe´s limits itself. Main problem always will be; You can not know what you do not know, now. You can only know afterwards, step by step. Not knowing is not known.
  2. Would it more entertaining to first ponder what is outside of "You"? So you really find a point where you sees to exist and outside begins?
  3. We could always shift our "religious aspirations", could we? Product brands are more than happy to receive new "cult members"? http://connect.in.com/bbc-news/article-scientists-apple-makes-your-brain-go-all-religious-510067-1bc651b72333d2a1890aea09be7477e72d48455a.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0dUuHo58UE&feature=related What "cult" are you supporting?
  4. Are you sure? http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/04/110420152059.htm
  5. "Relative Nothing" or "Absolute Nothing" ?
  6. Vox

    Infinite Theory

    Good for you ;) and happy hunting I am still struggling to understand what is "time" actually, "is it" or is it just our minds which creates this all ? I do not know, but I can live with it
  7. Vox

    Infinite Theory

    Universe "is what it is", but you should take into account that your brains are the medium where all these interpretations are made. How could you know the "real essence" of the universe? Our brains makes the universe in our mind. Can universe be more human than that? Our universe is "man made" or "brains made", it is only way how we can comprehend it. Second question ; How do you define the "length" of the present and how do you define specific borderlines between past, present and future?
  8. My personal opinion: If you look the word; "emotion" it contains the word motion and that indicate the basic. Emotions are just motions of “states” which occur in mind. They are not attached to the mind itself and it is wrong to say that there would be so called emotional balance. Mind is still when there is no emotion at all that is actually so called emotional balance. As soon as any emotion will arise, emotional balance is lost due e motion ongoing. Any time you feel something, for example "happy" or "sad" you are not "emotionally balanced".."e-motion" is ongoing
  9. Vox

    Infinite Theory

    Why only future would be infinite? Past should be likewise and the present? Due they are all the same, cannot be separated? If the past and the future would be infinite how you can have only starting point, you either have starting point and the end point or you do not have either. If “it” is born “it” will die or it “exist” in eternity, no starting point and no end? Forever changing (only in the mind) and past present and future really all the same, illusory time and distance is created by mind and illusory time passing over static eternities? We cannot observe reality as real now due it w
  10. Vox

    Infinite Theory

    How to you separate these alleged 3 dimensions? What is the "borderline" of the dimensions and how "thick" is the present from time perspective? Or distance perspective? For me the past and the future do not exist in the universe, all is combined in present, I have not been able to define/understand the “time´s thickness” in the present, is it a Planck´s time or something that cannot be counted as a time as a single individual present which is/could be timeless? If 2 presents are compared time can seem to exist but only one can exist as a “real present”, another is illusory comparison point?
  11. Vox

    Infinite Theory

    How do you define "present" an how that "present" moves? Where the past exist and how would you differentiate the past from the present?
  12. Sir Roger Penrose Christmas lecture http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OutKE3tyG94
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