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  1. Abstract: In this article I show that there are signs sufficient to understand that cosmic x-ray are light and waves with frequency increased by gravity (probably), this explain why normally the emitter is not visible and more solutions in x-ray. Can to seem difficult to understand that gravity increase the frequency but give good answer to all show x-ray radiations and also there is today no good answer by light traveling in empty space. xxxxxxx First any solution this hypothesis give: black holes are like black body, black holes don't show light (this give the name of black holes), b
  2. "This recombination event happened when the temperature was around 3000 K or when the universe was approximately 379,000 years old.[7] At this point, the photons no longer interacted with the now electrically neutral atoms and began to travel freely through space, resulting in the decoupling of matter and radiation" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_microwave_background_radiation The CMBR according to Big Bang theory was visible at 3000 K, but according to physic cannot dissipate like theory say. A heat body in a cold environment dissipates quickly, but according to the Big Bang theory
  3. for astronomers and amateurs): It's time to understand that an impossible is only that: impossible: expansion of the universe and Big Bang are only impossibles. 1 - Expansion of the universe (really creation of space) is against science and physic laws, science not admit create anything from nothing. 2 - Expand (creation) in all directions and from all points is impossible according to geometrical figures, there are not any figure that admits this in 3d. Remember that we see the universe in 3d and by that the expansion need to be in this 3 dimensions. 3 - The universe is visual
  4. Expansion and Big Bang theories need creation (it's creation, not expansion from compressed - more: is space creation from nothing), expansion need creation of space all time and in all places (also there are not geometrical figure that can make this), this is magic, need belief and creationism. Big Bang also need a moment initial with more creation. All their is impossible (1e,2e,4e) and against physic, physic laws and science in general. Astronomers say that have proof and evidences like any believer (normally from anything impossible): UFO, astrology, martians, ... this makes of astronome
  5. Many evidences not give reason, but also not quit. Big Bang and universe expansion are creationism, belief, magic, sect, gods, ... More added to before: 1se - There is not any proof of expansion and Big Bang 2se - Draw the geometrical figure like universe expand 3se - Make experimentally an expansion or creation of space from nothing 4se - Many false evidences and proofs, but none experiment consistent 5se - None probability of true, but only a belief, sect or religion 6se - expansion is creationism (expansion is not from compressed) 7se - Already more of 50 years in belief s
  6. More evidence: 7e to 26e 7e – Expansion flat and expand equal in all directions is incompatible 8e – A universe in expansion needs to obey many conditions 9e – The probability of not show the universe end is only of less of 1% 10e – How brake the inflation? 11e – Why the expansion is accelerating? 12e – The universe repeat the forms and facts. 13e – The unreal believe don’t make it real. 14e – Cosmic noise 15e – Why the expansion is after Big Bang? 16e – The CMBR begin to be visible at 3000k. 17e – Many theories seem not continue to the facts 18e – The begin of Big Bang
  7. blackbody and big-bang Black body of CMB is considered probably the best explanation for Big Bang but don't explain why is black body. Against it consider a universe without light and emission in the past make the better black body, this is only possible in a universe without expansion where the past is not emission and CMB is pre-stars. 6e - Existence of the black body CMB "As a result, most cosmologists consider the Big Bang model of the universe to be the best explanation for the CMBR." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_microwave_background_radiation The black body is consider
  8. Anti Big-Bang evidence Before of all, I list here the facts of evidence according to the universe in this work (all theirs are proved): there is visual expansion (but not real), the light is curved by gravity, time delay, redshift, Hubble’s law, homogeneity and isotropy of the universe, the universe is flat visually (A flat space has Euclidean geometry, where the sum of the angles in a triangle is 180º and parallel lines stay parallel) Also I say here that I'm according to visual expansion of the universe, but that this don't mean a real expansion how I demonstrate here. There are many vis
  9. Homogeneity is an evidence against the expansion of the universe and Big-bang Abstract: Against the theory of expansion and big-bang that take homogeneity how evidence this is really an evidence against expansion. According to the expansion of the universe and big-bang theories visual distance is less that actual distance (and same with velocity), but the homogeneity is visual (it can be taken by photographs) and by that the actual distance is not homogeneous. A homogeneous expansion would need that the homogeneous would be in actual distance and not in visual distance or that visual a
  10. I don't say that, it is in documents like Redshift - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : "it shows the state of the Universe about 13.7 billion years ago, and 379,000 years after the initial moments of the Big Bang." According to the theory the universe expand equal in all places, by that expand in relation to distance, if that object is visible at 13.8 B lighyears and in relation with age of the universe of near of 13.8 B, this give at relation of near lightyear = 13.8 B/ 13.8 B. How can to bee there if average speed is near light speed and universe expand equal in all place and in rel
  11. I add 2 works more, probably more easy to understand: 4w - d/t=c in average. We see objects at 13.7 billion light years, these objects are in distance at 13.7 billion light years and in time at 13.7 billion years, by that 13.7 distance/13.7 time = c = light speed = 1/1 . This give average of c. According to theory double distance is double speed, but according by example: 1 hour - speed: 1 km/hour - distance 1 km 1/2 hour more - speed: 2 km/hour - distance 2 km - average is 2/1.5 = 1.33 km/hour // maximum is 2 1/2 hour more - speed: 4 km/hour - distance 4 km - average is 4/2 = 2 km/hour
  12. "the speed of a receding object changes over time" - I consider this, "at double distance is double speed" "You are not considering that we do NOT see things as they exist today (light takes time to reach us)" - yes, we see the past, by that the vision of the universe is not homogeneous and it's homogeneous by the relation expansion + stretch according to the theory. "You are not considering that a ray of light will change speed due to the expansion of space." - this is relationated by expansion + stretch that give redshift and make delay in receive light.
  13. Changes in 3w: 3w – Light in d with speed of c travel from d/2 at c how average speed. 3w.1 - According to the theory double distance is also double speed, but if the light at d/2 need t, the light at d would need 3t/2 or t/2 more, how d/t=c and this d-(d/2) is in t/2 the formula is (d/2)/(t/2) and this is also = c, by that needs an average speed of c. In these conditions we could not see near d, only a few more of d/2 (also need to add stretch). (double speed is: same distance at half time or double distance at same time). This option seems that we only would to see until d/2 or 3d/2 an
  14. I arrange 1w and 2w and add 3w Thanks.
  15. 3 works: 1w – The light arrive to us in less time that need the expansion theory. By expansion and homogeneity we see the universe in the form: 4-4-4-4 (each 4 is d/4 from expansion in form 4-3-2-1 and homogeneity), by distance - speed, at double distance the speed is double and how t is c and t/2 is c/2 (t/2 is needed to double distance and double speed, so d/4 is d/2 also in t/2) by that also is double time, so in t/2 less the form of this is 2-2-2-2. (d is distance of universe visual, t the time for this, c = lightspeed or: Hubble sphere [distance at which recession velocity = c]). It
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